Microsoft Exec Snaps Back at Fan Over Xbox One Resolution Issue


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Nov 26, 2008
chozo_hybrid said:
Everybody is arguing about resolutions, and I'm just sitting here playing Mario on my Wii U at 1080p with 60 fps.

In all seriousness, I find it funny that these new machines aren't the power houses fans think they are, but it's early days. Games from the start of last gen didn't run as well as things from the last couple of years, give it time.
They are powerhouses comparatively. They're also powerful compared to the typical gaming pc and the optimizations that come with more experience with the console will also come with time.

The idea is that it is significantly more powerful than the previous generation (10x, which is incredible considering what was already possible at the end of the ps3 cycle) while still being within the price range that console consumers are more willing to pay. Is it a $1,000 pc? No. But it isn't as far away as some people may think when those optimisations come into play and with decent GPU/RAM in a world where the CPU is a glorified process switchboard operator anyways. There's a reason why games made for the ps3/360 still required PCs that had much more powerful hardware on paper (2gb RAM, newer CPUs, newer GPUs, etc). It wasn't because the ps3/360 hardware was secretly more powerful than the pcs with the same hardware. It's just because developers figure out how to make the most of every element in the box in a way that would cause a pc to explode due to the randomness of components.

We'll see though. The main problem with the XBO isn't that it isn't a $1,000 pc. The problem is that it's something like 50% weaker than the ps4 last I heard. Had the PS4 been weaker then it wouldn't be such an issue.


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Aug 4, 2012
Ehhh While I don't like trolls and yeah what the fan did wasn't exactly nice to say,

Micro$oft was hyping the Xbone to be superior to the PS4 and sometimes outright stated that "Oh yeah its better than the PS4"

So yeah while the fan isn't in the right, Micro$oft's employee isn't getting any sympathy from me either


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Jul 24, 2011
Okay what angers me most about this post is the cowardice to a real question. A troll is someone in a community that is ONLY AND SIMPLY wants to get you mad (to notice his stupid existence)at him. EX: typing in all caps homophobic, anti semetic, or racist remarks. Not asking a goddamn legitimate question of someone who has the power to answer that question. It's why, for example, the white house calls a room the Press Briefing Room and not the Troll corral.