Most stupid personal question you've been asked?


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Jul 18, 2011
"Do your parents have offspring?"

She meant to ask if I had siblings, but instead asked me if I existed.

DrgoFx said:
And it's mainly with Americans because America is one of the only countries that allows citizenship to those born in it.
Huh, no. Jim Sterling has dual citizenship, he mentioned it on a PODTOID, and he was born in the UK. I am actually considering working in America and acquire citizenship when I eventually finish my degree in Engineering.

If you want to emigrate to America "trough" the proper channels then you can sit tight. The backlog of people trying to get in is huge. Even if you have other ways (such as being a rich investor or joining the rest of your family in the US) the process can last up to 7 years.

I know have read that if there is a company hiring you then you can finish it in less than 2 years.

It's a matter of acquiring citizenship and paying your taxes and you're as American as everyone else. 95% of the population is not native - they are all immigrants and offspring of immigrants.
May 5, 2010
Once, a girl noticed I was left-handed and asked "Is it hard to write like that?"

YEAH, I just CHOOSE to write this way because I just LOVE getting lead all over the side of my hand.

Oh, and multiple people, upon finding out that I am a triplet, have asked (while totally serious) if I can read my sibling's thoughts.[footnote]Answer: No. And shut the hell up.[/footnote]

Jamieson 90

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Mar 29, 2010
I have dyslexia so this pissed me off.

Guy: Dyslexia is like a disease righ? .... How did you catch it?

Me: Faceplam. .... It's a learning difficulty not a disease and I didn't catch it since I was born with it.


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Jan 30, 2011
Jamieson 90 said:
I have dyslexia so this pissed me off.

Guy: Dyslexia is like a disease righ? .... How did you catch it?

Me: Faceplam. .... It's a learning difficulty not a disease and I didn't catch it since I was born with it.
though this didn't happen to me, something similar to it happened to my friend in high school. he was asked to come to the front of the class and do a problem, when he started writing it differently, one of the girls(who was already pretty...let's go with obnoxious), called him out on it. he told everyone he was dyslexic. now, when he corrected it later since the teacher showed him exactly what he misspelled, she shouted out that he was a liar and was standing around pointing at everyone making big scene.i don't think anyone talked to her for the rest of the class after that.

OT: a couple of friends and i were standing in what's basically the main building of our college waiting for what called the game room to open(yes, it's exactly what it sounds like), and we were talking about what games some of us like to play and others don't. we were interrupted by a passing group of other people who basically went; "you guys play games? that's so immature and they rot your brain." at which point one of my friends, let's call him...bob, asked "what do you do for fun?" their answer? "we go out and get drunk on the weekends whooo!" yeah.... not quite a personal question but still...


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Mar 17, 2011
"Are you gay?"

I've been asked this by about 6 different people, including my mother. Apparently not having a girlfriend and believing that homosexual couples should be allowed to marry equates to being attracted to males. Who knew? :D


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Jun 23, 2012
Similar to Monochrome's comment, i get asked my name alot (in spoiler tag, lots of text)

{To explain, i live in Peru atm which is a spanish speaking country and has alot of other Spanish customs, such as naming, where a person will have 2 fist names, and the last names of both their parents, so for example someone might be called Jose Ricardo Sanchez Gonzales officially but will just use the name Ricardo Sanchez in general (this is from what i understand, feel free to correct me if im wrong)

The confusion comes when i tell them my name (Joshua Michael Gray) which consists of a first, a middle and a last name, and people can't decide if my middle name is one of my last names or is my first name. So i often get referred to as Michael Gray, and whats worst is that they can't pronounce Michael and instead pronounce it Michelle. Combine this with the fact when i tell someone my name's Josh they usually just assume its a weird way of prononcing George, leading to me having the nickname 'Bush' within my girlfriends family.}

Also being colourblind i always get the 'whats this colour' 'oh so everythings black and white' or the 'why did you pick the (insert colour) instead of the (insert similar colour)'
also every eye test i go to they do the colourblind book test when if they ask i can just tell them yes i know im colourblind.


Dec 15, 2008
Snydeclyde said:
'oh so everythings black and white'
My dad tried to "prove" that I see in black and white and was just guessing at colors. I proved him wrong, but he doesn't want to admit it and still believes I see in black and white.


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Aug 29, 2011
I would say, "Why don't you smoke [cigarettes]?"

Aside from the obvious health problems that I'm certain to encounter in the mere future, I don't like the smell of smoke (not even from incense, since all I smell is the smoke). Having it come out of my mouth or nose might constitute as a form of personal torture, to be honest.

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Jul 15, 2009
Frozen Donkey Wheel2 said:
Once, a girl noticed I was left-handed and asked "Is it hard to write like that?"

YEAH, I just CHOOSE to write this way because I just LOVE getting lead all over the side of my hand.
Or having to try really hard not to smudge your writing when you're using pens. I used to get really frustrated when I was 6 or 7 because everyone else had neat writing while mine was blurry and most of my ink ended up on my hand.


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Apr 6, 2009
Actually, I've been asked two question somewhat similar that puzzled me, an that was so idiotic that I could only throw back the question.

I'm left-handed, and I was working in a store, I was filling some paper and my boss was watching me, when he suddenly asked : "how can you write with your left hand, it seem so unatural !"

The only thing I could say was : I don't know, how you write with your right hand, it feel so unatural to me...

And my mom asked me when she found out I was a lesbian : why ? Can't you try to like boys instead ?

Again : I don't know can you try to like girls instead ?


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Apr 5, 2010
Monochrome said:
It would have to be "What´s your name again?"
So my real name is Garcia Tavares Antonio, typical portuguese names. Except it´s reversed.
For perspective, it´s kinda like being called "Doe John". So when introducing myself I always say "Garcia, pleased blah blah courtesy blah...". Sometimes they ask me immediately if that is my first name, and I really do appreciate that so we get that outta the way. Other times, they ask me after a very long time. On my finals, this kid, whom has spent 3 years under the same building as I(not to mention other hangouts), is on the same room doing the exam (Room E to H) and tells me "Wrong room mate, you´re supposed to be in the A to D group".

But the most stupid and annoying thing isn´t the questions, lack of attention, auditory acuity or the stupid look in their faces. It´s the whole process of dealing with another human being that wishes to know your identity in order to fill out forms or any other bureaucracy. Those interactions always tend to be a bit like this:

Full name please.
Garcia Tavares António.
So that is "António Garcia Tavares" or "António Tavares Garcia"?
Garcia Tavares António.
Ok. We just need this information in case someone has a similar name.

Normally I answer that bullshit excuse from their lack of common sense and hearing by replying: I have no first-borns yet. And even after his birth I doubt he will share my first name.
Wow, if you said me your name I would too think you had it reversed :) And this even though I have a girlfriend with a last name that's much more common as a first name. So I don't think the questions about your name are really "stupid", it's just your name that's "unintuitive" :)


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Feb 9, 2008
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I transferred last week to a new workplace and arrived with two other guys. They're married, I'm not. Every other person we met asked "Are you married?"

And when I was the only one to say no, occasionally I get the "Why not?"

I've just started responding "Because I'm not" because I really shouldn't have to explain it anyway.


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Apr 28, 2010
Every time someone shakes my hand they turn my arm and pull it within three inches of their face and ask "Is that a real tattoo?" Every time without fail, my high school english teacher has done this three times. THREE TIMES! It didn't just get less real since the last time you saw me.

Forgot one, I'm just barely an adult, but I often express my hope that I will find the right girl and get married, and people always ask me why.

Why are people so surprised when I tell them that I enjoy the idea that I might one day find true and everlasting love, it's like "Finding a person who loves you unconditionally and will make you happy for the rest of your life? That's weird."


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Nov 25, 2010
renegade7 said:
When a girl asks "What are you thinking about?"

Infuriating. What am I supposed to say? What I'm actually thinking about (Breasts, spaceships, etc.)?
My problem is that the second someone asks me that my thought run away like scared squirrels.

OT: "Why do you like videogames?" or "Why do you spend so much time on your computer?"


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Apr 8, 2011
There aren't a lot of questions I find stupid bacause I can you usually sort of see what they mean, but I have been getting that "Are you gay?" quesion that seems to be so popular on this thread a lot lately.
That I'm really bad at being a heterosexual doesn't mean I'm gay.


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Mar 29, 2009
For starters, there's never a need to react out of rage to a stupid personal question. Most people are asking them out of ignorance and not personal malice. When they find you are different, they wish to explore and understand that difference so that it can be homogenized into their paradigm of reality. We fear what we do not understand.

I am coloblind. Not badly, mind you--just red/green (heavy on the green part). So the question I get asked most is "Isn't that weird, seeing things the wrong color?" Obviously, if they had taken a few extra seconds to consider their question, they would have realized that my way of seeing is normal to me. It's all I've ever known.

Recently, a co-worker showed me one of those circles full of multi-colored dots in which you are supposed to see a number or a letter. I didn't see anything. I confirmed with another co-worker that it said "Fuck the Colorblind". I hadn't seen that one before, and I think it's pretty damned funny.

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Aug 16, 2010
"You know you look like a very amused Hitler when you read" - Sister's Friend 1
(She thinks Chaplin was in charge of Germany)
"Why are your cd's so stupidly big" - Sister's Friend 2
"When did you Become Amish?" - Sister's Kid
(Wearing a hat of any kind makes you amish now)
"I need a floppy disc to fix my laptop do you have one" - Sister

There's probably more but all their questions are amazing