People who've never taken alcohol or drugs


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Oct 17, 2011
I drink whenever I get the opportunity, but as I'm still a few months short of the legal drinking age in the U.S. that doesn't come up too often. I've been tipsy once or twice, but usually just try to maintain a buzz without getting drunk. Funnily enough, I tend to drink more at family gatherings rather than with friends since we're all poor college students and I don't want to drink too much of something they spent money on when I can't pay them back for it. So my family boozes me up since I'm respectful enough to ask/wait for it to be offered.

Never done drugs, as I've never found the idea appealing. Smoking weed isn't legal in my state, but it is in the state 15 minutes north of where I live, so I might be willing to try it if I ever happened to be hanging out in that area. I'm not really curious enough to seek it out on my own, but I'd probably give it a try if the opportunity ever arose. Any other drugs I will pass on.

Techno Squidgy

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Nov 23, 2010
Chemical Alia said:
I mean me using them myself. I'm totally cool with my friends who use drugs as long as they do it responsibly and preferably not around me.
That's a very good way to look at it. I think most people have this kind of attitude towards drugs, or they would do if they believed responsible drug use was possible. I say this because a not insignificant amount of people don't seem to realise that it's possible to use drugs in a responsible manner, a lot of people seem to think that you either don't do drugs or you spend every waking hour high or trying to get high. They seem to rule out the possibility of moderation.

Hurrly said:
I believe that if people are educated to the potential harms and possible benefits then they can and should make an informed decision based on their own personal thoughts.
Hooray for common sense!
Though I should add that you should be careful about posting your own experiences with drugs online. Mods and web hosts don't normally like it and I do believe it might earn you a warning or worse on this site. Best to discuss it in the abstract, rather than personal experience. That and considering recent revelations about operations PRISM and Tempora...


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Mar 5, 2011
I don't do drugs. Never really had a chance to because I became a High School Work Study for for the Department of Defense when I was 16 and they hired me full time when my year was up. Shit is zero tolerance. Drug tests are supposed to be random, but they tested me four times a year (the most allowed without probable cause) for three years. Including once after I got back from Senior Week, lol.

As for drinking, I don't really do it. It's too expensive for me to get drunk. I'm kind of like a weaker version of Wolverine or Deadpool. I CAN get drunk but it takes a lot to do it. The only time I got drunk was after 19 oz of Gin in under 4 hours. Even after that I still spoke properly, had minimal slurring, and woke up the next morning with no hangover.


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Nov 24, 2012
I've been on a variety of medications since before I was old enough to retain memory. It's bad enough experiencing the wonderous side effects that those caused me, from hyperactivity and lightning fast mood swings, to hallucinations, rash, double vision, the list goes on. These side effects had the added bonus of quickly pushing me toward atheism, since anyone outside family that saw me at church thought I was the antichrist. Not. Even. Joking. Combine that with uncountable bad encounters with associates, shall I say, that abuse alcohol and drugs, and I have more than enough reason to not ingest any chemical that science has already deemed harmful to my body. I've never drank, never smoked, never touched anything illegal outside of cleaning up a couple messes left by said associates.

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Sep 26, 2012
I've drunk alcohol for as long as I can remember, a glass of wine with dinner was commonplace with my parents (though admittedly it was a small glass). At the moment I don't drink much, more because it's expensive than for any other reason.

Tried weed twice. First time I ate (yes, ate) a ball of it because my friend dared me to after I had drunk half a bottle of rum and the second time I just smoked it though it didn't do much.


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Dec 7, 2007
Tried some wine once, hated it, and haven't drunk before or since. I have no desire to be drunk, and I don't trust myself under the influence of alcohol, I worry I might say something hurtful.

As for drugs, same basic story; no interest, not worth the health and/or legal risks.

I've never really understood the appeal of being drunk or high, I've never felt held back by my inhibitions; if I'm not comfortable with it, it's usually because it's a bad idea.

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Jul 30, 2008
Beer beer beer tiddly beer beer beer tiddly beer.

I don't drink to get drunk, I drink because I like beer. And Whisky. But not everyone likes the taste of wood and peat.


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May 19, 2009
Yes what about it? I do not drink (I decided this when I was 13), I don't smoke, I do not do drugs.
We do exist, there is a whole community of us. Like here where I live in the frozen wastes of southern Finland we have our own club with events and such things.
I say this, the fact I don't drink smoke... etc is nothing amazing, it is just as easy as saying I don't eat meat or milk, or no-organics or whatever restriction you set your diet.
I do get some loos during parties and events tho. Being only sober man gets me that look.

But yes we exist, we just don't really keep vocal about because 1. it is as amazing as saying you do not eat carrots 2. We usually get "that look" towards us.


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Feb 22, 2009
I honestly think you need a legit health reason to not drink. Drink has been part of human culture for longer than we've had BRONZE TOOLS! Why not keep up with tradition, join in and have fun.

As for drugs, done a few myself, won't do them again. I enjoyed it sure but there's always the social stigma, particularly at work. The last thing I want while I'm trying to get a promotion is for someone to find out I'm on coke and tell the boss. So no drugs for me thank you.


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Feb 4, 2012
I myself have never had alcohol or drugs. It's a combination of health-based, financial, philosophical and genetic arguments. I have nothing against people who do make use of them of course, though I make sure to avoid drunk people.


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Jul 31, 2009
I don't drink poison, and I don't swallow, sniff, inject, insert, or drop other forms of poison.

I don't even take medicine unless I absolutely need to. I know why I have a headache, or a cold (I rarely have either), but I don't know what is in that shit they call medicine, what it actually does, and why I should trust a pharmaceutical company that has probably have at least 2000 class action lawsuits against them in the last 8 years alone.

They only admit to their product's risks when they legally have to, when they have crunched the numbers and decided by a committee that it is more financially beneficial to pay the victims after the fact then halt production of a drug that studies have proven has horrific side effects.

There will NEVER be a cure for cancer, aids, or any other global pandemic where the patients don't die within a month's time and aren't highly and easily contagious. There is no money in it. Why in the hell would ANYONE actually cure those diseases when its a multi trillion dollar industry of "research" "treatment" "therapy" "fundraising" and of course "prayer networks?"

If eating a glorified jellybean could stop every STD, all cancer, malaria, TB, and be an actual panacea the inventor would be taken out so fast you'd think Superman did it. Altruism gets you killed, this should really be a commandment at this point.

If, against all mercenary tendencies, it were actually produced and marketed it would probably cost $10k a month. There is ABSOLUTELY ZERO chance of it being anything other than something you will pay dearly for, for the rest of your life. Even if it were possible to immediately cure and vaccinate against everything, there is no money in that.

Like Lex Luthor said "there is no money to be made in a cure, but treatment is a highly lucrative business."

Now taking some smack you got from some guy in a parking lot, that is just about the stupidest thing ever. The fact that they didn't just shoot your dumb ass and have both their drugs and your money is frankly astounding to me.

Drinking alcohol, as a social practice is something I don't really get either. I've more or less been forced to drink several things in my life. Tasted like shit, gave me a head ache immediately. Since pretty much every female I have ever met has been a total lush, and usually my ride home, so I don't find them all that charming when they are drunk off their ass.

You think that you are all confident and sexy, or whatever. Nope you are just sleepy, and unintelligible. Also known as rapebait, or a car accident about to happen depending on where you pass out. Also, deciding to become a vegetarian and doing your Zoomba classes won't make you lose weight when you are still pounding JD and bar food every night.


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Jul 5, 2010
I have never had any alcoholic Drinks and never used any drugs :) excluding say caffeine :p


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Feb 24, 2011
I drink socially most of the time, but I do drink by myself on occasion too. I have never used recreational drugs though. I got contact high from pot at a concert once but only slightly. I just don't find the appeal. My mind can entertain me well enough without seeing freaky shit that aint there.

But the real reason I don't get shit faced drunk and I don't do drugs is because the thought of losing control of myself scares the fucking shit outta me.

Edit- Fuck, I lied. I do enjoy me a cigar on special occasions. Weddings and the like. Other than that and booze I'm clean.


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Nov 17, 2008
Drink? Sure, drunk? Never.Never did drugs either, seen too many doing them to ever want to, I mean if it's for you sure but man the effects of some are just ...insanely creepy. Coke heads going from 20 to 200 after a short bathroom visit, heavy pot users just derping and trying to pretend they're not stoned when their eyes are so blood shot and they're struggling hard to focus.

After surgery I even turned down the pain killers just because ..well A it didn't hurt afterward and B I just don't like taking meds.
I have been accused of taking drugs as my eyes are always heavily dilated, always have had that issue and it's why I have to wear sunglasses outside of my eyes tend to catch fire. Either way, got pulled out of class and the teacher was like "Something you'd like to share with me" and me being even more ignorant to drugs then I was COMPLETELY clueless.

What drug DOES make your eyes dilate? I'm curious to what the hell she thought I was on by my eyes alone ...since I was drawing and staying quiet as I always did.


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Sep 24, 2010
My reasons for not drinking are extremely simplistic.
It tastes bad.

I have no desire to get drunk despite never having been drunk before and any wine/beer/alcholic beverage I've sampled has always tasted awful. There's also other benefits to not drinking... I'm very poor and alcohol is costly for my income level, and it's typically an unhealthy choice(a very minor benefit all told considering what I eat).

I also don't like hanging around people who are inebriated. It's a turnoff with the opposite sex and frequently annoying with the same one. My experience with drunks has always been a great reminder of why I have no desire to drink myself.

All told alcohol has never had any appeal to me on any level. I don't give in to peer pressure so it's always been simple in social situations or with friends to decline a drink.


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May 5, 2010
I binge drink about once a month, but have never done drugs. Unless you count copious amounts of Nyquil because I'm sick. >.>


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Jul 12, 2009
Techno Squidgy said:
Guffe said:
You raise some interesting points. Let me start cutting up your argument a bit.

Loooooooong snip
I start of here by also saying that if I somehow came of as too aggressive, or similar, I'm sorry.

I know the debate you're trying to rouse here, I've been in a few of these myself. And the debate/discussion about "non-harmful drugs" like Cannabis is world wide. Uruguay did legistlate it just about a month or two ago, so I guess many countries will be monitoring the situation over there.

The one part I'm pretty glad you picked up was the part of "drug dealers being scum" (well most of them anyways... at least that's what the movies tell me :p). This is the major part in the drug business, plus the part that people don't understand drugs and overdoses happen due to this etc.
But the fact that people die from 1) overdoses, and 2) the drug market itself. I mean drug cartells in Mexico are basically at war killing each other for land to grow Cannabis in and then the "normal street tugs" selling the stuff don't have the Santa reputation either.
If some few chosen drugs were legistlated, what will happen? Will these, at the moment criminal organisation, try to stop this whole thing making it even worse and affecting the civilian population around them, or what will happen? Because I doubt they will freely let go a business worth several millions just because some politician said the drug store can now sell "their product".

But yes, this is one of the biggest debates out there, and I have no idea when a conclusion will come to it. Like with most other big debates.


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Dec 1, 2010
I just don't see the appeal. At least for drugs and stuff.

Don't especially see it for alcohol but I was mostly curious to see how it would taste. I can tell you right now, that's the main reason I haven't done anything with it.

So far none of the alcoholic drinks I've sampled have been good to my tastebuds. I can't drink if it's icky.

Everything else is just lack of appeal.