Precipice of Evolution: First Genesis [Closed;Started]


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Sep 19, 2009
The meeting room was slightly more empty now, the head of security had left on a personal request from Newfort to talk to his high subordinates and the head of relations was going to check out what was going on in the observation tower. Currently the head of engineering, a middle-aged man, head of research, Hawthorne and Newfort were gathered around the table, before the head of the facility broke the silence.
"Alright...First of all, where is the head of medical?"
Hawthorne rubbed the bridge of her nose and raised her hand,
"She's still in medical, I don't know what could be so important to restrict her when things are heading from bad to worse-"
"I'd thank you to hold your tongue, Ms. Hawthorne... This is nothing beyond our control. If we all do our part, everything will be restored to Status Quo before you know it."
"...If you're sure sir...Look, we need to be honest with the residents about what's happeni-"
"For lack of better term, what they don't know, won't hurt them."
"...Are you being serious, sir?"
"We're prepared for this and the last thing we need is for our residents to be panicked." He said matter-of-factly before the conversation was interrupted by Engineering's cellphone. The three others stared at him as he flushed slightly,
"Apologies. I think that's Cross from the observation tower, should I answer it?"
"By all means." Newfort nodded, looking to his wife who she herself looked far away in her own mind, but somehow like she was listening. Something about that woman made Hawthorne very uncomfortable.
Engineering spoke for a few minutes in the hall, the conversation getting more and more quick and serious. The call ended and he turned to the group.
"He can't get into the observation. Something is going on, no PRACC guards can get up to the broadcast room and no one is answering calls, not Strauss, not Cambrough, not even the damn intern."


Sara looked nervously at the arm, this being the first time she was up-close with another Changed. She caught herself staring and gave a small smile,
"S-Sorry... I'd like to avoid the business there as much as possible...Let's just get out of here the way that he went." She found herself standing slightly behind him, avoiding eye contact from the mob.
"I don't know how I can thank you but...really, thank you. I...this is like a nightmare... ... ...Is...this...uh, are you new here?"


Having opened the locked door, the fog seemed to follow David Gold, thick white sheets blurring the hallways, the lights were low and flickered. If outside was eerie, inside the detention center was almost scary. Sounds seemed to be eaten by the fog, making everything far away and faint, hard to make out. Listening closely it sounded like hushed whispers, what they were saying however was almost impossible to understand, aside from the occasional clear word among the twisted background noise.
"[sub][sub][sub]whyisthishappeningwhatdidIdothisplaceisnotlikeanyothericantbreatheohgodhelpmeicanitbreatheshutupshutupshutupyouretalkingtoomuchhecanhearyouwhatareyoudoingstopthatstopthat[/sub][/sub][/sub]...up to you..[sub][sub][sub]distortionsomuchdistortionwhereareyouwhatdoidowhatdoido[/sub][/sub][/sub] out...[sub][sub][sub]hahahadidyouhearthatisntthatgrandwhereamiwhereareyouwhereisanybodyicantseeanythingdontsitinthedarkdontsitinthelightwhereshouldigothen[/sub][/sub][/sub]"
The noise was almost deafening in spite of how quiet it was, with seemingly no source for it in the deserted hallway.

A young looking guard with glasses looked to Karen and gave unsure but faux-reassuring smile,
"Ah...The PRACC have it all under control, ma'am, sometimes they have trouble deciding on where they want emergency meet-up spots to be, in all likeliness, the higher ups just decided that the park was the best place for everyone to congregate. We'll move everyone out in just a moment, we're just trying to get confirmation from our higher ups on if that's the final order. No sense in running back and forth, ya know?"
He then turned back to talking to the other guard on the range who seemed to be concentrating on using some kind of high-tech walkie-talkie, his face returning to unsure.
The small amount of guards seemed busy and paid little attention to the few Changed at the range. It was then that the strangest noise yet came over the announcement speakers, very faintly.
"...Is that...It's My Party And I'll Cry If I Want To...?" The bespectacled guard said aloud, commenting on the music, folding his arms and looking puzzled. Sure enough he was right, very quietly, Lesley Gore crooned, gentle humming could be heard underneath the words.
"It's official, Strauss has lost it. I knew she'd crack one day but this is just sad."
The music carried around the dome but it seemed that very few could hear it or simply didn't pay attention in the ensuing migration to the park. Patrol vans had already started to lead groups of residents towards the parks along with some finally heading towards residential.


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Jul 21, 2010
David walked into the prison, and was hit instantly by the palpable feeling of dread, The eerie fog that was surrounding the detention center followed him inside, obscuring his vision, which was already not that great because the lights were flickering like all the bulbs were dying. It was was quiet inside, far too quite for the detention center on a normal day, let alone during a crisis situation. The setting alone was enough to give the professor a linger sense of foreboding, but David was here for a reason and it was to late to go back, so he started moving down the hallway.

As he walked down the hallway a tiny thought crept into his head, it was a rather odd thought. He felt nearly compelled to call out for someone named 'Cheryl', which was odd since David knew nobody with that name. He spotted a door and since he had no other leads on a direction to follow opened it, and the door turned out to be the entrance into on of the detention centers many lavatories. The teach walked inside hoping maybe there was some sort of clue at the least. The inside of the Restroom was grimy and rather dingy, and rather odd was that there was a flashlight resting on the floor. David bent down and retrieved the flashlight hoping it would help him navigate the detention center's many corridors and halls. On a whim David pushed open one of the toilet stalls, and inside the toilet bowl was what appeared to be a box of shells for a 9mm handgun. "Why would anyone put that there." David pondered out loud, as he walked out of the bathroom and back into the hallway.

``````````````````````````````````````````````````...up to


As David progressed further he became to hear faint noises, at first he ignored it as the sound of the wind, but it didn't take long before he realized it sounded like whispers, distorted and to quiet to quite make out but it was certainly the sound of whispering, The whispers were punctuated by a few clear words. As much as these seemingly disembodied words words terrified David, he had to try to communicate with it, because it was reaching out to someone or something, so what ever its intent toward him might be the professor knew he had to try.

"Hello, my name is David. I'm here to help you. What is it that you want." he spoke out in a loud voice, which still managed to remain calm, gentle, and vaguely reassuring. A skill, which was developed over the course of his long teaching career.

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Feb 20, 2010
Cid was carefully flying through the woods, trying his best to to draw any attention whatsoever. That problem, however, was solved when he saw, and felt, an enormous energy pulse and heard the sounds of trees being ripped from their roots in the near distance. Cid's head, in a knee-jerk reaction, turned towards the source of the noise "What the?!". Taking caution, he sped up towards the source of the noise.

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Jun 5, 2010
"Been here awhile. In the facility in general, but this part of it specifically once every now and again." Revis said walking towards the path that led away from the fighting."So I take it you're new?" He asked, looking back at her over his shoulder. "Shame you had to come just in time for this." He said with a shrug. "But if they were taking you where I think they were, then you're better off with the rioting going on." Revis stated bluntly and he peered around the corner.


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Jul 2, 2009
Lizbeth smirked more. "You have tried with your powers alone, not with mine. I can control any amount of tech I wish and build it with ease. It's a matter of taking a step back and thinking. It seems you didn't do that." Lizbeth said the last sentence more so to state a fact then to be in insult but it seemed it was the other way around.

"Anyway, it might take some time and we might need more help but it is possible." she quickly impute some data into WAAIos for a moment then looked up as WAAIos spoke. "Ma'am, it seems the new data does change the prospects. I suggest you take a look at the exit point and see what data you can give me from it. Other than that, you are right, taking a step back and thinking of a plan would greatly improve your odds of success."

Lizbeth looked at Darren and smiled. "I'm leaving it up to you but if you want my help then I'll give it, if not we can act like we never met. All I can say it why not try and come up with something at least." she said.


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Jun 9, 2008
"Thinkin's for suckers," Darren stated. "I ain't never been thinkin' in my life, it was doin' me fine 'til these assholes locked me up. Course...probably couldn' hurt to have someone else giv'er a crack or somethin'. You really think you and yur little..." Darren was struggling for a word for whatever it was the woman had on here that she was punching stuff into. "wristwatch thing there got some way out? From the sounds'a it, they's on high alert 'bout now. Shit breakin' all over the place."