Review: Naughty Bear


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Mar 20, 2010
I actually had the intention of picking up this game, it looked fun and unique. Though one thing I have found that I don't like very much is repetition, and it seems that the perception of this is ubiquitous among reviewers. I might still consider picking it up, but only when the price drops on it. Great review all the same ^~^!


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May 28, 2010
Why didnt they just pasted happy tree friends over the hole thing and called it a day, personaly i thaug it should been without the cutenes of teddies and stuck to the 80,s slasher style


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Oct 16, 2008
This games looks both disturbing and hilarious, but as it's been previously mentioned, it also seems like the sort of thing that would get stale after a few hours of gleefully abusing the hapless plush victims.

The concept of driving a teddy bear so insane with the wrongess of your actions that he takes his own life is good for a few guilty laughs, though.


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May 28, 2009
I have to play this game. I know my little sister would get a huge kick out of playing it too. Soooo cuuute!


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Jun 2, 2010
I expected good things from Naughty Bear. Even pre-ordered it. I didn't even realise all the signs were there for it to suck; hardly any gameplay footage before release, no demo released, nor were there any early reviews...

It turned out to be rather bad. not SHITE bad but still pretty bad. Main reason is the spastic cameraman and glitches which occur far too often and are really annoying. Plus it's well hard. But I thought I'd give it another try and have kinda gotten into it, and I still can't believe I've managed 2 Platinum "cups" so far because the scores you need to get Platinums are ridiculously high. I do sort-of enjoy it though, and I do plan on at least TRYING to get the Platinum trophy although I have a feeling my control will go through the TV before that happens.

Here's hoping, if he can be arsed to play it, Yahtzee rips NB's stuffing out.


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May 18, 2010
Ice Storm said:
What are you trying to say about 16 year olds, Rob?
-That a number of them are trying to separate themselves from the masses through rebellion based on the taboo of violence. If you happen to like video games and want to be unique, playing games that are too gory for others to touch is a convenient way to satiate both proclivities.

Once you get to 19 or so and into college most young adults are beginning to realize that even if being uniform isn't an option, rebelling in such extreme measures is rather puerile.

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Jul 8, 2010
What amazes me about this game is that, I imagine, at some point someone or some group of people came up with this idea and had to pitch it to management.

"I know... we'll do a slasher game, but make it with teddy bears! And we'll put in a cool names for the kills like TOTAL DEFLUFFIFICATION. It'll be AWESOME!"

And the guy in charge actually greenlit the project...

I mean, you're automatically going to take heat if you create a slasher game; so the idea behind the teddy bear motif is an attempt to defuse that. But at the same time, since you are laying waste to everything/everyone around you, it's still got to be at least a game for the teen or above crowd. You're not gonna be selling this to the tween set.

Now, I can see teens or adults saying, "Hey, I want to be a medieval assasin and run around eviscerating people"; or "I want to pilot a spaceship and get in dogfights, create a trading empire, and save the universe." But I have never managed to ever think that anyone sat around with their friends talking about how they wish they could be a homicidal teddy bear. Granted that thinking outside of the box can, and has, lead to some of the greatest games out there; but this...

I only wish this review had gone to Yahtzee instead. But then, that would have been too easy.


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Aug 13, 2009
SomeBritishDude said:
Maybe I'm just wrong in the head but...this isn't nearly violent enough. I was expecting something on the level of Happy Tree Friends, this is just a bit tame for a game that revolves around violence.

The only thing that made me interested in this game doesn't look all that great.
Thanks to you I have now discovered what the Happy Tree Friends are. Holy shit I am shocked.

Demented Teddy said:
Ah well, I'm in the mood to watch the Happy Tree Friends now.
Same here!

John Funk

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Dec 20, 2005
Maybe if it was a 12 quid xbla title but I wouldn't pay a full 40-50 euro for it. My friend loved it, but he also describes the Transformers movie as "awesome", thought it got even better with Transformers 2 and apparently The Expendables is the best film this year. I probably shouldn't trust his opinion on anything.

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Apr 27, 2009
I picked this up for a cheap $18 at GameStop a few weeks ago. Most of the points in the review are spot-on, as the game really wants you to keep that score multiplier up, thereby getting a higher score. If one doesn't worry about that, amazingly, the game becomes rather more enjoyable. I enjoy the more arcade-y style games of this generation, and Naughty Bear is no exception. I enjoy it very much.

On a different note, this game is rated "T." However, some of the DLC chapters for this game, one in particular, feature a very prominent symbol that I find just hilarious as well as an integral part to the "story." Namely, a Satanic pentagram that summons a vampire-like zombie-bear called the "Vampricorn." Wicked stuff.

loppopoo said:
Naughty bear needs a hockey mask.
Got you covered.