Rumor: Zack Snyder's Next Movies Have Some Big Problems


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Apr 6, 2010
saintchristopher said:
Maybe... maybe Nolan is trying to sabotage Snyder? Like, they wrote a script with a totally cocked-up third act on purpose, leaving Snyder holding the ball... And when he falls out of favor with the studios, Nolan will be the only huge-budget high-concept game in town.

Y'know the more I think about the Superman script, the more I think it had to have been David Goyer with assistance from Christopher Nolan. Know what the last script upon which David Goyer had his name? The Unborn. "The Jewish Exorcist." And I don't know if you saw it, but it was an absolute fucking MESS.
David Goyer also wrote:

Dark City
Batman Begins, with Nolan
The Dark Knight (the story itself)

He's also written a lot of stright to video stuff, but bear in mind that who 'wrote' a film is a very political thing. On the Net it lists a single person, but if you read the scripts, you often see a very long list of writers and rewriters. In so many ways, film making, especially in Hollowood, is an example of a 'camel'.

What do I mean?

I mean that a camel is a horse designed by a committee.

But it is the guy who gets the final name entry who's left holding the ball, for a touchdown or for a tackle.


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Mar 25, 2009
I am really disapointed about sucker punch, but the thing with Darren Aronovsky seems like they are saying that because all of his movies are so good, he will spend too much time making it good.

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Jan 22, 2010
Caligulove said:
Sucker Punch always seemed like a great trailer- but nothing more.

As for Snyder himself, I really dont think hes a very creative director, or a very good one- 300 was good, but when you look at the graphic novel, you begin to realize that the movie's cinematography is practically shot-for-shot from the comic. I've heard some say that "that's what makes it a great adaptation" but I just can't see Snyder coming out and doing something original or creative, or at least not doing it very well.
Hmm, perhaps he should just do a remake of Fight Club. That had enough homoerotic subtext to be a goldmine for him.

Sep 9, 2010
stiffy said:
"It was bad; like, really bad. They're [WB] really not happy with it over there."

Is this "hollywood insider" who talked to NewYork insider a 14 year old girl?

The studios who gave Snyder MILLIONS to make a movie about talking/fighting owls and fund his own script that reads like and anime fanboy's wet dream have no room to complain when he delivers in kind. Whats wrong with the new Superman script? Not enough grousing or romantic entanglement. That wont fare well with the 18-24yr old female demographic? Maybe he's actually adding a violent physical confrontation in the 3rd act....ohh Superman is too heroic and iconic for that....lets have him cry for his illegitimate child instead!!!! Oh no! WB will have to compensate the family of his creators (one of whom was working at a post office when the Reeves flic came out). F that
After listening to Kevin Smith talk about the way Hollywood makes their movies, I'm inclined to believe like the gentleman above me. It's probably some B.S. that some exec doesn't "get" or it's to hard to sell. It was written by Chris Nolan, man made two great batman movies I'm sure the script he wrote for Superman would be decent.

Also saying the Sucker Punch did a poor test screening means nothing to us, the average theater goer. Why? Because if you were at least interest in seeing something like Sucker Punch they won't let you into the test screening. Hollywood knows that that audience is coming no matter what, they want to get the audience outside that.

That studio system is stupid. God I can't wait to see Red State at the Radio City Music Hall [/FanboyPlug]


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Nov 28, 2007
Superman has his problems as a character to be translated to the movies, and truthfully I kind of blame the way Hollywood script writers work. It seems like when it comes to super heroes they get fixated on origin stories and the like, and that's a problem when your dealing with an iconic character like Superman since everyone knows what's supposed to happen, yet directors always want to put their spin on things and want to make things a bit differant. What's more, the coolest elements of Superman is when you have him doing cool stuff as an established hero, not as some dexter out in Kansas being a klutz. Even "Smallville" was smart enough to realize they had to move well beyond that.

I also think that there is an issue with the fact that people don't "get" Superman. Oddly I think the best analysis of the character game from believe it or not a satirical crossover with "Gen 13". Hollywood somehow wants to make Superman fashionable, and really I don't think that's possible because as Gen-13 pointed out, he's never really been fashionable to begin with. What keeps the character going, to the point of being an icon, and one of the must recognizable characters in the world? Quite simply Superman is reliable, he's a rock that you can always rely on, Superman shows up and you know that no matter how bad it seems, it will be okay in the end. Truthfully I think the problem with most versions of the character is that they almost revel in trying to humanize him, or see him get his butt kicked, sometimes in stupid ways "I never liked the big blue boyscout anyway" is a frequent comment. This however seems to miss the point of the character and why it has endured all these years.

It doesn't surprise me that there are major problems with a Superman script, because honestly Christopher Nolan is all wrong for the material. His style is pretty grim and gritty, and that can work with Batman. I mean part of the point of Batman is to be a humanized super hero. With Superman though, that's not the case, he's supposed to be
upbeat and four color, angst is not really part of what he's about, he can shrug off any adversity even when challenged and will always keep that "can do" attitude. On the few occasions where this is changed he has shrugged it off fairly quickly.

See, the thing is that all of these dark heroes, and angst-filled stories come accross as being profound because they are supposed to be a contrast to the style of super heroism that Superman represents. You start turning Superman into a dark, or very human hero, and then you have nothing as a counterpoint. I like my dark heroes, but at the same time when it gets to the point where EVERY hero is dark, well they lose something.

It's sort of like the point Moviebob was making about Michael Bay being wrong for the material he was doing in "Transformers", Christopher Nolan is a great guy to have around for doing Batman, but he should be kept away from Superman by any means nessicary. Sadly, I don't think Hollywood truely realizes that there are differant kinds of super heroes, and differant styles of storytelling even within shared universes.

The last thing we need is "superman gets depressed, and wallows in self doubt" to be a plot point, nor should a story involving Superman have an ambigious "he won, or did he?" type ending. Superman is not gritty, when it's over he's supposed to put the American flag back up, pose dramatically, and let you know that the good guys flat out won, and everything is not only okay now, but will be forever because we've got bloody Superman.


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Oct 18, 2010
Sucker Punch looks like it will be a complete disaster, so reports on it being exactly like that don't surprise me at all. Then again Watchmen and Guardians were amazing films in my opinion, so maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised here. I doubt it, but we shall see.


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Aug 19, 2009
I care, why?

Sucker Punch looks like a pile of nerd manchild ejaculate. Why would anyone want to watch a movie that blatantly ridiculous? It can't possibly be good. OMG MINIGUN SAMURAIS AND DRAGONS AND KILLER HOT CHICKS! It's like tossing a bunch of random screenshots together. Movies kind of have to have a point beyond throwing together a bunch of shit that looks cool, or they don't work.


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Feb 13, 2010
Sucker Punch will most likely turn out to be really good within the internet, things hollywood hate, we tend to love.


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Jul 16, 2009
DevilWolf47 said:
Big surprise, Sucker Punch is going to suck. How many people actually held out hope for that movie?
I know. It pretty much seemed like that kind of movie that says "hey lets add a whole bunch things that geeks will love because apparently geek culture is cool now". From the first trailer i knew it was gonna be a mess


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Oct 17, 2010
I actually liked the Owls of Ga'Hoole and Watchmen, so I'm still excited for Sucker Punch. It looks like a movie that might not do well, but a lot of people will go crazy for it.

I mean, it looks like Sailor Moon Americanized, with guns and monsters. I can't wait to see that :p


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Dec 25, 2008
honestly I haven't seen much about Sucker Punch other than the initial release info

wait, Christopher Nolan? not his brother? or wait that might've been for another movie...


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Mar 23, 2010
If you have the time I'd suggest listening to this podcast from Ken Levin (!!-shock) interviewing Zack Snyder (admins? is it ok to post links?) for the Irrational Site.

I've always liked Snyder's stuff, even though most of what he does is adaptation of other works. His talents adapting are pretty good. I dare you to watch the first 10 minutes of of the Dawn of the Dead remake w/o utter awe of his use of a Johnny Cash hymnal (about the bible).

In the interview he lays out why most game-movies suck and he actually comes off as a REAL 'gamer'. (he doesnt name any titles but most directors are like "ohh yeah I game, I play the Halos" for fake cred)

Sucker punch is the product of an average teenage mind grown up in the last 30 years of media...could be a frightening thing indeed, but at least he's not making "Family Circus the movie", or "Three Word Title" rom com with Jennifer Annison in it. Give him a little respect for going it w/o his usual sources.