Serial Killer Round 59: Wake Up Machine (Game over)


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Sep 22, 2011

1.) Paladin Frappe (Caramel Frappe) Executed Cycle 1
2.) Aeroscribe (Aerosteam) The Killer Executed Cycle 4
3.) Scribe Desert (deserteagleeye) The Entwined Arbitered Cycle 3
4.) "Mighty" Knight Elfy (Elfgore)
5.) Paladin Drumm (Drummodino) The Ghost Murdered Cycle 4
6.) Apprentice Kumquats (kingofkumquats) The Priest Executed Cycle 3
7.) Neo, Captain of the Avalanche (NeoAC) Murdered Cycle 3
8.) Initiate RaNDM (RaNDM G) Executed Cycle 2
9.) Knight Kemea (sky14kemea)
10.) Initiate Penguin (War Penguin)
11.) Scribe Scat (Skatologist)
12.) Paladin Jak (Jak23) The Entwined Arbitered Cycle 3
13.) Senior Scribe Senpai (Neuromancer) The Medic
14.) Scribe Link (Link_to_Future) Murdered cycle 2
15.) Senior Knight Tizzy (TizzyTheTormentor)
16.) Initiate Malbourne (Malbourne) The Arbiter Kamakze Cycle 3
17.) Scribe Michi (Lizmichi) Murdered cycle 1
18.) Initiate Schizzy (Schizzy)
19.) Knight Chaucer (MemLCol TBOT) The Spy
20.) Haiku Scribe FPLOON (FPLOON)
21.) Scribe Truth (T0ad of Truth) The Lawyer
And so the traitor's plans of power were ended. But the Brotherhood remained in danger. With the NCR forces closing in on the Hidden Valley bunker, Elder User opened the door to the Elder's chambers and called for a meeting. Head Scribe Chaucer was given the job of restoring the brotherhood's files for proof that Aeroscribe acted alone, and of the Brotherhood's actions to catch him. However, the hacker, T0ad impeded these efforts for a time, but he was caught within a day and given the same punishment as the traitor. The delay still allowed the NCR to reach the bunker before negotiations could be made with the NCR.

As the NCR prepared to break through the bunker's door, the Elder ordered Head Knight Senpai and all remaining Paladins and Knights to hold back the soldiers while a connection was established with President Kimball. They held off the soldiers, but without the Head Paladin to lead, there were many casualties on both sides. The connection finally went through, and soon the NCR fell back as the order to cease fire was given.

The NCR had never been known for being lenient, but President Kimball showed some degree of mercy, at least compared to destroying all of the brotherhood then and there. The Brotherhood was forced to move East, out of the NCR territory.

Without any place to call home, the future of the Mojave Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel was unknown. But for now, the Brotherhood still stands.
Similar to the party game of Murderer or Mafia, the objective is to find the Killer and execute him or her to prevent them from continuing their murderous rampage. The Game Master of the next round is whoever the Killer in the current one. For new players, please join the Serial Killer usergroup and turn chat notifications on to see announcements easier. There is to be no changes made to your profile whatsoever between the round start and end. Especially avatars.

Part 1 - Preparation:

Before the game starts, everyone who wants to join will need to send a PM to the Game Master (GM) of the current round. The message doesn't have to include anything specific unless stated by the GM, but it should be obvious you are looking to join the game.

Part 2 - Dishing out the roles:

The Killer role is randomly determined first, the method is decided by the GM, whether it be using a list randomizer on a website or pulling names out of a hat. After a player is aware of their role as a Killer, they then choose another player to help them as a Lawyer. Once this has been done all the other roles are then randomly appointed, one again using whatever method the GM would like to use. More details on roles in the second spoiler tag.

There is to be absolutely no sharing of screencaps of PMs telling you that you have a role, same with anyone who has been asked to be the Lawyer. This goes for any PMs sent by the GM as well, as they could prove one's innocence or guilt. A player who brakes this rule shall immediately be executed and the Killer is granted one free murder.

Part 3 - Cycle 1 Start:

It begins with the Killer choosing who they want to murder and the Medic choosing who they want to save. The Lawyer and Spy abilities have also been enabled, but don't have to be activated.

Provided the Killer chose to kill someone who isn't on the Medic's list of people to save, an announcement will be made that someone has been murdered.

Soon after the now deceased player will post in the thread detailing their death and mention if they had a role or not. This is when the Priest is now able to use their ability. Again, doesn't have to be activated yet.

Another announcement will be made on who died and thus voting for who everyone thinks committed the murder will begin.

Part 4 - Cycle 1 Vote:

The game's voting has a strictly enforced time limit. All participants have TWO DAYS at absolute most to cast their votes. Anyone who has not voted by that time will have their vote randomly determined. If votes do not reach 80% in participation, the Killer will be spared, and one of the non-voting people will be killed off instead.

Once voting is complete yet another announcement is made and the votes will be tallied. The person with the highest number of votes will be PMed that they have been executed and soon they will write their death post in a manner of an execution instead of a murder. If the Killer was executed the round ends. But if the votes weren't in the favour of justice...

Part 5 - Rinse and Repeat:
After the execution death post, an announcement is made where the next cycle begins and the Killer is able to murder another player, and so on.
There are seven roles in this round of Serial Killer:
The Killer, the Medic, the Spy, the Arbiter, the Priest, the Lawyer and the Entwined
The Killer
This is the primary focus of the game. The Killer PMs the GM who they wish to kill at the beginning of each cycle. He or she is still allowed to vote in executions and they can also be 'saved' by the Medic. Eliminating the Killer by execution or the use of the Arbiter ends the round. The Killer can also forfeit and thus will immediately end the round.
The Medic
The Medic has the power to save players from the Killer and gets a certain number of saves depending on the number of players in total.

24< players = Five saves
20-24 players = Four saves
15-19 players = Three saves
10-14 players = Two saves
>10 players = One save

The Medic chooses who they wish to save by PMing the appropriate usernames to the GM. They cannot save the same person twice, or more in a row, regardless of how many saves they have.

If the Medic saves the Killer's target, then they live to vote another day. The Killer, however, is free to pick a new victim, regardless of whether they are on the Medic's list. However, the Medic cannot save themselves...

This ability must be used every cycle.
The Spy
The Spy is allowed to ask the GM up to three "yes or no" questions about the Killer's profile throughout the course of the game to attempt to determine their identity. The GM will answer them to the best of their ability.

The Spy is also limited to one question in regards to the Killer's username as it has been deemed too easy to identify them by asking about it. There is to be no questions about the user's Publisher's Club status, Forum Health meter, badges obtained and who has befriended them. User group membership and forum posts should not be considered part of a user's profile, so no questions about those either.

The Spy is free to distribute the information however they wish; be it in full view of the public, in private, or otherwise until they are murdered or executed.

A question is answered only when the Killer and the Medic have activated their roles. It will not be answered if the Spy is the Killer's target and is not saved by the Medic.

Upon the GM messaging the Spy that they have been murdered or executed they can no longer inform any players of the questions asked, and their answers or who they have narrowed the possible suspects down to. This is extended to revealing the gathered information in the Spy's death post. If the Spy divulges any information in death, either true, untrue, or to confirm will result in the Killer getting two free kills, and each time there after will have as escalated punishment.

This ability can only be used every other cycle.
The Arbiter
This role has the power to instantly execute one other player without the need of a vote, or intervention on any other player's behalf, or that of the GM. Should the Arbiter do so both them and their target are killed to maintain the balance of the game, and thus allow the Killer to continue should they not be executed. No player is immune to this role's ability, even if chosen by the Medic to be saved.

They should, however, notify the GM when they execute someone; if this doesn't happen then the GM, and by extension the other players, is out of the loop in regards to the Arbiter's execution. In order to maintain fairness to the Killer, this role has restrictions on the use of their power. They can use their power until the point where the Spy has asked their third question to the GM, then the Arbiter will have until the end of the second cycle after that to decide their kill.

An arbiter who uses their ability and whoever is killed by it do not have to write a death post.

This ability can be used at any point in the game once it has reached cycle 2.
The Priest
The Priest's role is an interesting one. They have the power to sacrifice themselves to resurrect someone who died in a previous cycle. When someone is resurrected everyone in the round becomes aware of any role that the resurrected player may have.

A resurrected Arbiter cannot use their ability if they have already used it; in short, it dies with them. If they have not used their power, however, and the conditions for its use are still acceptable (i.e. the second cycle after the Spy has asked all three of their questions has not been passed) then they are free to execute a target.

However, resurrection will suffer difficulties when combined with the medic's save. Meaning, if the Killer sends the PM to kill the resurrected player before the Medic sends the message to save that same person, the kill will bypass the save and immediately negates the Medic's ability, killing the player no matter what.

A Priest who uses their ability does not have to write a death post. Whoever is revived by it does not have to write a second one also.

This ability can be used at any point in the game once it has reached cycle 2.
The Lawyer
The Lawyer is the only other player who wants the Killer to succeed. Essentially they work for the Killer as an anti-role role.

The Lawyer may ask the GM whether or not any individual has a role (yes or no question, without specifics). The question can be asked every cycle (5 times total), and if the Lawyer is killed then any information gained from the GM cannot be shared publicly, or privately if it hasn't been shared already. Sharing information in the death post is not allowed. Breaking of this rule will result in another role getting two free picks at an execution without the need of a vote. As with the Spy further breaking of this rule will result in escalated punishment.

This ability does not have to be used every cycle and entirely controlled by the Lawyer, not Killer.

The Lawyer is chosen by the Killer before all the other roles. Only if the player accepts the Killer's offer will the identity of the Killer be revealed to them. If the offer is refused, the Killer must choose another player.
The Entwined

This role is given to two players and is only in play when there is an odd number of total players in the round.

The two Entwined are linked by a special invisible bond... and the strength of their connection is only known when one of the two dies. When one of the Entwined dies, the other automatically shares the same fate.

Once the first Entwined posts their death the second is PMed that they have also died. It is not required for the second to write a proper death post but still needs to announce that they have died.

Even when killed by the Arbiter, both Entwined die. They are both able to be revived by the Priest at once, but their bond still applies after resurrection. If only one is chosen to be saved by the Medic, the other is still vulnerable. If the unsaved Entwined individual is murdered the saved one still dies.
After the Killer PMs the GM on who their victim is for the current cycle or once voting has been decided, the GM messages who will die. Once this has been done, the player (murdered or executed) has 48 hours to post their death or recruit someone else to write it in the case of bad Internet, a family emergency or another legitimate reason. Laziness is not welcome.

An amazing piece of literature is not necessary, but some level of effort is expect in your death post.

Dead players are still able to interact with others the same way when alive. They can still chat, give their own suspicions and such but are not allowed to provide any evidence (or say anything that would sway opinions). Voting is obviously not done by any dead players.
This section lists all the Killers who have won their round of the game, and which round they won. Remember, they killed you all once!

1) [user]sky14kemea[/user] Round 3
2) [user]NeoAC[/user] Round 21
3) [user]Link_to_Future[/user] Round 39
4) [user]Nouw[/user] Round 51
5) [user]T0ad 0f Truth[/user] Round 55
6) [user]Lizmichi[/user] Round 56
Four winners in each round, highlighting the best of how players have died! 3 have been voted for and 1 is chosen by the Game Master.

Round 59: [user]Neuromancer[/user], [user]Malbourne[/user], [user]Caramel Frappe[/user] and [user]Elfgore[/user] (GM's Pick)

Hello and welcome to the 59th game of Serial Killer! For those of you who have just started tuning in to watch us every month, Serial Killer is a fun game show all about wits, luck and betrayal where a random selection of unknowing individuals must escape our maximum security building! But there's someone out there who actually doesn't want anyone to escape! Uh huh, I can see some people in the audience nodding their heads... it's Kira! Who's Kira you might ask? Well, that would be spoiling it but all I can tell you is that Kira will some contestants won't escape... permanently. Once Kira... eliminates a contestant it's time for everyone to point their fingers and guess who is responsible. If they guess wrong then Kira is free to do what must be done once again...

And for our long time viewers, you know what time it is! It's time to meet our lovely contestants!

Our contestants are...

01. Caramel Frappe (Executed in Cycle 3)
[color]02.[/color] [user]sky14kemea[/user]
03. username sucks (Murdered in Cycle 9)
04. Terratina. (Murdered in Cycle 4 & Cycle 5) The Spy
05. Drummodino (Murdered in Cycle 2)
[color]06.[/color] [user]kingofkumquats[/user]
07. NeoAC (Murdered in Cycle 8)
08. Malbourne (Executed in Cycle 1)
09. deserteagleeye (Murdered in Cycle 6) The Medic
10. FPLOON (Sacrificed in Cycle 4) The Priest
11. Neuromancer (Executed in Cycle 8) The Lawyer
12. Elfgore (Murdered in Cycle 10) Kira
13. Schizzy (Executed in Cycle 4) The Entwined
14. Fractral (Murdered in Cycle 7)
15. RaNDM G (Murdered in Cycle 3) The Arbiter
[color]16.[/color] [user]SirDerpy[/user]
17. T0ad 0f Truth (Executed in Cycle 4) The Entwined
18. MemLCol TBOT (Murdered in Cycle 1)
19. Skatologist (Executed in Cycle 9)
20. TizzytheTormentor (Executed in Cycle 6)
21. Jak23 (Executed in Cycle 7)
22. JoJo (Executed in Cycle 5)
23. FliedLiverAttack (Executed in Cycle 2)

Well I'd say this raundo was pretty successful. Ratings went up by a billionty percent, I was nominated for best game presenter at the SHAFTAs, but more importantly the only person who could stop me is dead. Though it was a very disappointing encounter, it was passed off as a regular murder and nobody questioned the outcome, everyone thought Kira killed himself! Heh, when that happened towards the end it smashed previous records. What morons, the public will eat anything up. I'm sure next season will be even more popular.

Three survivors wasn't too bad. They'll be back here soon enough, and will have to deal with Kira's replacement then.



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Well, naturally I prefer to dibs forest green.

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I'm excited to see what comes of this, wonder how the colors are coming in to play... But call me pumped. Let's tear shit up!


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"There is to be no questions about the user's country, Publisher's Club status, Forum Health meter, badges obtained and who has befriended them."

How long has this rule been there for the Spy? It seems like every time a spy finds a way to halve the list of suspects, it gets nerfed. So far, I'm not sure I've heard of a convincing argument against asking nationality, forum meters or pub club status.