Sony Admits Private PSN Info Has Been Stolen - All Of It


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Jun 18, 2009
oh god they hacked the mainframe

Kinda glad I don't have a PS3, but I feel really sorry for those who do. Who I don't feel sorry for is Sony, as they are having to deal with the consequences of clearly insufficient security.


May 28, 2010
I din't think Sony will pull though this if it is found liable for damages even at a $50-$200 dollar per claimant in damages we are looking at close to 24million people effected. While it will have to go via each contrys courts (as my understanding of such claims is) just the USA's claimants will dent Sony's finances. 12-480 million dollars isn't a small amount and thats no including legal fees and the money spent to reinstate the infrastructure. Again the $50-$200 per claimant is looking small I mean this could do $1000 in damages per person.

My guess is this was a hack by an organised criminal group aiming to use Annon's recent attacks as a cover. They will then likely use and/or sell on the data they have got to interested parties maybe even in chunks not as a whole. I'm telling you smaller hacks have been sold on for millions. With 24 million peoples data who knows what will happen. It is a very high profile list but if an organised group they have likely had clients in mind prior to the hit.

All I can say is Sony better have been hit GOOD if this was lacking on their part they are screwed for at least a while.

What this means for the console market is yet to be seen but with Nintendo looking at a 2012 date for the next gen. Sony looking to be crippled in trust if not also finances and Microsoft unlikely to pull a competing console out till 2013 or later. I can say one thing interesting turn of events. Though games wise the 1st party own dev's might be looking to ditch Sony and there exclusivity rights after this train wreak or go down with the ship for a while at best.


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Apr 11, 2011
I like how they tried to cover everything up for a few days so that the people who took the information had the time to use it.

Kind of reminds me of that time this government said they were able to handle the situation and then whoops looks like a large chunk of Japan is uninhabitable.


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Nov 25, 2009
Sebster 105 said:
I still think it's the retards at Anon
and to think a fortnight ago they were all "We're on your side, really"

I know Anon said it wasn't them but who buys that?
If anon says they didnt do it they didnt do it, trust me.


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Jun 13, 2009
Jazoni89 said:
Are debit cards in risk too, that's what i wanna know.
Debit cards are linked to some file in your bank account, most likely checking. (Like mine is.) They can be denied though if funds are lacking. What you can do is transfer all the funds from your checking into savings or some other account you may have. But I would tell your bank to keep an eye out for suspicious charges to your debit card.


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Jun 7, 2010
EcksTeaSea said:
Nice secure system there Sony. Way to fuck up. At least RRoD only killed your system and didn't give out all your information at the same time.

Oh and I am still supporting the people who did this. How do you leave such a glaring issue in the system without fixing it? Thats asking for trouble. At least now Sony has to get their system together. If it didn't happen now, it was going to somewhere down the line and Sony still would have done nothing about it until then. Great company.
what kind of stupid argument is that... that's like saying you support the 9/11 attacks because it highlighted apparantly not up to scratch airport security.


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Jul 26, 2009
Holy Crap!

I know the words EPIC FAIL are a tad overused but that seems most apt right now.

This suggests two things:

1) Either SONY has some serious HR issues with people stealing their entire database.

2) It's possible to get administrator-level access to the PS3 customer database by hacking PS3 firmware.

Either way data security at Sony is a complete joke. Going by some other articles it looks like they encrypted the passwords which is something.


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Aug 13, 2009
Good thing I didn't save my credit card info on my PSN account, now is the name and pass the same as my back account.


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Jan 29, 2011
sorry to tell you guys, but NOTHING IS SECURE! just like in real life, if someone really wants to get into your house and get your shit, one way or another, they will, even if they haveto bulldoze in the front of your house.

now secondly, no one supports hackers, hackers are criminals that do things for personal gain. anon are hacktivists, and they do what they do to fight what ever peeks there fancy at the time, not to say that they haven't done any good.


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Jul 27, 2010
With all the talk back and forth about 'Hackers' and the good or ill they cause the industry, everyone needs to remember that hacking, like any skill, can be used for good or evil (not to be so melodramatic about it, but you get what i'm saying). There are Black Hat hackers, who hack into databases and steal information with the intention of ripping off or harming other people. And there are White Hat hackers, who use their knowledge for security purposes and the like. Groups like Anonymous fall under more of a grey area, using Black Hat techniques for (usually) benevolent purposes.

What I'm trying to say is: Don't look down on all hackers just because some of them are d-bags, making generalizations like that are what brought us Slavery, Racism, and the Holocaust.

As gamers, as a group, and as proponents of a lifestyle, I think we're above all that.

(Despite what XBLA trolls have to say on the matter)


Jan 17, 2010
United Kingdom
So wait... Those fuckers have probably waited a whole week to let the public, their customers know that all of their details have been stolen by some prick? Not to question Sony's higher knowledge /sarcasm. But What. The. Fuck?!

What, do they not think that that's the first thing that they should let customers know? Lucky for me I barely ever use my PS3 anymore and the bank card I last used to buy stuff off the PSN store is now cancelled due to it expiring.


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Dec 19, 2007
Moriarty said:
tony2077 said:
Moriarty said:
Oscar90 said:
Anyone who originally blamed anonymous probably feels pretty stupid right about now.
nah look at the tread. Anyone who origninally blamed anonymous still does because all hackers are the same.

Why would a political activist group try to steal user data and credit card info? well duh because they're hackers
who ever did it is still anonymous so doesn't really change who your blaming it could be the group or some other nobody
Well you have to make a difference between the verb and the group. Not everyone who hides their identity visits /b and not everyone who's a regular on /b is in Anonymous.
when someone is anonymous it mean you don't know them so is there really a difference at this point
Jun 7, 2010
This is all because of fucking geohot. Somebody kill that bastard.

We BETTER get free shit when PSN comes back on. If not I'll seriously consider getting a 360.


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Dec 28, 2010
Hard times really do bring out the best in people. These posts are all the evidence I need.

PSN down? I laugh. It has been hacked to hell? I laugh some more. Potential identity fraud issues? Sucks... for them. Then I see the illogical reactions from people that barely grasp anything about what happened, and I start laughing again.