Stupidest Reason Why You've Gotten Into Trouble In School.


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Oct 29, 2009
Well, when I was 10 I moved to Sweden from Australia, so naturally, I had essentially perfect English.
In 7th Grade, I got a new English teacher that well.. Just didn't know English.
I was constantly correcting her English which made her furious. Eventually I got kicked out of the class, the social workers got involved, I spent 1 week at a Childrens Home, got diagnosed with ADHD and I was never allowed to have English class at that school again.
Then when I got to College, I went to a new Therapist/Doctor, they said the ADHD is bullshit & that teacher got fired.

Also, my & a few mates got in trouble for singing "Happy Birthday" in German. Apparently it was Nazi Propaganda.


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Dec 10, 2010
On Mars, we HAVE no schools! We know everything that the Martian we budded from knew!

On topic: I got detention in... primary 2/3/4? Something stupid like that. All I did was fail to colour in a bunch of objects in a book-thing. There was one that looked sorta like a bucket, but it also looked sorta like one of those flat-bottomed ice-cream cones. So while I was in detention, I informed the teacher of this, and she shouted at me to colour it in properly. But how am I supposed to colour it in if you don't F***ing tell me what it is?!?

Anyway... I can't remember if this actually happened or if it's one of those really realistic dreams that I remember as though they were real, but I'm pretty sure it happened.

Oh, and there's all those times I didn't do my homework, but these are supposed to be stupid reasons, right?


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Jun 30, 2011
It wasn't me that got in trouble, but, a kid in school got in trouble once, because he killed a friend of mine's digimon and made him cry.

I lol'd...

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Mar 6, 2011
I've gotten detention for forgetting a pencil. I had a pen, but that wasn't good enough for the teacher. You don't get much more unreasonable than that.

I remember one kid who had to flip his shirt inside out because it said "Go Topless." The shirt had a picture of a convertible Ford Mustang on it. Meanwhile a kid in the same room walked past the same lady that made Kid 1 invert his shirt wearing a shirt with a topless girl on a beach with her hands over her breasts.

What kind of logic did my middle school have?!


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Apr 1, 2009
I once got into trouble for setting the back of the chemistry lab on fire.......It was an accident!

We were doing some test while using Butane and ethanol burners and I accidently knocked one over, that in turn spilt the flammable contents across the table and it caught fire but no one seemed to notice.

I ran up to the teacher while she was marking some other peoples work.....the conversation went like this:

Me: "errmm miss?"

Teacher: "Not now Aidan I'm busy"

Me: "No really miss this is really important"

Teacher: "Aidan if you want my help then wait for me to finish with the others".

Me: "No MISS you don't understand.....I REALLY need your help"

*Teacher turns to me with an angry expression*

Teacher: "Aidan you can see I'm in the middle of something right now so sit down and wait for me to......"


I got into trouble for not telling this to her earlier.......typical.


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Jan 23, 2011
I got in trouble for reading in an English class. We were reading Catcher in the Rye and I had finished a week in advance (would've been sooner, but I hated that book) and I was reading a really good book at the time. The title of which, I cannot remember. How ironic. Anyways, I was scolded, loudly, for not doing my assigned class work. To prove I had read the book, I had to explain what it meant.
This was bad, because I had no idea what the book's point was at the time, and that's what I told me teacher. She didn't believe me, so I stared at a crappy book for an extra week while a great book was burning a hole in my backpack. It sucked.

So, not that big of a punishment, but it was something stupid I got in trouble for.


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Nov 17, 2009
Editing wikipedia on the schools computer to say "LOL WERE ARE TEH MOUNTAINS U SUCK" and I didn't just get in a little trouble. I had to write a letter of apology and I spent like 2 hours in the principals office and was excluded from the group project which we had been doing on the computer.


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Apr 29, 2010
I'm generally a little goody two shoes type person and respect all my teachers (my mum is a teacher and that's my aspiration) but there is one who I really just hated, and she hated me. She taught me for both for my mandatory German language class (pain is the ass) as well as English, go figure...

Anywho I was in German and it was getting close to the Christmas holidays so we were all doing some stupid as hell colouring sheet of baby Jesus in the manger (my school is a non-denominational Christian school which is surprisingly not insane, mostly) and considering I was bored I coloured in the ridiculously thick lines instead of the white spaces. I soon tired of this and coloured the damn thing in. I show up to the next class and receive a detention, I was literally told that I received it for colouring in poorly. That's right, I got a detention for having bad colouring skills. Keep in mind that this was grade 8.

The only other notable detention I have got is when I was sitting in a dead silent class and my friends dared me to run out screaming 'THEY'RE ON ME!! GET THEM OFF!!' I'm way to susceptible to peer-pressure and I think I was trying to impress a girl (nothing turns a girl on more than a fat nerdy kid being insane right?) so I did it and got 30 bucks. I was scared to all hell, my legs were shaking afterwards. It was great fun though even if it wasn't funny and more dickish and attention seeking than anything else.


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Sep 8, 2010
Get this, I once got a detention for having a detention.
I was in the first detention for having not done my homework, but that teacher was alright and said that if I finished it over lunch, I could go.
So I finished it and I left with my friend, who was there as well, and he came with me to my locker and we were going outside and waiting to cross the road (My school doesn't let anyone below year 9 cross alone, we were year 7) when the slightly crazy DP walks up and asks us what we were doing, not being out playing with all the rest of the other little meatballs -thats not right.

We explain that we had had a detention, and he takes us to his office, sits down, and just generally threatens to get us expelled, for not valuing our schooling enough and made us miss the rest of our lunch as well.

Go figure.


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Jan 23, 2011
Father Time said:
crudus said:
One Hit Noob said:
Sure are a science major you are? I can see the genius in you.
I can't tell if that is sarcasm or not

Well, the only thing I can find is a website from a (20-year-old) fire investigator's journal listing the ignition temperature of various stuff with no way of telling me how they got those numbers. However, I can find several scientific journals giving their procedure in exact detail.
Yep, physics major :)

DarkenedWolfEye said:
I spat on a kid. Apparently that qualifies as 'assault'.
If you do you to a police officer in the U.S., it is "assault with a deadly weapon".
That's stupid. Even if you had AIDS there's no way spitting on someone will kill them.
Touching someone without their permission is the legal definition of assault. It seems a bit silly, but it clears up any grey areas by condemning all touching.


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Feb 27, 2011
I once got the most retarded detention for being late ever. I was, admittedly, very late for math class. But my math teacher was alright, she let this instance go. My homeroom teacher however, was appalled at me being late to ANY class. She was a real hitler manlady, and gave me detention for being late to math, despite not being my math teacher, even nearby the class I was late to, and this was four hours later. Nothing personal though, she was equally hitlerish to everyone. Also, may I add, feels they succeed despite the educational system, not because of it?


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Apr 4, 2011
Okay is my P.E class i had this annoying douche who would always throw balls at me when ever the FOUR teachers pulled out the basket ball

So it was the end of the first semister and i was in middle school 7th grade, i had to take PE for one semister and it was the final day untill we change semisters so i had it, he hit me 3 or 4 times and i grab the least inflatiable basket ball
AND throw it at his cheast

Now that blow could't even knock over a baby child, i am terriable weak
but the a PE teachers comes up to me and send both ME and the douche to the Vice-Priciable office
i explaine my side of the story and how he threw freaking dogde balls and basket ball atleast 3 times a day
but he give the most half-assed excused in saying "he would always dis-respect me!"
Now i objected to that saying i only talked to him atleast 4 or 5 times that semister mostly because i though he would go away

The story does have a great ending in which the douche got a 1 or 2 week in-school suspention and i get to stay in the office for the rest of the period
i was gonna object but i knew it would get me no where and it was the rest of the period
(which was like 40 minuets) left and one of my friend actully smuggled my shonen jump, i dont know how he did it though

Well the kid hated me for the rest of the year and he wore black too,
and know every time during breakfist he would say to the group of people around him,
"Hey thats the guy who got me In-school suspended"
well i did have some people avoid me for a while but everything went back to normal

TL;DR?:douche annoys me and attacks me for half a school year and i attack back he gets 1-2 weeks inschool suspention and i get to stay a in the office for the rest of the period


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Jul 18, 2010
When i was 12 i was at the back of a Drama class and messing about as the ppl at the back of the class usually do and i farted. The class couldn't stop laughing and so i was sent out along with the rest of the back row. Fortunately it seem to work out coz i had to go to the dentist at that time so i wandered outta school and escaped detention. Unfortunately for my friends, they weren't so lucky.


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Feb 23, 2011
this didn't happen to me but it happened to my friend
short version
we're in library
there's several displays and posters up
friend falls
grabs poster/display to stop falling
poster/display rips
he falls anyway
he gets sent out
the next day the head of the english department (it happened in an english lesson) says that he's being moved down from set 1 (the top set) to set 4


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Dec 19, 2010
I Yawned.
Yeah, me and the teacher had an argument about it that pretty much lasted half the class, apparently it was "Inappropriate and I was drawing attention to myself" my main teacher walked past me in the hall while I was waiting for her outside the classroom, she asked me what had happened, I told her and she shrugged and said something along the lines of it being ridiculous or something I can't really remember, I never did like that teacher anyway, I managed to get kicked out of her class in around two seconds once what did I do... I was five minutes late so I jumped (Literally) into the classroom and said "Hi" she told me to get out and hating her as much as I did I kindly obliged.
And well I go to a public school so everything else is expected, in fact just today a teacher came up to my friends and I while we were just screwing around and he essentially said "Bullying is okay as long as you're at home"

Edit: Dancing.
Ok it's not as simple as it sounds at the end of one of our school camps we got to have a party on the top level of the Spirit Of Tasmania, me and my friend got bored because everybody was just sitting around doing nothing, so we got up on the "Dance floor" (Roughly a 3 meter wide circle) and started doing such amazing moves as the hustle and the lawnmower at one point we had about 5 people up on the Dance floor anyway we got bored and left the stage and after a while of playing games intended for three year old kids that were built into the walls of the area where we were, me and my friend just decided to start running through groups of people doing a walking version of the hustle when I notice a girl looking at me (Slightly weird-ed out) so long story short I start chasing her yelling at her to dance a teacher comes up to me and tells me to sit down not for the chasing just the "Running" because apparently it was too loud I had to sit out for the rest of the party but it was only about half an hour and I still had people coming up and talking to me about what happened and just other stuff so it was a good night... I Guess.
Spoiler'd for wall of text


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Jan 7, 2021
I once got suspended for trying to break up a fight between friends. They didn't care if 'I didn't really do anything', it looked like I was fighting with them, and so I had to be suspended for a day. Had to spend 12 hours writing lines and a permanent record recording. Didn't have it as bad as some of my friends though, they just happened to be nearby, and got the same treatment.

Luckily I have awesome parents, and the parents of my friends got in contact with them, getting the permanent record cleared and apologies to all of us. It was a fun day.


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Jun 29, 2010
I got smacked in the back of the head with a Pencil case

according to the principal 'I shouldn't have been provoking them'

and i said 'i was sitting still doing my work not saying anything Mrs ?????? [teacher Name] can even say i didn't do anything.

[He rings Mrs ?????]

comes back in

'Yes you were right you were not doing anything. But you shouldn't have been provoking him'

Then i called him a Bellend because he wouldn't face the fact that his kid was a Jerk and a Bully who picks on people.
May 29, 2011
Showing some fucking creativity in art, I tried to do something unique (we where doing manga BTW) and I decided "you know what, Why is it always badguys with robot eyes and scars?" and so I gave my good guy a robo eye and some scarring. Teacher said "it was not what I was asked to do."
I now hate my school art classes.

Also coming out of the closet to my best friend. teacher overheard and said that I was being "inappropriate"

Integrated college my ass.

EDIT: forgot this one time I called the class asshole an asshole (seriously he was king dick) and when the year coordinator said that I should be nice to him I said that if he wants people to be nice to him he should stop being a dick. Suspension soon followed.