Stupidest Reason Why You've Gotten Into Trouble In School.


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Jul 30, 2011
Alright, I'm new here but I think my story's a pretty good one.

I was in, I think, Year 3. I'd fallen over and poked myself in the eye. The school 'nurse' said the pain would go away pretty quickly, but it stayed all day. This day was the day of the Christmas party, and I was crying all the way through due to my eye pain. I was sent out for being disruptive, and my 'nurse' poured water on my face to try and get rid of whatever was in my eye. Thanks to this I am now hydrophobic. When I started crying and asking her to stop, she called me a sissy in front of the entire class. I practically BEGGED to go home, but they kept me until 3:05, normal time. I got home, still crying, etc. and my Dad took me to the Doctor's. I had a scratched cornea. The nurse got mouthed off at PROPERLY by my Dad. We probably could have sued in hindsight but whatever. Thanks for the hydrophobia, Nurse McBitch.