The Big Picture: Batman Revisited, Part 3


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Jul 13, 2008
Nomanslander said:
maximara said:
Nomanslander said:
Yes, I'm one of the Batman fans that hate Robin. Batman is the iconic loner--brooding--stoic type, and it works. But when you throw in Robin that's when it starts the conflict with the nature of Batman and what we understand about him. Now I'm not even against the idea of another younger version of Batman running around the in the same universe (that might work with Batman on occasion), but once again, Batman is the lone--brooding stoic type that would never EVER take on a protege; at least that's my opinion. And the years and years I've spent watching the two together and shaking my head is conformation enough that it doesn't work!

Actually, if you listen to Mr. Freeze in the animated series episode "Cold Comfort" it *does* work--Robin is in essence Batman's attempt at having a surrogate son. In fact, the Robin character has been in the comics as far back as April 1940--just 11 months less then Batman himself (May 1939).

The surrogate son concept has come full circle in the comics with Robin now being Batman's actual son--Damian Wayne.
First off, I don't care what choices the writers made (even the originals), because the idea doesn't work with me.

Second, if I had a son, the last thing I would want to do is get him involved with "such" a family business.

Sorry it just doesn't work for me, I don't care how long Robin has been around. He was originally added to attract younger audiences by making Batman seem less dark, and that just goes against everything I see in Batman. It's an opinion...but it's fuck Robin. And I'm with Christian Bale on this, I'd probably chain myself next to him in protest if they ever decided to bring him back in.
Actually Batman was pretty dark even with Robin. The comedic Robin everyone tend to think of has more to do with the post Subduction of the Innocent Batman of the late 1950s and the cash on the Adam West camp version of the 1960s then the way the character was actually used for most of its existence.

The reality is Robin has been around nearly as long as Batman and for the most part had been popular. Also when used properly (as in "Never Fear" in the animated series) Robin is a major asset to Batman not a deficit.