The Death of Mario


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Dec 13, 2007
"But when was the last time Mickey Mouse actually did anything? Anything besides being plastered across toys and clothing by the massive corporation to which he is enslaved? Epic Mickey, granted, but it's been a long fucking time since he starred in a cartoon short or a film, which was where he built his appeal"

Your forgetting about reruns. Aslong as Tv keeps spouting the reruns, the loony toons can never be forgotten and stay "new", using that word in a very weak way. Its like what TV is to video games sequels for popular Nintendo characters/franchises. Its basically the same thing repeated over and over again.

"Maybe it goes further than that. Maybe we are living in a post-mascot age"

Exactly thats what I thought when I heard of Mario.

"We don't need to work at building a relationship between you and our characters anymore. We're just going to dictate what you like. Whether or not a character proved popular is no longer relevant, we simply act under the assumption that they are. I mean, Fat Princess? Seriously?"

Yeah it would be like entertaining the notion of adding in Rayman to Super Smash Bro's, a character not even associated with Nintendo (but playstation and one which was not a rival to any other character unlike how Sonic is to Mario)