Things you are sick of hearing


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Mar 3, 2010
FieryTrainwreck said:
JuryNelson said:
and the one that makes my mouth foam:

"Why make something great when good sells better?" You don't sound smart or revolutionary any more, you just sound like you don't understand business.
My most hated line of reasoning: if you complain about something that serves business interests, you're an idiot. We all must worship the almighty fucking dollar and all constructs designed to further its dominance - even at the expense of hobbies founded on raw entertainment value.

The only reason people shouldn't repeat the quoted text? It's depressing. That doesn't mean it isn't 100% true.
My most hated line of reasoning: If you defend logic that serves business interests, you're a puppet or a flunky for the man. You don't have to worship it, just don't refuse to understand it


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Mar 17, 2010
I'm incredibly sick of hearing that the world is going to end in X year.

Honestly, we've disproved that many Doomsday theories that by their logic we could be seen to be invincible.


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Dec 29, 2008
"So, what's up?"

"The sky."


I have a friend who says that everytime I ask, for at least three years. And it's spreading...


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Mar 2, 2010
Almost everything people on this site say. Seriously, all you people do is complain.

Oh and that any game with the most popularity at the time gets all the hate.

Bravo Company

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Feb 21, 2010
TheRightToArmBears said:
"If you don't like X you're just close minded/ignorant"

No, I don't like it because it's not very good. Even if they say it about something I like. For example, the band Avenged Sevenfold (which is metal, metal isn't suited around your tastes), I've had to come into arguments that are "A7X ARE NOT METULZ!" against "YOUR CLOSE MINDED FOR NOT LIKING THEM!!!! DON'T DIS IT!!", because, whilst it's ok not to like stuff, you should still be able to appreciate it on some level.
Can't agree with this more.

Me: "I like Tool, they have great concerts" (simple statement on the topic of music)
Guy "Tool concerts suck my dick"
Me: "Have you even been to a Tool concert? Or even remotely even listened to them?"
Guy "no...."

*walks away*

Or whenever you prove someone wrong with obvious facts supported by sources that are supported by other sources and they still somehow know their correct.

Blackjack 222

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Dec 2, 2009
Oh, people complaining how bad my truck looks while i help them pull the piece of shit sports car home.
beat up tank of a dodge VS shiny sport scar that broke down 5 miles from the dealership...
I think i win

"Dude your truck looks like hell"
Yeah well atleast its running

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Aug 13, 2008
Furburt said:
L1250 said:
NO! You CANNOT claim that a movie is still good while acknowledging that! Movies don't work that way! can. And they do, but it totally depends on the person watching.

From my casual study of the movie world, it appears there's two basic, core types of film watchers, both of which are equally valid. Avatar is a pretty good barometer of which type of trait a person has, as it sort of splits them down the middle, as it were.

The first type is the type of person who watches movies as the parts therein. They have separate opinions on most elements of the film, cinematography, writing, character development, special effects, editing, cast, and general direction, plus others. To this person, a good film is that which utilizes all the elements to the full potential. If one or more of the elements in said movie is insubstantial enough, the movie is a bad one. These people tend to enjoy films that would be considered art films, intelligent films, and usually critically acclaimed.

The second type is the person who watches the film as the sum of its parts. While they may consider certain elements of the film, whether those elements are good or bad is irrelevant to them. They rate films solely by whether or not they were entertained by them. These people tend to enjoy films like B-movies, and action films, although not necessarily.

The former tends to dislike Avatar, and the latter tends to like it. I would probably consider myself to be the latter, and I liked Avatar. Granted, its elements were on a whole mediocre, but I was entertained by it immensely.

Hope that makes it clearer.
I understand what you're saying, and I actually consider myself the sort of person that could fit into both categories and enjoy movies that require either mindset, but I personally thought that Avatar was rather mediocre, regardless of how I viewed it.

As the first type of moviegoer, I thought it was only noteworthy for its effects, which I thought weren't even that well implemented, as I felt that they only looked realistic, rather than visually appealing.

As the second type, I thought that the action was all incredibly standard and predictable to the point that I could literally point out everything that would happen in most sequences without being even slightly off, so the movie ended up being two hours and 40 minutes of boredom.

I should probably mention that I don't hate Avatar as a movie (I'd describe it as "meh"); I hate how absurdly well-received it was for such an average movie. It made more money than any other movie ever, was critically-acclaimed, was nominated for an academy award for best picture of the year, and caused people to fall into depression because they could never hope to be as perfect as the movie's characters. I'd call it ridiculous, but that doesn't even begin to describe it.

Serge A. Storms

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Oct 7, 2009
"I'm not religious, I'm spiritual."

Bonus points if they pretend to agree with me when I say something bad about Christianity. If you think that "a personal relationship with Jesus Christ" and not going to your old church makes you something other than "Christian," fuck your face.

Super bonus for going to a new church and inviting me because "it's different, you'll have fun, they have a band!"


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Jun 23, 2009
Horny Ico said:
khaimera said:
Just kidding, I'm tired of hearing everyone cry about Kinect, or whatever its called. My hopes are high and I think that in the grand scheme of things, this new tech is very important.
The technology is already blowing my mind; it's just too bad that so many retarded Wii-wanabes are being made for it.
Thank you, I knew I wasn't alone on this. I'm sure there will be tons fo crap games for it, but down the line, this could be huge.


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Dec 29, 2008
"It's the [nounX]est [Y] I've ever [Z]!"

I know it's just hyperbole, but it really annoys me. People who say that "Dumb Comedy X: Aimed Squarely At Dumb Teens Vol. II" is the funniest film ever gets on my nerves.


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Mar 10, 2010
Dr. wonderful said:
How about " just lost the game"


I could care less about the game, Here a new one: "You just lost your teeth."


Because my foot managed to found it self in your mouth, that's why.
You sir, have just signed your own death warrant.
Person who I have made anonymous for safety reasons said:
Marter said:
I'm tired of hearing all of the "Your mom" jokes/retorts.
Yo Momma's tired of hearing all these "Your Mom" jokes/retorts!

.......Sorry, It was too easy.

OT: People who say "I Could care less" when the correct phrase is quite clearly "I Couldn't care less". GET IT RIGHT!
It is so odd to see this unfolding.

I'm sick of hearing about avatar, Please, people, we have ALL watched it, you don't need to tell me more! I'm starting to see blue people in my darn sleep.


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Aug 9, 2009
baggyn said:
"What's the time?"
"Time you got a watch"

To be fair i find my self saying this sometimes so it's a bit hypocritical me posting it.
Counter it with this:

Really? I thought it was more like time you got a better joke."

Or whatever way best communicates the last 6 words. Thought of that one at about 1 at night.

Topping my list of grievances:
"For the lulz" or just "lulz" in general.


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Apr 6, 2010
I hate it when people say "Your Mom!" as a reply to everything you say and try to sound serious. It's a good thing that I inherited my great grandfathers's wit, because usually I'll say something back that makes them whine like the girls they are.