Tsunami's To Blame For Lack Of Marvel Vs. Capcom DLC


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Apr 24, 2008
Faith in humanity appears to be rare on thie internet, cynicism is king =p

on an on-topic note I think what happened is more or less that the Tsunami disrupted the creation of content for MvC 3. Now if thats true lets assume that hey get a bit behind schedule.

Capcom then continues to get complaints for changes. Spectator mode, more online options, clearer X-factor markers, and more characters. The back-logged team then takes a step back and syas. "hey you know what we could do, we could produce all of this extra content and characters people want, and update the entire aesthetic of the game all at once and put it into the game all at once." Realizing this is going to be really to upgrade one at a time piecemeal and releasing bit by bit especially with delays fucking up their entire schedule they decide to buy some time and release the whole thing as a disc later on.

Even so I do think the game should be cheaper ESPECIALLY for those that bought it originally. Either that or throw in 2 or 3 DLC characters down the line in for free later on, something. I do think this was a good decision for Capcom to make as a whole, but I don't agree with the pricing. For people who didn't buy the original game its a steal and you should definatly buy it. For those that bought the original game this really sucks and I think if Capcom really wants to come out ahead they'll offer one hell of a deal to those who payed $60 for the original