U.K. Tabloid Plays the Videogames Cause Violence Card - Again

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Dec 3, 2008
Jachwe said:
It has been proven. It is not a lie. You are deceiving yourself if you keep thinking people do not get aggressive while playing violent videogames.
Yeah, how dare I not take something on blind faith without proof? I'm deceiving myself!

That is how the human mind works.
[citation needed]

By the way how come you guys never back up your statements? Those studies at least do that.
What statements? That I don't think any such thing has been proven? That's not a statement that needs to be backed up. That I'm pretty sure all they've actually established is correlation, and any scientist will tell you correlation does not mean causation? Again, belief, not statement of fact.

That puts you in a position of doing the same if you want to disagree. That is how science works.
Not exactly. One can simply scrutinise the data given. In this case, for example, no baseline was determined. This is rather important and I have trouble believing a legit experiment would be so sloppy.

Someone states something backed up by some set of dataand if you want to proof him wrong you have to deliver another set of data about the same thing that rebutts the other one's data.
You don't know how science works. Gotcha.

All you are doing is just keep reaffirming yourselves without proof. You keep talking about proof that you claim exists but do not mention how or where to find it.
Skipping this since it doesnt'seem to be aimed at me.

I now will do a mad step in this direction and give you my source of knowledge. It is Rita Steckel's book "Aggresionen in Videospielen: Gibt es Auswirkungen auf das Verhalten von Kindern?" published by Waxmann Verlag in Münster, New York, München, and Berlin in 1998.
A german book, not a peer-reviewed study we can actually look at?

Yeah, I can see how you got to your conclusion. You fail at research.

On the bottomline the study says that the longterm effects of playing violent videogames for too long people will get desensitized and thus tend to more readily resort to violence because the desensitization removes an important antagonist of violent behaviour. There is a lot more to it but I think I made my point clear. If anyone wants to know more go read the book I posted. You will be more knowledgable for it.
Oh shit, it doesn't even back up your original claim. That's just....I'd roll on the floor laughing, but I recently injured my leg and don't want to risk hurting it in the fall.

But since you're talking about it, I'm assuming this study appeared in a peer-review journal somewhere that we can verify? Perhaps link to that. Anyone can publish a book drawing conclusions without scientific scrutiny, especially on a hot-button topic.


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Aug 28, 2011
Zachary Amaranth said:
Muthaeffing SNIP.
I <3 you for doing science right. I love it how some people believe that published = gospel truth no matter by whom or when it was published. But while we're at it, let's just throw another couple German books and articles in there:

Esther Köhler: Computerspiele und Gewalt. Eine psychologische Entwarnung. Published in Springer, in 2008 (which seems a lot more relevant and recent than say... 1998 in a medium that's evolving faster than psychologists can keep up with)

Frithjof Staude-Müller: Gewalthaltige Computerspiele und Aggressionsneigung. Längsschnittliche und experimentelle Betrachtung konkurrierender Zusammenhangsannahmen. Published in Dr. Kovac books, Hamburg 2010 (that's like fricken last year, not like... THIRTEEN years ago) discussing the question: Do games cause aggression or do aggressive people choose violent games? It argues for both sides, btw and doesn't really come to a conclusion aside the usual "This needs further studying"

So there, I've called the one random German book and raised with... another random German book. Therefore, there are three options, Jachwe:
Fold, call or stop and realize that we're adding nothing to this discussion and are only comparing internet cocks. So far, mine has a larger cancerous growth than yours.


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Aug 28, 2009
Blunderboy said:
Ah the good old Daily Mail.
I'm sure they actually use this [http://www.qwghlm.co.uk/toys/dailymail/] nowadays.

good sir, you have given me a boon.

OT: oh noes. tabloids. at least is wasn't fox.


that's preposterous.


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Sep 20, 2011
How come no one does any studies on whether there's a connection between crazy people and religious fundamentalism. Like find out what kind of environment satisfies each group and then take away different parts of that environment to aggravate them, then subject them to brain scans and see if there are similarities.


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Oct 29, 2011
What bullocks. Not only is their article unclear on the specifics of the study, but the one thing they do specify is suspect. Ten-hours-a-day playing games over two freaking weeks? Even if that sample group stood up and started banging the walls it should be expected. If they were playing Tetris for that long it should be expected they would pile shit up and see if they can remove any full lines formed with their socks or whatever. There is a difference between playing and image training.


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Feb 3, 2009
Greg Tito said:
The experiment doesn't seem like it was meant to vilify games, only to test how the brain works when playing videogames. The only thing that bugs me about the language in the abstract is the researchers specifically refer to the games the subjects played as "violent" without stating which game was played or why that title was more violent than others.
Most abstracts would be unlikely to have such information. They're just brief overviews. I would imagine that in the full report they would state what games they played in the method section. It could also be they just told the experimental group to play whatever violent games they want, though I doubt that.

What I find funniest about this is that they used a study from the RSNA to make psychological statements. I could be wrong, but I doubt this study has anything to do with the psychological effects that this brain activity change causes, and more to do with physical effects. Physical effects out of context like that don't mean anything, but the Daily Mail WILL get its story.


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Nov 26, 2008
The people in this thread who are saying "the scientists didn't say it made people more violent" are technically correct. But they, much like the people at the Daily Mail, don't know what the left frontal lobe does.

The left frontal lob is largely responsible for judgement. People who have that section of their brain damaged display aggressive and hyper-sexual behavior. The scientists did say that. They just said it in language with which many in this forum are unfamiliar.

I doubt the writers of the Daily Mail knew that. They just wanted to be sensationalist. But they're correct. Something of note: the scientists, unlikely most sensationalists, did say that the effect is reversible. So there's something.


Oct 5, 2011
United States
People are still riding this train? And I thought that culturaly that we had evolved past this.


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Oct 26, 2008
This just in; Getting caught in traffic jams is really annoying and may cause you to scream at your steeringwheel. More at 11.


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Nov 28, 2007
ph0b0s123 said:
Violent crimes rates are at a record low, a trend that started in 92, the same year doom was released.

The daily mail can do as many brain scans as they like, it does not change the fact that there has been no statistical demonstrations of these supposed violent tendencies in the 20 or more years we have been exposed to violent video games. All we have had is a few deranged individuals who's defence team have tried to blame their actions on videogames. The amount of these individuals though has not even been statistically important.
Yes and no, let's not forget that massive violence is on the rise. Don't forget it was primarily young people who were responsible for those UK riots, or at least from the videos and such I was reading.

This is to say nothing of the whole "chav problem" people go off about when talking about the UK.

You have to wonder how many of these crimes are reported, and if politicians are reporting the correct statistics as they want to be seen as responsible for reductions in crime. Despite the stats it seems like the UK is at an all time high, and when it's not in response to this article people from the UK usually make it sound that way as well. The stats are probably based off of the number of convictions and people going to prison. The UK has a prison overcrowding problem like in the US with people not being sent to jail because there is no room for them as well, doesn't it? I thought I read something along those lines not too long ago. Largely in response to the first world justice system and problems with "humane" crime and punishment systems and how they are nearly impossible to support for the long term.

The point here isn't that I agree video games are in any way responsible, it's just that certain avenues of defense tend to be as bad as the accusations. In the end video games are a popular first world boogie man. By going after video games journalists and politicians create an illusion that they are doing something important, without actually having to address larger, and more contreversial issues that are responsible.

Speaking for the US for example at a minimum dealing with some of our problems would involve things like building more prisons. This of course not only requires the goverment raising money, but as heavily developed as we are those prisons go next to someone, and nobody wants a prison in their back yard. The goverment strongarming things and saying "we're going to put a prison here" is going to cause outcry, no matter where it is, and no politician wants to do that, and the news media is going to benefit more from being sympathetic to the NIMBYs.

In a more direct context, to use the US as an example, a lot of our crime comes from poor immigrants (illegal and otherwise) flowing into the ghettos and turning to crime out of desperation or simple anger over the realities of the US and what competition means. Nobody wants to be on the bottom. This is not the ONLY problem, but a big one. Throwing money at the problem doesn't usually help as anything you put into the infrastructure there is torn down in short order. You send in increased law enforcement instructed to use more "hardcore" tactics and you typically wind up with outcry about racism due to targeting specific problem areas.

A lot of the problem with violence is that the first world refuses to address it, and admittedly media irresponsibility doesn't help. After all if say a CRASH team hits a project, kills a dozen guys involved in a meth operation, the media realizes it can get better sales and response by focusing on a few of the criminals to make them seem sympathetic and the police as brutal at the very least, in cases where something might have gone wrong, or been questionable, the media has an even bigger field day. It creates a big mess where poliricians decide they don't even want to try, and instead go after things like video games.

To put thing into perspective, from the way it sounds in the UK, you have everyone concerned about the "Chav problem" with the youth, but if the police decide to crack down people also seem to start screaming about brutality, and all of a sudden all those Chavs are someone's kid with a very human face attached... much like what happens with a lot of US drug dealers and the like. The brutal drug dealer pumping poison into the community suddenly becomes a poor guy with hopes and dreams, who was smacked around for allegedly being involved in the drug trade.


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May 27, 2009
Sassafrass said:
Oh, the Daily Mail, you say? Making another outrageous claim? They've never done that before(!)

I'll just leave this here to show how stupid they are. [http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1064547/Black-men-times-likely-prostate-cancer.html]
And this.
This as well. [http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1132814/Salty-soups-increase-cancer-risk-says-expert.html]
And just this list in general of all the things they've claimed over the years that can cause cancer. [http://hellokinsella.posterous.com/the-daily-mail-list-of-things-that-give-you-c]

So, my point? They're the masters of spinning bull-shit.

Although strangely, it seems familiar somehow.....


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Jan 14, 2011
Shut the fuck up, Im finna stab you in your sleep. I'll find where you live. That's right, YOUR HOUSE! Video games don't make people violent! DON'T GO TO SLEEP MUTHA FUCKA O.O

Just as soon as I'm done playing Skyrim.



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Mar 29, 2011
On the topic of violence: http://store.steampowered.com/app/201272/

Buy it if you've got Shogun 2: Total War!


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Feb 26, 2010
LOL - Nice attempt at making gamers sound like the second coming of Neo, but the study - if there is any merit to it at all - would not seem to indicate that gamers "use their brains differently."

The study would seem to indicate that the human brain - whoever it belongs to, adapts to suit its environment and the tasks placed before it. Which is nothing new. Of course it does.

Gamers do not hold some special power in any of this. Implying so is as fatuous and baseless as the article you are critiquing.


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Aug 12, 2009
OK we lose News of the World because corporate assholes were spying on people's private lives, fair enough, but why do we still have the Daily Mail? All they do is exploit what's obviously bullshit to get attention!


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Sep 11, 2008
Blunderboy said:
Ah the good old Daily Mail.
I'm sure they actually use this [http://www.qwghlm.co.uk/toys/dailymail/] nowadays.

My favorite one so far.


Wait! New favorite



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Feb 9, 2011
Daily Mail's firt report about games and violence: "Games cause violence"
No one cares, science and common sense prove otherwise
Another article "Study PROVES that games cause violence"
Old news
about a million similar articles and subsequent debunking by science and common sense later "But they DO! See, here's a study? See? Look? Please?" (Imagine that in a desperate whiny voice)


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Jan 23, 2011
The Daily Mail sure does like to make ludicrous jumps, doesn't it? Oh well, anyone who's opinion matters, knows what bollocks it calls fact.