Valve Becomes the New March Mayhem: Developer's Showdown Champion


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Mar 28, 2010
Ummm, what happpened to the rules? How did all these rounds already happen?

escapist rules page said:
On March 14h, you can begin casting your votes. Below is a schedule for each round, with all rounds starting at approximately noon Eastern Standard Time. Make sure to cast your vote for each round. Remember: every vote gets you another entry towards the prizes!

* Round 1: March 14th - 16th at 12:00PM EST
* Round 2: March 17th - 19th at 12:00PM EST
* Round 3: March 21st - 23rd at 12:00PM EST
* Round 4: March 24th - 26th at 12:00PM EST
* Round 5: March 28th - 30st at 12:00PM EST
* Round 6: March 31st - April 4th at 12:00PM EST
I left town yesterday and return today to find out everything already happened and Valve won? WTF? We only had 1 round? :(

ATM, it is 1:13am March 17th. So was this the first round or what?

EDIT: LMAO nvm, I just caught that this was last years. XD I am tired and having probs with the site I guess. How did this get in recent newsfeeds?