What if you suddenly changed sex?


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Aug 21, 2009
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What's worse is that I was positive this was probably a 10 yr. old boy posting this or something.

Nope. he's 19. LOLZ!

This tops the dumbest thread I've ever seen on here... and maybe any forum.
You mean SHE. (if someone hasnt already corrected you.) Nice troll comment anyway.


OT: I'd probably throw myself of a bridge. I like being a guy, If i was a girl it'd be too much of a shock to cope with.

EDIT: Or i'd marry one of my best mates, he's hopeless when it comes to women, I spose its the least i could do.
yep, three times actually! this is the forth! :D

If you ask dumb questions, your bound to get dumb answers (which, btw, everyone has a dumb answer, *ahem* example: "I'd finally figure out what it was like the masturbate as one I'd just live my day normally and probably get married." or they try to make some "cleverly mature" response that's really quite irrelevant.

People, there's really NOT that big of a difference between guys and girls. At the end of hte day we're all human beings, with the same metabolic, endocrinal, and physiological make up. The actual differences are negligible, really.

The only thing I think guys would probably do when they became a girl is 1: get grossed out by having a period, and 2: they'd realize what douche bags they've been to women.

And women would enjoy going to public restrooms more.

This isn't an "imaginative" discussion, it's just a dumb one.

So, my escapist friends, I can hear your wise comeback, "So why the hell are you on here? If you don't like it so much, go somewhere else!" meh... it's fun to make petty arguments when you have some down time. lol.
Yep, because dismissiveness without adding anything to the debate is so fun, and not pathetic in the slightest. Using words like "metabolic", "endocrinal", and "physiological" to describe the differences (or lack thereof) between men and women does not add credibility to that rather false claim. Male and female bodies may function similarly at a very basic level, but there are certainly plenty of distinctions between both sexes, both physically and psychologically. And there's my little rant for today.

(Besides, who are you to decide whether or not a discussion is "dumb"? Is your intelligence so vastly superior to that of us mere mortals that you have the last word in rating a discussion by its intelligence? The "LOLZ" make that theory seem rather dubious.)

OT: To understate slightly, I'd be rather surprised if I woke up one day to find out I was a woman. But I'm sure I'd adjust eventually, and life would probably not change radically for me. As long as my mental state remained the same, I'd have few issues with it.
without adding anything to the debate?! Why, kind sir (maddam?) I take offense!

Look at your very own comment! How is that not adding anything?

Now then, as to those nifty scientific words, it is NOT a false claim. first of all, I say physiological, not psychological.
I picked up on that. I was making my own point on the differences between men and women there, not flubbing very basic terminology.

Mimsofthedawg said:
To describe all of them generally, I will say this, the majority of the apparent physical differences between men and women is a perception, not a scientific observation. I'm not talking about primary and secondary sex organs here. I'm talking about in the anatomy of humans. Even differences in hormones (estrogen verses testosterone) is not that different. In fact, many of "male sex/female sex" hormones serve the same functions in different sexes; the difference being that their chemical make up is slightly altered to serve various sexual functions. Certain things (such as PMSing) actually aren't relegated solely to one sex and in fact often have opposite sex equivalents. the most popular point people like to make is masturbation. masturbation isn't that different from guys or girls. Anyone who hoped they would be is going to be sorely dissappointed.

Now, having said that, this is a basic overview. For example, sexual climax IS in fact more strenuous for a woman than a man because of how the neurons are set up in the different organs, however, many guys might be disappointed because the hormones released are diffferent during orgasm. When a both sexes orgasm, they release endorphines and (I wanna say...) Oxytocin (though I have to check that one to be sure) which are pleasurable hormones (most of the time). But men also release testosterone, an addictive chemical, where as women do not. Put simply, although the orgasm may be longer and more intense for women, men would probably find it lacking without the testosterone. Thus there are differences, but for it to be discussed as immaturely as this thread has discussed it and for it to be highlighted as some mystical fantasy is simply ridiculous.
The functions of estrogen and testosterone are very different indeed, bucko. The fact that they're both sex hormones does not imply a huge amount of similarity. Also, male PMSing? Would you care to enlighten me on that? An article about the specific condition from a respected source would do.

Quite frankly, I don't care who has more fun while masturbating. Of all the things to discuss when talking about gender-switching, it's the most inane. I agree with your slight on the people who use masturbation as their main point of discussion on these matters. It's juvenile at the very least.

Mimsofthedawg said:
It's a dumb discussion because it proves the lack of respect and understanding individuals have about sexuality, and it does NOT highlight any sort of imaginative or creative concepts a person may have.
The idea behind the conversation isn't dumb, the people who reply with childishly ignorant comments about sex are.

Mimsofthedawg said:
There, I contributed more, happy? :D
Well, it's a start, and at least you went to the trouble of raiding an encyclopedia/dictionary/magazine/Wikipedia/something else to back your claims up a bit.

Mimsofthedawg said:
Oh, and by my intellect, adding the "LOLZ!" was making a mockery of the thread. Sorry apparently YOUR intellect didn't pick that one up... if we're gonna be dissing eachother's intellectual capabilities.
I can't help but liken that to replying "No, you're stupid" when someone calls you stupid. If you'd said you resented my insinuations that you're unintelligent, I'd apologise for being insensitive. Trying to insult me back just reinforces my belief that you're acting in an unintelligent manner, and means I'm even more reticent to retract my statement.

Mimsofthedawg said:
And I can rate something a dumb because it's my opinion. Why would you care if I rated it as dumb?
Yes, but if someone expresses an opinion I disagree with, I can turn around and say that I my opinion differs. You have the right to express your opinion, and I have the right to disagree with you.

I don't care, per se, but I do find sweeping and ignorant statements bothersome.


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Oct 21, 2009
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Oh, God, the amount of tween hormones from the thread nearly made me pass out.

Look, girls have vaginas. Get over it. It's no big deal.
and the tits, don't forget the tits.
Sadly, man-tits are very real.
unfortunately yes, but I was trying not to think about that, thanks for the mental image.


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Apr 22, 2009
First of all, i would cancel the day off to check my new body. Then i would go get a girlfriend to see if i'm still into girls at that point.


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Aug 2, 2008
Aside from the fact that I'd be afraid of getting pregnant and having to give birth myself, everything else I could get over of.