What is the WORST, most dislikable personality trait a person can have?


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Mar 30, 2011
Vault101 said:
madwarper said:
Hypersensitivity. As in people that flip their shit over every (imaginary) slight.

Person 1: That's it. I'm never going to the amusement park again.
Person 2: Ok, I'll bite. Why aren't going to go to the amusement park?
Person 1: Because, they were giving away free ice cream.
Person 2: Free ice cream? What about this free ice cream?
Person 1: It was vanilla. You know I only ever eat chocolate ice cream.
Person 2: So, just because they were giving away free ice cream that happens to be the most popular flavor out of all the patrons, you think it's a personal insult to you that they didn't cater to your particular taste?
Person 1: Exactly.
Person 2: Yea, maybe the amusement park is better off without you.
I see what your doing here...

this is fun, I'll do one too

Person 1: I'm not going to that ice cream store
Person 2: why not?
Person 1: because they only serve vanilla
Person 2: so?
Person 1: so I'm sick of Vanilla
Person:2: but everyone likes vanilla, its the most popular flavour
Person 1: well I'm still sick of Vanilla...its all they serve! I want chocolate mabye banana
Person 2: oh I understand...so why do you hate poeple who like Vanilla ice cream?
Person 1: what?
Person 2: yeah, why do you hate vanilla ice cream and want to take it away and force everyone to eat chocloate?
Person 1: I didn't say that...I just think the ice cream store would do well to offer more falvours
Person 2: so now youre dictating what a buiness can or can;t do!?
Person 1: well I know plenty of people who love chocolate...
Person 1: oh for fucks sake....I'm just going to put my own oreos in my ice cream...

Ihateregistering1 said:
HOLY SHIT. I seriously love this analogy. If you don't mind, I'm using this everytime someone flips their shit because some form of media doesn't have enough _____________ characters in it (take your pick of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, etc.). Hats off to you.
please tell me your not serious...it was a terrible anaolgy...
Your attempt to discredit his analogy is missing the most important parts:
"Person 1: well I'm still sick of Vanilla...its all they serve! I want chocolate mabye banana. Oh, and the ice cream shop is racist/sexist/homophobic for not having the ice cream I want"

Oh, and this part:
"Person 1: I didn't say that...I just think the ice cream store would do well to offer more falvours.
Person 2: You do know the ice cream store has people on staff whose full-time job is to find out what flavors people would like and be most likely to purchase, and then advise the management, right?
Person 1: I know better than all of them."


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Sep 3, 2010
Passive aggressiveness. I can't fucking stand it, but society is now training us to be that way.
Here are two wonderful examples.

When I cook, I listen to music. I like metal, so it's usually that and one of my roommates can't stand metal. When I cook, it can get loud in the kitchen with a fan and sizzling frying pan, so I crank up the music a bit. No one's told me anything concerning it so I always thought it was fine. Nope! When that roommate left for the summer, my other roommate told me about how the other guy would ***** and moan about me playing loud music while cooking. There's a reason I don't like the roommate that I pissed off.

My stepdad thinks whatever I do is wrong, even when I do everything to his exact specifications. Recently, he asked me to clean to BBQ grill. No big deal, they needed a good scrubbing anyways. So I bring them to the laundry room and start scrubbing away with some steel wool. After 20 minutes, my back starts hurting from bending over for so long, so I grab a little collapsable ladder. An hour later (I had to chisel a lot of the stuff off) it gets really uncomfortable so I grab the office chair from the computer. I'm the only one home, no one is using it and it's much easier to work sitting in it than on anything else; plus it's right down the hall. About 20 minutes later, he gets home, sees me sitting in the chair and scrubbing and tells me, "What the hell are you doing? Use some common sense." Then doesn't even say what's bothering him. All I know is I did something wrong according to him.

That's the kind of bullshit I can't stand. If you have an issue with someone, tell them! It makes everyone's life less stressful and means we can correct things immediately instead of jumping through hoops just to find out what we actually got wrong in the first place!

Happiness Assassin said:
WouldYouKindly said:
Willful ignorance. It's one thing to just not know any better. It's quite another to not know any better and be determined to never learn.
Ding ding ding! We have a winner. The only thing that pisses me off more than someone who is willfully ignorant is someone who believes that those who know better are "too smart". I mean seriously I actually got into a heated argument with my parents after I told them that vaccines don't cause autism, not because I was wrong but because they don't like being corrected.
Ooh, I'd also like to add "Passionate knee-jerk reactions" to this list of willful ignorance! Another story time!

My sister's high school English teach had told her class that short stories don't exist, there are only short essays because a short story is supposed to be allegorical and tell the audience something, much the same way an essay does. I disagreed because of all the short story collections that exist and all the short stories that aren't symbolic of anything or try to impart a message. We started debating a bit and then my stepdad yells, "You couldn't even get decent grades in first year university (btw I got mid 70s), your opinion is worth jack shit!" He has previously agreed with me about literature. And my family wonders why I don't talk to them much.


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Jan 19, 2009
People who think they're the default, and everything that others think and value should be held up to their standard, because it's "better".

For instance, someone who thinks religion is dumb/bad, and thus all religious people are evil/idiots.


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May 13, 2009
SecretNegative said:
Passive aggressive, fucking every single obnoxious **** who 's passive aggressive. I just can't stand it.
You must love this forum sometimes :)

OT: There's a certain way that some people eat apples that gives off this "I am the ultimate douchebag" vibe. I don't know what it is, and it's probably unfair of me to judge them based off of it, but it really pisses me off.


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Sep 26, 2010
ah so you assume person 1 in my analogy thought the store had something against people who liked chocolate? no they expressed dissapointment at the lack of chocolate (they never said this store dislikes me because I liek chocolate), you (like the person who made the analogy) make WRONG assumptions about why people have issues with representation and the points they make, then argue against strawmen

Ihateregistering1 said:
You do know the ice cream store has people on staff whose full-time job is to find out what flavors people would like and be most likely to purchase, and then advise the management, right?
Person 1: I know better than all of them."
1. those people are not infallable, weve seen this demonstrated time and time again

2.if you make artistic decions SOLEY on "what people want" you get a self repeating loop of the same old bullshit, taking inspiration from other popular works is good..regurgitating it because "its what sells" is bad, how many attemps to be COD or WOW have failed?

3. acording to those people The Hunger Games wouldn't have sold because a woman was in the lead role...


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Jan 21, 2009
It's a toss up between 3 things (even if two of them are kind of the same)
Manipulation is a big one. Especially people who can't seem to do ANYTHING without willfully manipulating someone to bend to their will. It's not cute. It's not funny. And it can seriously fuck someone up in the head. (from personal experience)

Abusive behaviours (which manipulation actually technically falls into) and I'm not just talking physical abuse. There does exist mental and emotional abuse in which people prey on emotions and someone's mental state. Which really fucks people up too. (again from personal experience)

Egotistical assholes/princesses who think the world HAS to exclusively cater to them because they are obviously the most important person in the world.

I seriously can NOT choose between the three. As I've known people with all 3 of those traits and absolutely detested them....yeah. And the third was a girl and she took everything as personal insult if you didn't want to do exactly what she wanted to do when she wanted to do it. Didn't help that her boyfriend basically encouraged her behaviour by treating her as a princess and siding with her on EVERYTHING. "Oh you don't want to go to Disneyland with us. Is that because you hate her?" "no. it's because I have no interest in being around large groups of people" "I knew it was because you hated her. why do you have to be so negative?" (Actual conversation I had that was basically repeating the same shit over and over. It was annoying as hell and I hope to never have to have another like that)


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Nov 24, 2012
People who have this burning need to get the last word in on every conversation, whether it's just casual chat or an argument. I have family members like this, who will carry an argument for hours, even taking 10 minute breaks to think of a retort when they literally (figuratively?) have nothing else to say. There's a time to walk away and certain people just can't do it unless they have the last say, the last syllable.

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Mar 10, 2012
Cruelty. You know, those people who will go out of their way to say something mean, generally put others down, or run over animals while driving. I'm certainly not a saint myself, but I don't see how some people are able to justify hurting others just for the petty satisfaction.


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May 14, 2011
Ihateregistering1 said:
Your attempt to discredit his analogy is missing the most important parts:
Ooo! I know I'm not part of the convo but I'd like to jump in here.
Ihateregistering1 said:
"Person 1: well I'm still sick of Vanilla...its all they serve! I want chocolate mabye banana. Oh, and the ice cream shop is racist/sexist/homophobic for not having the ice cream I want"
Except people don't say that (well, the ones that do are few and far between, and idiots). You're misunderstanding the source of the outrage. People don't claim sexism/racism/whateverism because their group isn't being catered to, they claim it for reasons that are actually sexist/racist/whateverist. To use the most recent example, people weren't outraged that Nintendo didn't allow for same-sex couples in their sim game, they were outraged at Nintendo's 1) choice to patch it out when a bug introduced it (this was largely misdirected outrage given the actual circumstances), and more importantly 2) painting the issue as a matter of "social commentary" and implying same-sex relationships have no place in fun and whimsical worlds.

Ihateregistering1 said:
Oh, and this part:
"Person 1: I didn't say that...I just think the ice cream store would do well to offer more falvours.
Person 2: You do know the ice cream store has people on staff whose full-time job is to find out what flavors people would like and be most likely to purchase, and then advise the management, right?
Person 1: I know better than all of them."
I'm sure you've heard the stories about pasta sauce and or coffee, yes? Long story short, what people think they want isn't necessarily what people do want. Secondly, this kind of reasoning assumes/asserts that the full-time market research team is reporting that the inclusion of a particular flavour on their menu makes their ice-cream business less popular, which is unintuitive enough as to warrant some kind of supporting data. It's like someone saying "I really want some vanilla ice-cream, and they have it here but these jerks also serve chocolate so I'm going elsewhere for my fix." While I'm sure there's some sexists/racists/whateverists that will actively avoid any game that's inclusive of "the other guys" I'm not prepared to assume those numbers are greater than the number of people that would appreciate (with their wallets) being included.


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Apr 20, 2010
A couple of things makes me annoyed, though I don't think either of them have been mentioned here. First would be low self-esteem, or more accurately, the kind that makes you pity yourself while taking it out on other people, and makes someone unable to admit that they are being jealous or envious. Now, I don't mean that low self-esteem in itself is a trait that's really dislikeable, but taking that stuff out on others is not cool, dude. This also includes insulting people in order to higher your opinion of yourself. I'm not interested in having my own achievements or happiness take a hit so that you can feel like everyone else has as low a self-esteem as you have.

The second thing would be replying with vague or useless replies. This would be anything from asking what they want to eat -and they will have opinions, because they'll certainly shoot down most of the things you come up with without attempting to come up with anything themselves- to them replying to just about half of the questions with "maybe" or "whatever". It's so annoying, especially because you ask people a question because you want a clear reply, or even just their opinion on something. Instead you get nothing apart from dismissals, which doesn't help anyone or anything.


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Jun 10, 2011
People who think being an asshole makes them edgy, special or funny.

It doesn't. It makes you an asshole.

And everyone can be an asshole at times, but those who are intentionally horrible just for attention are just bleh.


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Feb 5, 2010
For me there is no one single trait that does that.
You need a precisely balanced cocktail of personality issues.

First Arrogance, Over the top and full of himself
Stupidity, he must be a moron.
and here's the secret ingredient:
A touch of competency.

That little tinge of competency means you cannot just ignore and route around him.
It's not significant enough to make him necessary, or even all that desirably.
But that tinge means that he remains in your mind, and enough people think its worth dragging him in.
You cannot escape, he's good enough to not be let go, but not good enough that you want him there.
And that my friends, is hell.


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May 31, 2011
Depends, are we talking on a personal level, on a grand scale or from the view point of a leader?

If we're going based on a leader, Marie Antoinette is a perfect example of simply being fucking oblivious to the needs of others, which in a species based on social interaction, is sinful.

If we're going on a grand scale, I'd say overt sliminess. Just a sheer obvious disregard for other people - though for some groups, it's actually a beneficial quality.

On a personal level, I'd say again, obliviousness to the needs/desires of others. The first rule of becoming important is to make yourself irreplaceable by any means necessary. Ones inability to understand/take care of the needs of others means that you'll be ultimately left alone to your own devices without any ability to do anything.

Though, I'm rather A-moral and view the world from the perspective of a man who has and will continue to have to fight.


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Oct 1, 2012
Someone Depressing said:
They're egotistical. Honestly, there's nothing worse than an egotistical asshole who thinks they're king of the world.

Don't believe me?


Cockiness, being a judgmental asshole, and the love you shouldn't get for it.
Maybe for now...
But people grow up, and it's only a matter of time before those people who loved you will call you out, and shoot you down where you deserve it.
Preferably a punch to the crotch.

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Apr 19, 2012
Depends who they are.

If you're a housemate, inconsideration. If you cannot be empathic and have basic bloody manners, you're a shit person to live with. Do you leave all your plates and cups in the sink all day after you cook? You're an arsehole. Do you come back at 3 o'clock in the morning, bring your friends and party while your 4 other housemates are trying to sleep? You're an arsehole. Do you use other people's things, and not return them until asked? You're an arsehole.

If you're a friend, unreliability. Something is more disheartening than that one friend who constantly doesn't turn up to pre-arrange events, or just doesn't take part in things, because he constantly is off doing something else despite saying he would. After a few times, I just stop inviting them, because I am sick of planning for them to turn up and they just decide it's not worth it or whatever.

If you're a girlfriend, not being communicative. It doesn't matter what else is wrong, if you don't open your mouth and use your words, we can't solve it, and things will only get worse.


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May 14, 2014
WouldYouKindly said:
Willful ignorance. It's one thing to just not know any better. It's quite another to not know any better and be determined to never learn.
Agreed. There is nothing worse than having an argument with someone, armed with proven facts, and still having them handwave what you're saying because they know better.


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Jan 16, 2010
Willful ignorance, yeah.

Also...a related thing, when someone sees themselves as the measure of all things, so something is good when it is good for them, or someone like them, and bad when it is bad for them or someone like them, and can't or won't understand that people might experience things differently.


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Aug 2, 2008
Being short-tempered. Getting angry and aggressive over minor inconveniences strikes me as pathetic and makes me anxious (or oddly, angry) around those with a foul temper. I think the worst part is that it spreads and a minor confrontation can turn into a group of very angry, very loud people blustering at each other and squaring off. The worst part is that I can feel it affecting myself and I suddenly start to feel angry. It's not good.


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Apr 10, 2012
I get very disappointed in people who think anger, or rather acting through or because of anger, is ever justified. I mean, we all feel angry sometimes but you don't need to act on it.

If people do flip out but are contrite then I'm quite forgiving; it's alright to make a mistake, you know?

A distant second would be being dull.


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May 21, 2010
When people don't listen, when people are so set in stone in their way of thinking, that they are unable to even humor a difference in opinion. That being said, everyone has terrible traits, so I may be willing to befriend some people with less than savory traits, my rule for that being to give it a shot, provided their negative traits aren't glaringly harmful to me. (i.e., as a male, being friends with a womanizer or someone who doesn't quite respect women/doesn't realize they're disrespecting them, provided they have other personality traits and interests that are in line with mine and don't repulse me, I'd be willing to be friends with them, but I just wouldn't bring them within 50 feet of a female).

Also, I guess this is an extension of what I said before, but when a person argues something they don't know the whole story on, as if they do, and are resistant to being proven wrong, even with facts/statistics(basically, arguing your feelings in place of an actual argument). I think we are all guilty of this from time to time, however, depending on the amount interest we have vested in the topic, as no one is going to become an expert on every single topic they will ever discuss, prior to discussing it, so I can be a little lenient with this as well.

Edit: Also, hating a person for a single trait, i.e., reducing a person into single pin-point negative trait, and using that as a means to speak of them as if they aren't human. That bugs me quite a bit, as it would just be a guessing game with someone like that as to when we would come to a difference in opinions/values, and they wouldn't hesitate to ignore me as a person and reduce me to whatever thing it is they hate about me and toss me aside. I'd rather not be involved with someone like that.