What Would Commander Shepard Do???


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Jun 8, 2009
Mr.K. said:
Reapers haven't done shit in the ME universe sofar, I say sip a glass of lemonade and give them a chance, maybe all they wanted all along is cuddle.
Gigantic space dreadnought cuddles are probably less fun than they sound.


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May 26, 2009
Kahunaburger said:
My favorite store is under attack? Where's my shotgun?
Favourite stores*

Don't you remember?

And i think most of the point in 3 is that Earth is getting attacked. Good thing i'm a colonist and don't have to give a crap. :D


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Oct 26, 2009
teebeeohh said:
Littlee300 said:
teebeeohh said:
sry but stupid question, of the reapers get the citadel everyone is finished, even if the reapers are all killed in the battle for earth humanity is still screwed. If on the other hand the reapers are massing a huge fleet in a system that allows you to jump to the asari, salarian and turian homeworlds i will dismiss that claim.
or not, my shepard is rather nice and would not sacrifice three species just to say "i told you so"
You have no proof that Earth is totally dependent on the citadel and you can ruin someone else's fun trying to make yourself seem better.
earth would be cut of from the rest of the universe and is most likely overpopulated and not able to support itself anymore, even if you account for colonizing mars and whatever plant is in range of normal engines. No shepard would have a choice given that situation.

Besides my fun is being ruined by being incorrect concerning the perimeters of a fictional universe.
There is a easy solution to that. Just allow one or two children per pair of parents.

Ghengis John

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Dec 16, 2007
marfin_ said:
So here is the setting....
You are playing Mass Effect 3 and you find out that the Citadel is under attack by the Reapers and you get an incoming call from the Council asking for your immediate assistance.
Naturally I save them yet again. As is my weekly custom. Making sure, however, to stamp their frequent savings card, no doubt filling them with some measure of pride as they work ever closer towards their "Free sub!" sandwich.


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Jul 16, 2009
My first instinct was to save them because I'm usually a good guy in Mass Effect.... but you know what? I've already saved them once.

So no, screw those pricks.

"Sorry, have you got any really hard evidence of these reapers? No we've already decided that a fleet of them flat out assaulting the citadel and shooting people dead isn't real proof... now are you sure you're not just going insane because of the fight against these geth? No you really are sure these are Reapers?

Well fuck you, I don't have the equipment to deal with them. Equipment that I repetedly asked you for."

However that is what commander Shepard would do, and I will be stuck with what the designers will let me do, which will be a boring black and white, good and evil choice between 'saveing counsil and everyone's happy' ending, or a 'let the stuck up wankers fall into the grave they slowly dug themselves at my expense and watch as an evil human empire takes over the galaxy' ending.

Or at least, that's what I'm expecting. I am really, really hoping that I'm wrong.


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Oct 6, 2009
Turian Councilman: "The Reapers are attacking!"
ME: "Who's attacking?"
TC: "The Reapers!"
ME: "Who was that? Comms are messed up."
ME: "One more time?"

I would then go save the council so I could continue to rub it in his face.


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Oct 26, 2008
Burnt Toast said:
"Sorry, I'm getting a lot of bullshit on this line"
HAHAHAHAHAHA... But seriously yeh I wouldn't give a crap about the Council... They never believe how super serious you are until its too late and then we've all seen even when you would save them in that situation they would just spit in your face, never call you again, leave you for dead and push you away when you come up out of the blue and ask for some workers comp or your title back.

But they can't do that because you're working for a company that DID save you life (so no bones about what they stand for you owe them a buttload of overtime).

Yeh Council get fucked!... We'd get more shit done without you and your red tape anyway.

That's why we have Renegade options!

Booze Zombie

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Dec 8, 2007
Considering they ignored every suggestion that the Reapers exist? Finish laughing at the irony and then run off to help them.


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May 28, 2008
Completely disregarding the Council and all their actions towards Shepard (seeing as they're just politicians when you get down to it) i'd save them.

For one thing, sure, they're pretty ineffectual and given to self-delusion, but we know they are, so we know what they're likely to do. If they die, a new trio of ineffectual-and-given-to-selfdelusion politicians will be appointed, ones who might not be as generally ok with humanity and Shepard. Think of the new council if you killed the original one in mass effect 2 -they refuse to give you a meeting even with Anderson as councilor.This is of course assuming the reapers dont horribly murder us all, of course.

Also, the Citadel is home to millions of people who have been misled about the reapers existing, and dont really have any say in how the councilors behave. Wouldn't be right letting them all die just to get revenge on three politicians being politicians.

Finally, as someone already said, the citadel itself needs to be saved whether the people on it have pissed Shepard off personally or not. Huge strategic value, etc.

So yeah. I'd save them a second time, but i'd probably be pretty smug about it :)


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Jun 29, 2011
hmmm... I think (after a minutes thought) that I'd tell them to lockdown while I go to tuchunka, get wrex and the other urdnots, and have a truly epic battle. Unless its a space battle ,then just let joker handle it.


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Jan 19, 2010
None of my Shepards would go out of their way to save the Council (again). If a loss at the Citadel would be a devastation to the resistance against the Reapers, then I would go there and fight. But seriously, the Council had their chances to listen.

I'm actually more sympathetic to Cerberus after my last run through both of the games. They are still evil for all their "rogue" research bases, but at least they are doing something about the impending invasion (unlike the Alliance and the Council).

If the station has been evacuated except for the Council, then I wouldn't bother with it. If the entire regular population is still on the station, then I'd save those people...and lock the Council members in a room. Then I'd come back a few days later and give the Huskified Council members a biotic charge and shotgun combo. Take that, Councilman Airquotes. Even my Paragon Shepards are done saving the Council.


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Feb 7, 2010
AdumbroDeus said:
1. It's multiple visions, all of which are proven to be tied to promethian technology and backed up as legitimate by an expert in the field.

3. The geth memory core is certainly hard evidence.

4. Minimal? Really? Sovereign's attack certainly provided significant evidence it, it was nothing like any geth design and was obviously far more advanced then anything anyone else had.
1.) Visions. How can you prove those are real visions & messages and not Shepard hallucinating & being crazy? Plus the "expert" is only like 22 by Asari standards and she could have been paid off.

2.) What are you referring to? Curious, as I can't see what you're pointing at.

3.) You can't prove it's a Reaper, you can only prove that it was a pretty advanced ship.


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Jun 17, 2009
Littlee300 said:
There is a easy solution to that. Just allow one or two children per pair of parents.
except that the earth is already overpopulated and you would have to actively shoot people.
Then again the earth was just invaded by reapers but those guys are more likely to take prisoners than to kill billions of people.