Who is the worst Final Fantasy character ever?


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Nov 11, 2008
I love how people ***** about Snow when the attitude he shows is pretty much the same attitude you show through the protagonist in almost every game you play. I also liked Hope because even though he was a bit whiny and annoying, at least he was more realistic then most kids in games. Seriously, if you saw your mother die thanks to the actions of an asshat then forced to be an outcast destined to destroy the world, you'd probably be a bit pissy too.

Gameplay wise - Tifa and Zell because I played VII & VIII on a PC and their limit breaks were a ***** on a keyboard. Quina is a close second as I've never liked Blue Magic.

Character/Story-wise - Vaan. Useless piece of baggage who contributes F'all to the story or game.

Con Carne

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Nov 12, 2009
LittleBlondeGoth said:
Con Carne said:
I can understand Yuffie's reasons for going out into the world. I just think I would have liked her better if she was a more mature character and not such a knucklehead. (Nyuk-nyuk)
Honestly, I hated the fact that Squenix made you actually put in a little effort to get Yuffie
(playing childish reverse psychology head games to get her to join your party) She is an overly annoying character, and for me useless.
It was for the same reasons that I didn't like Rikku. (Minus the stupid stuff you had to do to get her.)

Vincent is through and through, a bad ass. Sadly he's a character who didn't get the spot light he deserves and most definitely didn't get a worthy spin-off game. Dirge of Cerberus should have played more like Devil may Cry (For the gun-toting battles) and God of War for when you transform into one of Vincent's many monster forms. (In your face brutality mode. While giving each form their own fighting style)
A man after my own heart - I would have killed for a game like you've just described, since DoC could have been so much better than it was. Didn't stop me playing it of course. It could have stabbed me in the face with a rusty spork every five minutes and I'd still have played it, just because it had Vincent as the lead. Actually there are times when I think it did... But what I discovered actually works better is when you find a guy on YouTube who has uploaded all the cutscenes in order and sit down for a couple of hours and watch them. It plays a lot better as a movie. :p

I'm with you on Rikku, I reckon. I didn't use her much aside from when I really had to. Spoony hit the nail on the head there - she wants to stop Yuna from dying against Sin, so why keep trying to blow her up with rockets? She was most definitely squeaky. But Tidus' cringworthy laughing was worse. :)

Now Auron, he was freaking nails.
That I will undoubtedly agree with you on. Auron is a hell of a character.
I'm noticing that every time I reply, I think of another character, who I can't stand. This time around, is Selphie. She's the anti-personality in FF8. Everyone is depressed or full of angst and there she is just standing out and pissing everyone off. Kinda like when you go to a 7-11 and get a big gulp. You decide to make a suicide (for those of you who don't know, it's when you mix all the flavors together.) Somewhere along the line, you think "Hey! Dr. Pepper is made with 23 flavors or something. There's no way it can't be good inside of this tasty beverage concoction." So you proceed to add a splash of Dr. Pepper and follow up with 4 other kinds of soda. You pop your straw into the cup and take your first sip all the while you're expecting a plethora of delicious flavor and all you taste is Dr. Pepper. Leaving you, disappointed, confused and pissed off. Dr. Pepper (Selphie) stands out above the rest. You wanted it to compliment the overall experience not stand out and make its presence known above all else. Now that I think about it, that pretty much sums up Yuffie, Selphie and Rikku.


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Jun 22, 2011
Seymour from Final Fantasy X! I really can't stand those who manipulate others in the way he manipulated Yuna. He was a bit of a smarmy git really, and he just wouldn't go away.

Most of the kooky girls have their moments, too... Selphie, Penelo, and Vanille.