Will Grief for Laughs


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Jun 20, 2008
I have taken Griefing to the next level.

Personally, I hate doing it, but I have to teach those people who camp meeting stones lessons, whenever im killed at a stone for my Daily Heroic, I get so angry. The Next day, I go to Dalaran, and I recruit 40 people into a raid to just camp the stone, Killing the opposite faction for 5 - 6 hours before i have to do my raid, but before i go to a raid, i make sure to pass leader so that they can carry on the noble work, log into my opposite faction character and actually announce "The reason the *Faction* Cannot do their daily quest, is cause of *insert those who camped the stone*" just to alienate them, and then I say "The next time im killed at a meeting stone just trying to do my quest, i will do this again and prevent you from your badges!"

So far, it's actually worked, 6 days in a row, i was able to walk up to Horde at the stones, and dance infront of them, and they just run into their instance.


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May 16, 2009
griefers are people who want to cause people problems due to some sort of warped sense of importantness as if they tried to get attention this way in real life they would get a punch in the face.

Also normally the reason they are griefing are due to them struggling to keep up with the good players ingame so they get bored but instead of looking for another game they just start griefing.

But due to this the best thing is to grief them back as me and some an a ex clan of mine set up a anti-griefing team who went round counterstrike servers on a busy weekend griefing griefers.By shooting them everytime they tried to pull out a grenade or by knife them everytime they spawned.

It worked a treat they were leaving left,right and center we even started chasing the worse offenders through the servers.