Wizard of Oz Plus Left 4 Dead Equals Awesome

John Funk

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Dec 20, 2005
Wizard of Oz Plus Left 4 Dead Equals Awesome

If Dorothy, the Tin Man and the rest killed zombies instead of fighting winged monkeys, it might look something like this.

New takes on Russ Frushtick puts it [http://www.amazon.com/Wizard-70th-Anniversary-Two-Disc-Special/dp/B002DYYGQK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1278534921&sr=1-1], it makes perfect sense in hindsight:

Four individuals (and a dog) with little in common are thrown together by fate and must work together, overcoming challenge after challenge in their way, in order to survive. It's practically the same story, only one group doesn't get a Good Witch to help them out and one group needs to deal with magical poppy fields.

Okay, maybe it isn't the same story at all, but wouldn't it be badass if it were?

The Left 4 Oz image you see here to the right was created for on SuperPunch [http://www.conceptart.org/forums/]. While some of the other entries are cool, none of them are Left 4 Dead which automatically makes this one the coolest of them all.

What I like the most about the mock poster is how effectively it apes the style of Valve's actual Left 4 Dead campaign images. You have the four Survivors standing together in cool poses holding their various weapons, you have the cheesy-yet-awesome campaign title ("The Road," in this case) and an equally cheesy-yet-awesome one-liner catch-phrase.

Seeing as how two of the Left 4 Oz Survivors are using melee weapons - the Tin Man's wood axe and the Scarecrow's pitchfork - this game would clearly be using the L4D2 engine, which makes me wonder what sort of Uncommon Infected this level would have. Zombie Munchkins could be cool, but they'd be a bit too much like the Jockey. Zombie Winged Monkeys, on the other hand? Is that a recipe for childhood terror or what?

I'd totally play this game. I really, really would. The only question in my mind is: Would all the original L4D fans hate Dorothy because she isn't their precious Zoey? I guess we'll (unfortunately) never know.

Dibs on playing as the Cowardly Lion.

(Via MTV Multiplayer [http://multiplayerblog.mtv.com/2010/04/14/wizard-of-oz-meets-left-4-dead/])



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Sep 4, 2008
shirin238 said:
Zombie flying monkeys.
Well I just found my new nightmare.
Says the guy with the American McGee Cheshire cat.

I would probably play that game. Scare me to death though.

Quiet Stranger

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Feb 4, 2006
I would love it!!! And we only hate Rochelle cause she sucks and has no personality and while zombies are invading all she cares about is her hair (stereotypical woman)

Southpaw Samurai

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Mar 2, 2010
Awesome poster.

Would Scarecrow and the Tin Man have much to fear from zombie-like creatures?

More importantly, would everyone else have secret doubts about Scarecrow given all his 'I wanna brain!' talk?


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Jan 13, 2009

EXT Yellow Brick Road. MORNING.

LION lifts gun to head screaming after seeing the bloodstained body of his munchkin best friend covered in monkey feathers. DOROTHY rushes to console him


Oh fuck Lion! What happened! Put that gun down!


Dorothy I don't have the courage to carry on down this Yellow Brick Shit!(Pauses) but I realize the only way to get some is to not blow out scarecrows heart and Tinmans Brain....And carry on

Prefarably with Samuel L Jackson playing the lion.


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Jul 14, 2009
Now that's epic! The tin man is "the terminator'

lol, just so awesome!


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Dec 11, 2009
That was freaking awesome. Screw the L4D characters, this is so much better. Zombie imps, all those witch guards, blast your way into the wizard's castle/skyscraper and go murder us a witch.

Ahh, to dream.


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Jan 11, 2009
I liked all the art in this contest but the "The Road" poster really stands out. "Awesome" is an understatement; would love to see some talented filmmakers put together a "trailer" for this "movie".