WWE 2K16 Will Not Include Hulk Hogan


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Nov 6, 2014
While I'm no fan of firing people for their beliefs, this doesn't really bother me at all. It's not like he was some random nobody working behind the scenes on some project who is valued only for skills, he's a fucking wrestler who makes absurd amounts of money on his name and public persona. This is just a case of "live by the sword, die by the sword".

As to how long ago it is and whether or not it was private, that doesn't really matter. It's not like WWE are some altruistic charity, they're a business, they're distancing themselves from him because there will be a negative PR situation regardless of whether or not he said it today or eight years ago. The same goes for whether it was public or private. While they really shouldn't have released the transcripts, people aren't going to just stick their fingers in their ears just because he didn't know he was being recorded. If some politician said in the privacy of their own home that they think Hitler was right and we ought to have a new holocaust, will you just shout "nope, doesn't count, he doesn't actually support Hitler because he didn't mean for us to hear it"? People are mad at him for being racist, and regardless of the ethics of recording someone without their permission, what he said is racist whether or not it was intended for public hearing.

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Don't you just love how they say "Offensive language and slurs" without ever saying exactly what was said? Thus allowing everyone to assume the worst, some kind of hate-filled screed, thus guaranteeing all the twitter trolls and the easily offended will riot when it could have been a stupid, out of context joke. But we can't know so we cant make a reasonable judgement.

I'm getting sick and tired of seeing things presented this way
To put your mind at ease, this is (one of) the thing that got his ass shitcanned.

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Its no all mexicans are rapists and murderers, but its definitely in the "this shit is racist as fuck" camp.

Thanks but i knew what he said. I'm just pissy about how this stuff is almost always reported in a way that never makes clear whether it was (as it was in this case) something real nasty or just a dumb remark
For me, this had the opposite effect; I actually assumed it was far more tame due to the never ending stream of people in recent memory who've been raked through the coals for remarks that aren't really that bad, and in some cases, aren't even racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic/whateverthefuckelsephobic. It was actually somewhat of a shock to see someone being pilloried for remarks that actually are rather detestable. Let's face it, its not like he made a slightly racist joke that people are now twisting to suit an agenda, he outright admitted to being racist and hating black people.

While he may have changed over eight years, I'm not inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one.

Although, on a related note, I do think it's rather ridiculous that the WWE are now scrubbing him out of their history. His actions seem like, at most, a reason to cease dealings with him, but removing him from their records just seems like an over reaction.