XCom Shooter is Alive and Kicking


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May 14, 2012
Ultratwinkie said:
See the problem? It wasn't MEANT to be an XCOM game. It wasn't MEANT to be tied into anything.

With the large development gap with a scattered development focus, we can safely see how this will fail. Just like Duke Nukem did.

The scrapping and turning it into a budget shooter should have shown that pretty well. Too many design changes makes any attempt at game development pointless. It will just end in an unintelligible mess like it always does.
Just because the game wasn't originally a game of the series and got a bit modified to suit it (and how heavily modified to suit it even more!) makes it instantly failing?
Oh, well, sorry Super Mario 2, you apparently were NOT a good game after all, which added a ton of characters to the franchise that everyone now considers part of it.
Sorry, Star Fox Adventures - apparently, you're now far worse than Assault.

Also, large developement-time isn't an idication for a bad game, either. Alan Wake to AGES to get done. Was still a great game. Black Mesa (A mod) also took almost a decade. Did it suck? Not really, at worst it only didn't live up to the original due the changes being all a step back.

Enemy Unknown was also quite some time in developement (apparently, they started shorty before they started this XCOM) did it hurt the game? Not the slightest!