Zelda Producer: We Have to be More Careful With Zelda's Artstyle

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Jun 3, 2013
I've already commented here, but I don't see why most of the people here are taking Aonuma's wording as "I hated the Wind Waker style!" Now, I will say, he should focus on making the game he and his team wants to make as opposed to what the fans think. He shouldn't be apologizing in any way, but I don't think he doing that with his statement in the first place.

Bottom line, Aonuma does not hate the Wind Waker style, he just understands what a new art style can do to Zelda fans. It's lame that some Zelda fans get angry when a new game is shown off that does not meet their specifications. It's annoying, but detractors are always the loudest, most Zelda fans dance with joy seeing a new Zelda game. Simply put, he wouldn't have remade Wind Waker if he hated the game, or its style. I'm really not following the logic a lot of people here are thinking.


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Mar 30, 2011
So long as the art style fits the story of the game, I'm down. I disliked the cel shading initially, but after I actually got around to playing the game, I consider it perfect for the nature of the game. Twilight Princess had a darker story literally involving light/dark (well, twilight) and the art direction worked. I still think coming out of Ordon and seeing the Wall of Twilight is one of my favorite moments in Zelda gaming. Skyward Sword was a little too bright at times, but I thought their method of getting around the draw distance was ingenious.