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    Bought another 360 just to play Lost Odyssey again

    I couldn't finish Blue Dragon. It irked me too much. Lost Odyssey is my favourite JRPG too - it just does everything right. Characters, story, mechanics. Everything about the game just felt right.
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    Nintendo Failures seem exaggerated

    Actually, that was exactly what I was talking about. Note that I mentioned "perceived size". The middle paragraph (the section you quoted) was an illustration of popular opinion; the ones around that show that I was, of course, talking about how people see the three companies, rather than how...
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    Nintendo Failures seem exaggerated

    I think it's more a relative size / diversity thing. Or rather, the perceived size. Microsoft loses a billion dollars on Xbox, they can easily take it and await future returns playing the longer game. Sony loses the same on Playstation, and they can sell off their (not very profitable) PC...
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    Update: Flappy Bird Creator Is Removing The Game From Stores

    Yeah, hundreds of thousands of dollars for just 3 days work is awful. I'd hate to be making so little ... As for the game itself, the Forbes article has been updated : Looks like the basic idea & gameplay were stolen too!
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    Being picky about the food we eat... (Kitchen Nightmare Related)

    Do you have a citation for this? Everything I've seen suggests that this is a myth; cooking vegetables in the microwave loses less than boiling, in that what the microwave essentially does is closer to steaming them, whereas when boiled, nutrients will seep out into the water. Naturally...
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    Pachter: Disc-Free Xbox One Would Be "Dumb Dumb Dumb"

    It's ridiculous, isn't it? He could say the sky was up and I'd have trouble buying it. Him saying this is a dumb idea suddenly makes me want a discless xbox one, even though games on discs have always been cheaper than through console digital stores ...
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    Nintendo CEO Taking Huge Pay Reduction Due to the Wii U

    It's a sad state of affairs, but most of what you mentioned wouldn't cause under performance. Some of the worst offenders when it comes to annualized games that nickle-and-dime their players for DLC on top of $60 price tags end up being those that make the most money, and therefore result in a...
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    Report: Amazon Android Console Set to Launch This Year

    I'm sure there's a lot smarter people than me at Amazon, and they have a definite plan etc, but there is no way on earth I would ever spend that much on an Android console. Considering there'll almost certainly be a plethora of bug-riddled shovelware that will eclipse any diamonds in the...
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    Comment Sections: Well this one dies in that certain book and will happen in series, Me: You idiot!!

    I'd say a lot of it depends on context. If talking about an interpretation in another medium (ie, the OP examples), then spoiling is just awful. But I've also seen people complain about spoilers from an episode of a TV show inside a thread talking about that very episode...
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    Satisfying moments in retro games

    Interestingly enough, I've found the opposite. For the most part, replaying old games has made me much more thankful of what we have now. While I did have a huge amount of fun going back to Grim Fandango, playing other P&C games like Sam and Max just leaves me feel annoyed, because I end up...
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    SimCity Goes Offline With Official Update

    Finally! Now I might actually buy it. I'm hoping that this will also increase the maximum size of a city - I would imagine the reason for the current tiny restriction is because of the online requirement, so without that maybe we can make huge sprawling cities again
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    Zynga Founder Mark Pincus Is Bored With Games

    I would advise against that - With Zynga's track record, all they'll do is rip off KSP, making a dumbed down clone repackaged for mass market, with microtransactions up the wazoo. I wish I was over exaggerating, but it's basically their business model. Making something like KSP is best left to...
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    Reuters: US Consumers Prefer PS4

    I'm more surprised that 27% of the under-40s want the X1 - given that it's a lot more expensive, due to a peripheral no-one really wants (Given by sales figures for the Kinect 1), and that's even ignoring the massive PR problems caused by always online / restricted used games etc etc...
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    Microsoft Is Playing Halo 4 On Windows Phones

    From the article : By the looks of things, I would guess that this will be available to PCs, Surface-tablets, Windows Phones, and Xbox One. An interesting idea if it goes anywhere, but as this is still at the "Internal Demo" stage, I'm not going to get excited just yet. There's the real...
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    Valve Reveals SteamOS

    Well, this box will be able to natively run any game that can run on Linux. And by "any", I mean both of them. Interesting idea, but basically flawed. If enough things could run on Linux, then maybe. But after the results of my previous attempt to use Linux went badly, and the fact that I...