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    The Crownless King-to-Be of Late Night TV

    This is a fascinating breakdown of a corner of the culture that I ultimately know nothing about.
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    Jimquisition: The Adblock Episode

    This video spoke to me. I want to support The Escapist, I want to support everything I like. So i unblocked the ads and came back. The ads on this site autoplay at high volume and slow down my computer to the point where it froze up and I couldn't mute it and it woke up my housemates...
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    Jimquisition: Joy Begets Anger

    Dragon Age 2 really was a top tier game. And mass Effect 3 was perfect until the last 20 minutes. 20 minutes which were later salvaged and fixed in a free update a short time later. Haters hate, nothing more to be said.
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    Report: Sega Interested in Buying Atlus

    Whatever happened to the OgreBattle series? I loved those games.
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    Xbox One's Reputation System Locks Harassers Into Their Own Hell

    ... Yeah I'm still not shelling out for this system until or unless they drop the Kinect requirement.
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    PS4 Originally $499, Included Camera Peripheral

    I'm really annoyed that Microsoft is still sticking by the Kinect. If it were optional, I would buy an Xbone.
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    Economist Says Xbox One is Too Expensive

    They're seriously using the Kinect as a defense for the pricepoint? The Kinect requirement is exactly why I'm NOT buying the console!
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    Poll: "Heartbroken" Microsoft Employee Explains How Family Sharing Would Have Worked Eugh. I feel like I'm reading propaganda. And I probably am. Used games aren't killing publishers, publishers are killing publishers. Exorbitant budgets and inflated dev teams on AAA games are killing...
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    Bioshock Writer Fed Up With Industry

    Well, I admit I haven't played The Old Republic, but nobody can bat a thousand forever.
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    Bioshock Writer Fed Up With Industry

    I feel like i can just namedrop Bioware and win this argument, but someone probably already has.
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    Electronic Arts Repeats as "Worst Company in America"

    Why is Mass Effect 3 cited as a game with no post-release support? Bi-monthly free DLC isn't enough?
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    Aleens: Coloneeal Mareens

    People need to stop calling Bioware games bad in places where I can read it. I'm starting to take it personally.
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    Ubisoft Says Gamers Just Don't Understand The Wii U

    What kind of stupid argument is this to make?? If we don't understand it, that is absolutely Nintendo's fault.
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    Could You Date A Transexual?

    Poor wording on my part. Fixed it.
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    Could You Date A Transexual?

    These are fascinating reads, but with exceptions made for the initial paragraphs, they say little I wasn't already exposed to. Also, if you don't mind me being a stickler about it, I don't see how this contradicts me or makes transsexuality more legitimate. In the first article, the changes to...