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    Fire Emblem: Echoes Gets $44 DLC Season Pass

    So the first 2 packs are extra dungeons + weapons, the 3rd gives you more classes, and the fourth is a prequel to the games story. I would of been interested in the 3rd and 4th packs, if they weren't announced before the games actually out. It just feels like you've cut out parts of the game...
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    #171: A Flash of Light

    I mean this is the series where the majority of games have you taking directions from crystals, I think they are way past logic here In reality though I think its more of a design choice then anything, FF7's world doesn't even have gods, just a living aether that flows though the planet. Also...
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    Report: Nintendo Delays NX Production to Add VR

    This does worry me. VR does seem to be the way video games are naturally going to progress ,and companies like microsoft and sony have already said they are working on VR compatibility with their consoles, but nintendo needed to develop a console that feels like a console. If its just an...
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    Judging By The Cover: Judging Street Fighter 2

    Well I've never heard anyone pronounce Ryu the same way I do, feels great to hear someone say it the wrong way.
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    The boys club

    Ive recently finished university having done a sound design course. Its a film related course so we did spend a lot of the time working with other course of a similar nature, and like your course there was a quite sever gap between boy girl numbers. From my experience, working on any film, your...
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    Beware: Windows 10 May Update Windows 7-8 While You Are AFK - Update

    Yup this happened to me, I left my pc on while I was at work and I came back to find it mid way through the windows 10 upgrade. After rolling back it tried to do it again when I left my pc for a short while, lucky it came up with a prompt saying "Upgrade will start in 60 mins" and I was able to...
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    Good Bad Flicks: WTF Are You Doing Blumhouse?

    A final jump scare at the end of a film always annoys me. Theres no skill in it, just one loud noise and a face going "boo". I guess it does its job though, but I have to agree that a lot of horror films do a better job without that final scare
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    Nintendo Announces Fire Emblem Fates 3DS XL, Game Not Included

    Im curious to see if this is just Nintendo of America, they did the same thing with Majoras Mask and Nintendo UK ended up realising the game with the special edition console. Regardless its stupid, why not make the console a little more expensive and include the game, Fire Emblem Fates is...
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    Final Fantasy VI Hits Steam Next Week

    And people wonder why im worried about FF7 being remade. Any other port of FF6 would have been fine, but Square decides to port the most broken version out there with the worst sprites and interface.
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    Steam Database Leak Reveals FFX/X-2 PC Release, Half-Life 3

    Half Life 3? I swear they have the words Half Life 3 everywhere just to troll people who go looking through their data bases. FFX/X2, would be a great if they could port that to the pc, I mean I dont like the games, but I feel as though a PC port of them is well over due Apart from that there...
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    Nintendo Teases "Big" Announcement For Monday

    I doubt it would be the new console, just because there are still some key titles still coming out for the wii u up until mid 2016, I think thats when it will be announced. Still I wouldnt be surprised if it is as now would be a good time to drop the wii u's price down because of christmas...
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    Games you can't win (Spoilers within)

    Spec Ops: The Line Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core
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    Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Will Have Region-Locked Online Play

    And this game essentially became worthless. It really does seem like every good move they make, Nintendo has to offset it by doing something entirely pointless and damaging to their company
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    Should offensive opinions be censored from discussion?

    Censorship of opinions is, has and always will be wrong, everybody should be able to say what they want to say without fear of being hushed up. Being offended can take many different forms. People can get offended over nothing, so saying you cant say something, just because it might offended...
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    What does the escapist think of Totalbiscuit?

    I find him one of the better gaming Youtubers, I don?t always agree with him but he explains his argument, is willing to talk about a topic rather than shout it at you, and he brings up mistakes he made in the past (to a certain exstent). Yes he can be elitist and confrontational in some of his...