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    Suddenly, Skeletons

    Your greatest comic yet.
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    Favorite handheld games

    Final Fantasy: Dissidia was really fun, and shining soul II was a guilty pleasure, but I think the prize of favorite handheld game goes to Golden Sun or its sequel. War of the Lions was an excellent game and would have been my favorite if it were remade for the handheld console crowd instead...
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    The Complete Bastard's Guide To Journalism

    For a second there, i thought that the cat was Kyubey from PMMM. It kinda makes sense, too.
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    Conflict of Interest

    The worst part is he'll be expecting her to bite his head off after the deed is done. Mating rituals are so weird.
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    Submit Your Questions for the Upcoming Miracle of Sound Q&A!

    I hope you get well soon Gavin!
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    What's YOUR reputation on the Escapist?

    Man, I have no clue.
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    Jimquisition: Thank God For Me: The Jimquisition Story

    Jim Sterling: the man with a dragon dong. Jim Sterling is probably half dragon for all we know.
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    EA Turns Its Back on Single-Player Games

    I say i'm feeling pretty optimistic about this, at where Dragon Age 3 is concerned. Neverwinter Nights had a multiplayer aspect. Who's to say that Dragon Age 3 won't have such an aspect? Anyway, I'd feel bad if this policy extended to indie game developers. God knows how much help they need.
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    Poll: So, do you talk to yourself ?

    I do, but only to talk about how fluffy a tail is and how much I want to touch it.
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    The Atrocities of Your National Heritage... This is a Fun Thread! :D

    Us filipinos have no problem screwing over the lower class(as in people who are lower then us on the socio-economic rung). Also, we can be terribly racist. And look at all these children addicted to shoe glue!
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    Let's play the superpower lottery!

    Haemokinetic Combat! I can use my blood to punch people in the face! Woo~ Rerolled to get Sephirot Empowerment! The swiss army knife of super powers!
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    The most beatiful game character

    Ramza from FF: Tactics. That man has a heart that could melt fire.
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    Previewing Magic 2013

    I'm completely and utterly in love with Sublime Angel. Sublime angel + tons of tokens = fun stuff.
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    Excuse me...

    Excuse me while I call an Ambulance.
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    If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

    I'd aim for the back. He looks like he's choking on something.