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    Rumor: Sorry Folks, There Will be no DirectX 12 Support For Windows 7 - Update

    This is hardly surprising seeing as they are already holding DirectX 11.2 hostage to Win8.1. And there is not a technical reason for it, most of the few things needed to bring it to 7 were already implemented for Internet Explorer 11.
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    The Sims 4 Review - More BooHoo Than WooHoo

    Sims fans are used to the new game not including what was in the expansions. What is cheesing many off is that Sims 4 has far less than was in the Sims 3 and Sims 2 base games, and toddlers and pools being missing was more of a last straw than anything. Here is a short and incomplete list of...
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    Has PC always been ahead of console in all generation?

    IMO Gen 1 consoles were definately more powerful and fexible than the personal computers available at that time. Gen 2 consoles and personal computers were on a par, graphically the consoles were more powerful than most 80's personal computers, but the computers had a small edge in processing...
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    Rust, Steam, and Security Problems

    But it's wasn't a problem with Rust, It was a problem with the Anti Virus software. It's Kaspersky who need to get their ducks in a Row, not the Rust devs. While I certainly agree that running without antivirus is stupid, 9 out of 10 files that get flagged by Anti Virus for me are flagged...
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    The Most Anticipated Games Coming This Month

    Sims fans are cheesed at more than toddlers and pools. Here is a short list of they are complaining about 1) No more open world 2) Neighborhoods limited to about 25 plots, separated into 5 areas, separated by loading screens 3) No cars, not even as decorative objects 4) Sims go offscreen...
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    The Sims 4 Won't Have Pools, Toddlers

    Sims 4 is also limited to 3 floors and no basements (Sims 3 allows 5 above ground and 5 below). And they have included curved fences but somehow curved walls are not technically possible. 11 full expansions, (ie they added new gameplay, often of questionable quality) 9 "Stuff Packs" and 6 or...
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    Turing The Premises

    Well you could start by automatically binning stuff that mentions the University of Reading or Kevin Bloody Warrick. Brigam Young University is another with a history of stretching the truth. Or don't reprint them at all, or reprint only from sites that bother to do their research, like Techdirt.
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    Turing The Premises

    Ah, Kevin Bloody Warwick, an embarrassment to scientists in general, and cyberneticists and AI researchers in particular. And yet more proof (as if we needed any) that as long as you have tenure you can be barking mad and it doesn't matter. Remind me to continue encouraging prospective...
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    That's Fancy Rats, not hamsters, an important distinction, I'm sure you'll agree.
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    How Massive is Wolfenstein: The New Order?

    Hmm you seriously underestimate the size of both DOS and Amiga floppies, and you forget the Sinclair ZX Spectrum (Timex in the US). That had a massive library in the thousands of games, although there was a lot of overlap with the Commodore 64/128 and BBC Micro. EDIT: And massive overlap...
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    Origin Sale Takes a Jab at Steam

    Sorry, edited my post and you posted while I was doing so, here's what I wrote in the edit: Found it! It was the Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age origins and 2 DLC. If you had valid serial keys registered they got added to your old Bioware Social Network account. and for some reason they also...
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    Origin Sale Takes a Jab at Steam

    Dr Pepper? Last time I checked (which was a while ago) the DLC for Dragon Age and most of the DLC for Mass Effect 1 could be downloaded free from Bioware's site. You needed to sign up and register your CD keys and the links were buried in the forums EDIT: Just had another look and they...
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    Elite: Dangerous "Premium Beta" Access Costs $150

    It's certainly a cheap argument, but not necessarily disingenuous. How many of us have spent more on a new game then we really should have? How many of us have games we've never played, never mind completed because they were on sale in a bundle with something we wanted at a "too good to...
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    Elite: Dangerous "Premium Beta" Access Costs $150

    They listed on the stock exchange shortly after the Kickstarter []. While they don't have the ridiculous reserves of RSI they are not short of money. Many consider that the KickStarter was at very least partly to demonstrate to the...