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    LoadingReadyRun: That's No Moon

    I call shenanigans. In fact, I call super shenanigans. That couldn't possibly have been filmed in Spuzzum, the building in the background clearly has more than 3 floors.
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    Borderlands 2 comes out in one month. Who's buying it?

    That is a bad deal, if I do say so myself. Greenman Gaming has it for $50 right now, and currently has a 20% off coupon code (DERHE-RRDER-RINGE) that drops it down to 38. 38 is less than 45. This is the better deal, and you don't have to deal with dolling out bundled copies.
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    Valve Drops the Hammer On Infringing Dota 2 Mace

    How is it heavy-handed? The guy broke the terms of service agreement, he broke the contribution agreement and chances are when Valve contacted him to put the item into the game he either flat out lied to them, or lied by omission. He stole art assets from another company and submitted it...
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    Zero Punctuation: Prototype 2

    The Escapist Expo thing sounded interesting right up until the "North Carolina" part. It seems like if you're going to hold a convention it would probably be best not to hold it in a place that would automatically alienate a large portion of your audience.
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    The cover art for Elder Scrolls: Arena is embarassing.

    Contrary to what other people have said, it is not because of the size of the game. It is because the game was released in 1994 and DVDs were developed in 1995 and did not come into common usage until about 5 to 7 years later.
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    Feed Dump: Mullet Bandit and the Blondes

    Not quite, it is the Moonbase green-screen room, which doubles as prop/costume storage. It also serves as the desert-bus staging grounds.
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    Nyancat and Robot Unicorn Attack Now Live in Harmony

    While it seems like a good mashup, the actual execution is utterly horrible. The sprites are jittery, the controls are loose, the world generation and screen size has you constantly jumping blind, or unable to see pickups hovering over you. It is just a bad game all together. I'll keep my...
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    304: Where to Begin?

    Sorry, but you seem to be making the argument that if someone does not own every console made in the last 25+ years, that they are a "Casual gamer" If I, as a long time PC gamer (and everyone knows PC gamers are by default eighty times more hardcore than console gamers) wanted to reproduce...
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    304: Evolution, Not Deviation

    Your points on DA2 didn't really resonate with me. I don't mind that they wanted to change the combat system, the one in DA1 was utterly dreadful. I don't mind that they wanted a change of cast and setting, that is pretty normal for RPGs (including changing the main character). I don't even mind...
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    304: Play It Again

    Loved the article, I do enjoy that games are allowed to reinvent themselves in sequels in a way that just is not possible in movies or books. Having series defined by general mechanics and themes rather than a long form narrative is one way that games are distinctive from many other forms of...
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    304: Where to Begin?

    Something that bothers me is that sometimes even when everything is aligned to make jumping in easy, somehow it never really formulates. Imagine for example you're a Mac user who has been hearing of these Half-life games since 2000. Finally about a year ago Valve ports the Source Engine over to...
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    DLC for Dummies

    "DLC should be multiplayer-only." Sorry, what? There is nothing more gamebreaking than being on a server with your friends and then being booted from the game when maps change because you haven't dropped $15. Multiplayer DLC splits up the community. On the other hand DLC such as, well...
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    Daily Drop: Paratroopers

    The Daily Drop is not about breaking things, in fact some of the best drops have had little to no significant damage done to the objects (See: Koosh and Binder coils) The aim is to make awesome slow-motion videos. Sometimes things break, and that is awesome. Sometimes they don't break and...
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    Daily Drop: Mashed Potatoes

    Man you guys are a week late for Potato fools day :(
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    LoadingReadyRun: Bros Clubbing Bros

    Perhaps, but those videos were Matt/James and Morgan/Bill respectively. Maybe they have individually agreed that escalation was bad. However LRR still has a few more cast members to escalate! I'm holding out for escalation of the Paul/Kathleen robot/cat battle. It is not over until we have...