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    Twitch Plays Pokemon Starts Pokemon Emerald, Plays as a Girl

    I feel like they'll take a bit longer on Gen 3 just because Gen 3 has lots of backtracking and getting lost moments.
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    Poll: Do you listen to rap?

    Yes but the only rap songs I listen to are row row fight the power,soul eaters 3 ed song,and falling twards the sky. (if anyone could link these songs I'd be greatful)
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    THQ Bankruptcy Has Double Fine's Attention

    Double fine real talk, Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy. Sequel, remake, HD port. I don't care what, I just want it.
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    Where your avatar comes from

    A wild bear caught from the woods was sent to a secret genetic testing factory, where they experimented animal and human DNA to create the perfect killing machine. After 2 years a horrible accident occurred which resulted in giving a man the capabilities of a bear,falcon,and a robot martial arts...
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    boys have a penis girls have a vagina

    I had alot of free time on the computer when I was 13 so I looked it up on the human anatomy
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    Favortie love song.

    "And forever" from big o
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    Free Radical Co-Founder Cautions Against Kickstarter

    Kind of a kick-stopper
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    Sony Surprised by Developers' Lack of Interest in The Vita

    Strike 1:PSP Strike 2:PS vita I still like the PSP. It sells like hotcakes in japan while here it doesn't do as well. Maybe sony should ask "what games would people like on the PSP" rather then make a whole new hand held altogether.
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    Favorite Webcomic

    "Balls 2 that" I found funny at times
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    Can Americans Make Anime?

    I say yes because stuff like "megas xlr and Samurai Jack" were influence by anime, so avatar is the result of the anime-love. Even though anime was its strongest in the 90s and early 2000s it seems people still like it
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    Your fictional crushes

    I had a few of these when I was 10-12 Kagome(Inuyasha) Usagi(sailor moon) [can't remember]short blue haired girl (tenchi muyo) Lacus Clyne (gundam seed) Shana (shakugan no shana)
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    Gearbox Wonders Why People Aren't Ripping Off Borderlands

    Call of duty:FPS Borderlands:FPSRPG Its because making a generic FPS is easier then copying a shooter with RPG elements. Every little 10 year old would be more likely to shoot like a psycho then look for the stats on a gun. Children these day usually hack anything with an RPG element to...
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    Anime ending that disappointed you

    Well they did miss a chance to do one more tournament send off before ending, but maybe that was for the best. I'd rather it end as a good series rather than a series I wish would end already. Code Geass is a good example in that (well in my case) Naruto,bleach, the simpsons things need some...
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    Ninja Gaiden III Was a "Japanese Hamburger"

    I just blame Call of Duty
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    Zero Punctuation: Fez and I Am Alive

    Tales of Graces will keep you playing for a while. I hope Yahtzee doesn't review it, due to his hate for JRPGs.