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    Why do you hate Skyrim?

    I don't hate it, I just don't want to play it...or does that make me the same thing in your eyes?
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    Make a Great Game Sound Boring

    knights of the old republic is a fetch quest where you roleplay as a group of douchebags who have no idea what they're doing
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    Poll: What's wrong with piracy

    I just went to wikipedia. I concede and gg.
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    Poll: What's wrong with piracy

    well in the case of any recent FPS, copyright infringement can't apply because for copyright protection you need a "minimum amount of creativity" ^^ closer to the topic, it is copyright infringement. In Simpler and broader terms, it is closely approximated by stealing, effectively is...
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    Poll: What's wrong with piracy

    Trust me, you don't want to go down this route on this site. I've tried a billion times to explain that it's theft and no amount of logic, reasoning or evidence will silence the mass of idiots bleating that "it's not theft!" or "taking stuff that isn't yours isn't theft". Just goes to show how...
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    Poll: What's wrong with piracy

    sorry to torch your strawman but photocopying every page of a book and rebinding them is exactly the same. Also, there is a similar system with games, it's just that the rental price for a library is often £0 while a game which has had a much larger initial investment has a higher rental price.
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    Poll: What's wrong with piracy

    I see piracy as wrong. Unless there is no other reasonable way to get the content. Piracy is the theft of intellectual property. The awkward bit in my eyes is defining reasonable. In this I agree with extra credits in being unable to get the game in your country or the game being so old that...
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    Poll: Would you play an RPG that hides stats from the player?

    As a min/maxer with a maths fetish? No. As an interesting experience in trying to max hidden stats? Maybe. To the discussion about what an RPG is, in the video game world, the very mechanic of an upgrade system can be expressed as "RPG elements". What is an upgrade system if you don't know...
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    Why do people want to be immortal?

    I reply to your simple question with another simple question. Why would you want to stick around for longer than is polite?
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    My school has just crossed the line from 'Idiotic Logic' to 'Batshit Insanity'

    School is a godawful place to be and you will probably be glad when you leave. If you go to university, life is good but until then, do what I did: bash your head against the metaphorical brick wall of school logic which doesn't make any sense and be sure to point out EVERY SINGLE mistake the...
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    Alpha Protocol is $2 on Steam -- You Should Buy It

    £1.50? for what? a game? a game that will potentially keep me entertained for longer than the 3 litres of pepsi max that I could get for that price? really? I mean, I can get this RPG game, that emphasises RP more than almost any game you care to mention...for £1.50? come on, it's £1.50...
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    Are you a moral or immoral player online?

    The question I find myself asking, like others previously in the thread, "Am I a dick to people in the view of many people by being a 1337 sp34k1ng d1ckh34d" or "Do I enjoy playing a sneaky class like rogue in WoW, sniper in CoD style games or similar" The answer to the first is an emphatic...
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    You are going to be killed by the last weapon you used in a game. How are you feeling?

    dammit, now that I think about it the last game I played was oblivion so all I do is get shot. it would be so much more interested if I were to be killed by some hooligan with a portal gun D:
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    Trying to get into Doctor Who, failing...

    On the note of the best Doctor, I think it goes Smith > Tennant > Eccleston. However, Eccleston could be considered to have done the most work or played the most accurate Doctor due to what is thought to have happened in-between the 1989 ending with the 7th Doctor and the 2005 start with the 9th...
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    Trying to get into Doctor Who, failing...

    as someone who has watched all the episodes of new DR who, doctors 9, 10, 11, I would suggest starting either at series 1 or series 5. I really like Matt Smith's doctor and think he's the best thing since sliced bread. If you're starting at series 5, however, I would reccomend watching the two...