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    Koei Tecmo Confirms No Western Release for Dead or Alive Xtreme 3

    So by your logic, when people act like political assholes, I shouldn't use the term that describes political assholes? Gotcha. Neither can I. Let me know when you have something of substance to discuss.
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    Carrie Fisher Says Discontinuing "Slave Leia" Merchandise is "Stupid"

    Eh. I can't fault her reasoning. Sex sells, and some people are offended by that very concept...including Disney, who above all other media companies in existence, has the longest and "richest" history of white washing their products and company image. (try asking them about 'Song of the...
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    EA "Embarrassed" by How Good Its 2017 Releases Will Be

    EA, At this point, I've officially, personally borne witness to your fuckups for over 15 years now. (One more and this 'relationship' will be old enough to drive.) Of all game companies in that time (that are still around) yours is the absolute LAST to have a right to brag about the quality...
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    Geoff Keighley: Konami Banned Hideo Kojima From Accepting Any MGS V Awards

    I must say, the overt display of corporate nihilism is refreshingly honest. After so much wishy-washy politically oriented controversy, it's nice to see an issue where it's literally black and white. Now, I don't put ANY stock in any games awards program; so witnessing this sort of petty jab...
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    Project M has shut down, and no, it was not because of Nintendo.

    Well...going by the TPP argument, the root cause of the threat is still Nintendo. I want to say it's less insidious than the usual anti-consumer hooplah, but given how Nintendo has treated other fan-works (at best, as new streams of revenue they didn't fully earn) I just can't. I've been...
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    Popular Smash Bros. Mod "Project M" Immediately Halts Development

    The scary thing: Shit like this is tame compared to what Nintendo used to pull back in the 80s and early 90s, when they pretty much had a monopoly on popular gaming. Dictating to developers what they could or could not produce, and when they could publish, for starters. Their anti-modding...
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    Forget Wi-Fi, Newly Tested Li-Fi is 100 Times Faster

    ^Bah. Ninja'd. I remember IR communicators; they're nothing new. Even the old Game Boy Color had an IR communicator on it, but it was so crap that very few games used it. Given what I've learned about the EM spectrum and IR, I don't think changing the emitter to visible light is going to...
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    HuniePop Dev Offers $1 Million for Right to Publish Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 in US

    Even if it were a bad investment, a million bucks is pocket change at that scale of business. Hell, 1 million for localization of a franchise people may have actually heard of is a steal. I've seen far "niche-ier" titles do more with less (as in, "pre-order only" localization; EXTREMELY...
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    Album Turns Secret of Mana Soundtrack Into Lullabies

    Sounds like the Kenny G version of my favorite soundtrack. I have no right to complain though, having already fiddled around with remixes and instrumentation of the same score. Sax aside, it's still really good music.
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    Koei Tecmo Confirms No Western Release for Dead or Alive Xtreme 3

    EDIT: And having scouted around a bit, I see where all the SJW denialism is coming from now. Seems that Jim Sterling and Bob Chipman have been on the road proselytizing about "SJWs" again, or rather, trying to destroy the meaning of the term by attaching stigma to anyone that uses it...
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    Fallout 4 critic vs audience reviews for pc port.

    Sounds like they're still using that shitty old Gamebryo engine (or a modified/derivative version). Which at this point, just blows my fucking mind because they're partnered with id Software; literally some of THE BEST technical talent in the gaming industry. I get that making a new game...
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    DOAX3 officially not being localized for the west

    Meh. Even if the current toxic "progressive" political environment is to blame (it's not the only factor here; Japan's game industry is struggling to retain presence at all), I take solace in knowing that this likely won't become normal. Dead or Alive is a niche franchise to begin with, but...
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    Kevin Bacon Is Bringing Tremors Back to TV

    Geez. I was literally joking about Kevin Bacon, and remaking Tremors three days ago (on Sunday) with my friends. I seriously have to stop doing that.
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    Payday 2 Dev Apologizes for Microtransaction Debacle

    Yeah, I read that on the regular Steam forums, where I've been fighting shit-heel sophistry and MT apologists since Shitfest 15' started. As most folks (including the author, thank goodness) noted: Almir dodged the microtransaction issue entirely, AGAIN, choosing to focus on a bunch of other...
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    Probably historical context. I can't speak for anyone else, but when I think "blacklist", I'm thinking of things like the Hayes Code, RIAA, several Hollywood cabals, and the CCA. Where several if not all major players in the business would collectively ostracize another entity to exert...