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    Unforgotten Realms: Sir Schmoopy and the Philosopher's Shiny Rocks

    Is he allowed to use the Harry Potter song?
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    iPod Touch owners...Enlighten me!

    Why did you buy a touch now? A new one will be coming out in September, I'm sure.
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    Hackers Attack OFLC Website

    AI've been following this OFLC story for awhile thanks to Australian Gamer. I think this is the one thing America has a leg up on the rest of the world. Sure, we're fatter than the rest of you, but we can say and see whatever we feel like even if it's full of violence or hatred or sexuality...
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    Poll: Choose the name of my cat!!!

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    Congress taxing soda?

    That Splenda shit causes cancer; that's the shit that should be taxed. Not soda made from cane sugar. I hate Obama so much, I just hated Palin more.
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    Is Space Zelda a possibility?

    I don't understand people who say that franchises like the Legend of Zelda, Mario, and Metroid need to die. Take Zelda for instance. It's an adventure game with continually interesting spatial awareness puzzles. That's all. LoZ is just basically a brand name saying that "this game will be very...
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    These People Hate You!

    I would much rather play WoW than have sex with the annoying one. Hell, I'd rather mine for a few hours in Eve (the most boring activity in existence).
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    Should ethics restrain science?

    I'm studying bioengineering right now, and the leaps and bounds you have to go through to get any experiment allowing animals approved is incredibly difficult and annoying. Trust me when I say, ethics gets in the way of scientific progress, alot. Not to say that's a bad thing, but the red tape...
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    Busting Ghosts Now A Sony-Only Activity

    I don't ever want to buy a console again, with both of these companies being assholes to their opponents consumers. That's all it is, really. It's not hurting Microsoft that only the PS3 will have Ghostbusters for a while. Just those with a 360 who want to play it. Does Sony really think pulling...
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    Busting Ghosts Now A Sony-Only Activity

    Yay! America finally has a reason to feel superior again. Take that, rest of Earth! On a serious note, this is a really douche-y move. I've always despised console exclusives, and now third party developers are doing it, rather than first parties (like Nintendo) or second parties (like Rare)...
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    Poll: Left 4 Dead: Evil AI Director

    Ha, I remember I was playing vs once and I was the tank, and I had jumped onto the helicopter to knock out the other two guys in it, and at that moment, a hunter killed the only survivor outside the helicopter, allowing it to take off with me still inside. I don't think it was a very safe ride...
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    Gamestop - Just let me buy my game(s) in peace.

    Uggh. Why does it have to be a damned chain though? Why can't Mom and Pop sell games. Come to think of it, I've only seen one store in my day that sells games that isn't part of one of these chains.
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    Why are topics on religion allowed on The Escapist?

    A religion is a choice, and topics that "degenerate" religious people are "degenerating" a choice, not something a person is stuck with, such as race or gender.
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    Nintendo plan new Pokémon game - Likely a Gold/Silver remake

    You know what would be awesome? If in these remakes they made all of the original 251 catchable without traveling to California or New York. I can understand trading 'em, but really. Also, it would be awesome if they made the game really really hard to Gameshark.
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    Stardock CEO: Demigod Beats Piracy

    You're wrong. I pirate every single game I buy, because I don't feel like dealing with DRM. Instead, I purchase the games, leave them to sit in this cardboard box next to my bed gathering dust, and play the pirated version. I refuse to download Secucrap onto my computer, but at the same time...