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    Poll: So... Assassin's Creed Female protagonist leaked. No Multiplayer. Now do you care?

    Amazing. "We want more female protagonists!" Here do you have one. "Stop exploiting our demands for more female protagonists!" Besides, it is totaly stupid to shame a company for catering to consumer demands. Glorious article.
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    Get Your First Look at Supergirl With This 6-Minute Teaser

    Or if you actually cannot understand that the internet as a unified voice does not exist and instead consists of millions of people with millions of opinions, the blame might be on you. It's really simple: You cannot satisfy everyone, so naturally there will always be poeple who do not like...
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    Poll: Do games need beefier women?

    Yeah, the Editor of Dragon's Dogma is awesome. Very underappreciated game.
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    Mentally challenged characters in video games.

    I think you in Neverwinter Nights playing with less than 4 Intelligence makes your character lose his ability to speak properly.
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    Is This Clip Sexist?

    Well, if thought the conversation was funny. And the two charcaters obviously know each other. It would probably be different if they were strangers, then the guy would come across, akward I guess? Context matters and all that.
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    Secret of Mana: A Good Game With The Great Cut Out

    Man, I didn't know about all the cut content. All in all I have to agree with the article. SoM was my second SNES-RPG (the first was Illusion of Gaia) and I loved it. Its story and charcters however are kinds lackluster. Still, if you can find some friends to play it in co-op, it's a blast. Oh...
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    Must see Sci Fi Horror films?

    In the Mouth of Madness is awesome, but not really Sci-Fi. Still recommended!
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    Video Game Length (And The Order's Length of Play)

    Hmm, 5h is short, no doubt about that, but thats hardly new, especially for Actiongames. I mean, how long did it take to finish Contra on the SNES? 2h? 3h? Despite what many people seem to think, I don't feel that game have gotten considerably shorter in recent years. When I have a choice...
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    Favorite 'Hey, it's that guy!' actor?

    Robert Picardo a.k.a. the Doctor-Hologram from Star Trek. Everytime he is in something, it usually makes the ting he is in better.
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    Death of the Author

    Hmm, of couse an author can have a very specific messsage in mind while writing a story. Nonetheless every reader might interpret the story differently, as every reader has a slightly different social background, knowledge, upbringing etc. Reading something into a story that the author did not...
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    Any archers/bowmen here? What do you think about this?

    Ok, I have no ideo about archery and bows. But: Marvel should hire this guy to finally make Hawkeye at least look really awesome.
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    Autumn, a game about rape

    Hmm I myself am not exactly interedted, but I do find it... "strange" (to put it politely) that some people are even quetioning the existence of the game in the first place? Since when do games or art need a justification to exist? people feel the need to make this game, some people will...
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    Great Games...That Did Not Age Well (For You).

    From a graphical standpoint almost everything 3D of the early N64 and PS1 games. Gameplaywise, hmmm, I still like FF VII and FF VIII, but man, the summons take so f*cking long, it almost takes away all the fun. And then there is Morrowind. Don't get me wrong, TES3 ist still vastly superior to...
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    Ghost in the Shell Casting Shows We Need More Than White Feminism

    Well, first things first, I have zero problems with Johansen starring Ghost in the Shell. I do however understand that for diversitys sake and in this case the sake of a faithful adaptation some people would like the movie to feature asian actors. And I don't disagree with that, I would still...