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    Press Release - Watch the Teaser Trailer for The Protagonist

    This game looks like a worse Invisible Inc.
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    Movie Fight Scenes

    Why you recycling something that is 4 years old article?
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    Why no Third person game today ever come close to Max Payne 1 and Mafia 1?

    Rose tinted glasses would make any mediocre old game look great
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    Bandai Namco Delays Launch of Get Even in Response to Manchester Terrorist Attack

    If someone's first response to an article of a terrorist attack delaying a game was a mild annoyance of inconvenience with"That's a bummer. Guess I'm back to Dark Souls for another month." Pretty sure that's a hell of a lot more dickish response than someone pointing that out.
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    Overwatch Has Earned Over a Billion Dollars Since it Launched in May

    Yes, OW needs more funding from loot boxes, because this small indie company is struggling to produce 3 maps and 3 characters per year with the $1 billion budget. Hookers and blow do not come cheap.
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    Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition Now Available on Steam, and Owners of the Original Get it Free

    Go and get it on GoG or contact THQ customer services. Also unless you're on Linux, Windows and mac os are practically DRM
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    Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition Now Available on Steam, and Owners of the Original Get it Free

    Grim Dawn sure looks like it practically took assets from TQ, the gfx are seriously outdated with various shades of brown filters permanently on.
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    The Raid: Redemption Remake Loses Star, Director, and Studio

    Is it weird to say The Raid was kinda inspired by the late great Bruce Lee's unfinished project The game of death?
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    Enjoying The Witcher 3? Have Some Free DLC

    It's less each patch making his potato getting worse and worse in performance, his potato is just getting mouldy and rotten
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    Lucasfilm Confirms: A New Indiana Jones is On The Horizon

    Lock your doors, hide your fridges. Lucasfilm is after your chilled goods again
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    Escapist Podcast: Bonus: Game of Thronescast, Start of Season 5

    I think people call Cersei "above average intelligence lacks any wisdom"
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    Seriously... Why Does Nobody Talk About Terranigma !?

    #JRPGs Arent RPGs Cos you never role play in any of those games, all you are doing is pushing a bunch of melodramatic teens from one scene to another, less role playing more japanese adventure time
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    Modders Create Skyrim Shrine for Fallen Gamer

    Why is less than a month in quotations? Didnt Borderlands 2 do something similar as well with a fan who passed away?
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    John McAfee Says he Knows Who Hacked Sony, And It's Not North Korea

    Totally agree. The same country went to war against a certain middle eastern country when the CIA 100% certain that country had WMDs. A very much all or nothing attitude
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    Stormtrooper Armor May Have Saved Charity Cosplayer's Life

    They should rename the title of the article to "Idiot nearly got killed from deciding to approach a "dead" snake"