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    Nintendo Confirms Wii U Production Ending Soon

    I'm really confused. Wasn't it only a couple of days ago that Nintendo "squashed" the rumor and has not plans to discontinue Wii U production? Or am I genuinely having a stroke here... do I smell burnt toast.
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    You'll Have to Wait Till January 12 For More Nintendo Switch Info

    Nintendo's marketing strategy: 1. Allow pure speculation to run rampant for a year. 2. Put together a big press conference 3. Release disappointing commercial for product 4. Watch stock prices fall 5. Do nothing to break public opinion free fall GENIUS!
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    If You Have Skyrim PC Saves that Use Mods, They Won't Work With the Special Edition

    This article is a it off base. Any mod that changes scripted events will most likely break the game. But most mods do not do this. Most mods can be cleanly removed and with some fiddling you can easily make them work again. I did it today using these steps: 1. Start Skyrim Vanilla 2. In...
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    Nintendo: No More Switch Info Regarding Titles, Spec, Region Lock This Year

    Sounds like a reason not to give a shit about it presently. What is even the point of releasing anything if you aren't going to release basic information such as specs and some potential release titles. How excited can people get of an ad that doesn't tell you anything. If I see a...
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    Here's What it Will Cost You to Rent a Private Server for Battlefield 1

    That is... not the best priced servers I have ever seen. That is what happens when their is a monopoly on the servers though, you can charge what you want. Though, the details on this are almost non-existent. Depending on the connections offered and the speeds they are offered at, it could be...
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    Watch Dogs 2 Delayed 2 Weeks on PC

    I just can't.... bring myself to remember this game is even a thing unless I am actively reading about it. Not a good sign, Ubi, not a a good sign. And I didn't even dislike the first one. I just feel this franchise is uninspired.
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    VR Devs Are "Coasting on Novelty", Says John Carmack

    He is completely right. The main thing he is doing is urging developers not to treat it like a gimmick. It doesn't have to be a gimmick, it doesn't have to motion controls. They really need to start trying to apply it to games and gametypes you know people play, and apply it in a meaningful way.
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    Disney is Rebooting The Lion King

    Hollywood is backwards. They shamelessly retool movies people love and ignore movies that had potential but didn't do well.
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    Disney is Rebooting The Lion King

    I think that's dumb, not just for nostalgia reasons either. The issue for me is that Disney has completely abandoned hand drawn cell animation. I am so tired of CGI movies that are just visually boring that I don't think I could sit through it if I wanted to. It's weird because a lot of those...
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    The NX Will Have Pokemon Games, Mix Hand-Held And Console

    I'm gonna be honest, the Wall Street Journal is a useless source of information for videogame news. Here is the thing, they don't ask any questions. My first question would be: Do you have anything concrete to say about it or are you just going to stick to ambiguities? This doesn't mean...
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    A New Resident Evil CG Movie is Also Coming in 2017

    I never saw damnation, but boy was Degeneration bad. Just be better than that stinkball, please. I'm sorry, just because you have fans who will buy it doesn't mean you can't hire good writers and animators for these things.
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    Final Fantasy XV TGS 2016 Preview - Boy Band Road Trip

    Except for the part where I didn't say I wasn't happy they were going this route, I love ARPG's. I like turned based RPG's as well though. I have more than enough experience with both to know they aren't the same thing, which is my point. Not that one is or is not better than the other, just...
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    Final Fantasy XV TGS 2016 Preview - Boy Band Road Trip

    Good luck explaining that to him/her. I tried a couple of times of but they are intent on it being the same thing, ergo his terrible horse/carriage vs car metaphor.
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    Final Fantasy XV TGS 2016 Preview - Boy Band Road Trip

    Listen, this whole horse and buggy vs car analogy doesn't really work here. Cars are a far superior mode of transportation so they won out. But ARPG vs turn based RPG isn't remotely the same argument. They aren't the same type of games, so saying one will win because it's a better version of...
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    Final Fantasy XV TGS 2016 Preview - Boy Band Road Trip

    Calm down chitlins. There is room in this world for both of those games. ARPG's have existed for a long time and have nothing to do with relative power of the platform. It's Ok if someone prefers one type of game over to the other. I honestly think FFXII had the best battle system in the...