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    The Fading Awe of Aging Graphics

    Playing nothing but NES, SNES and Genesis RPGs for a good while, then load up FFVII. It's impact is hard to feel looking back, but after a youth's lifetime of older graphics it knocks your socks off, especially if it's your first Playstation game, as many bought it when they got theirs.
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    When has something been too mean-spirited or cruel for you to enjoy?

    Old Simpsons, King of the Hill and other shows had a good nature about them that had you laughing along when you got targeted, regardless of who you were. Family Guy during its original run once had that, albeit with more edge to it, but when it came back it got carte blance and ceased being...
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    I don't get it. Violence, good. Sex, NO NO NO WE CANT HAVE THAT!!!

    People who have an issue over this don't get North Americans as a whole are very private about sexual matters and don't like it flaunted, it has no relation to what they think of it behind close doors. They are also, people of action despite being fairly insular, which is why you have so much...
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    Mozilla gives 15k to remove "Slave" from build bot documentation

    And there's always that wonderful retort that both means nothing and devalues actual living beings.
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    Mozilla gives 15k to remove "Slave" from build bot documentation

    They're bloody machines.
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    Battlefront is Barely Multiplayer At All

    Yahtzee showing his ignorance of military history yet again.
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    Where can I find a good female villian?

    Miang Miang Hawwa (ミァン・ハッワー Mi~an Hawwā?) is the main antagonist and the mastermind behind all the events in the Xenogears' timeline. She appears repeatedly throughout the game's events in opposition to the party, both behind the...
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    Your retrospective thoughts on Pillars of Eternity | State of Contemporary Gaming | What is good?

    Extremely bland and boring game. A huge let down. I quit close into Act 3 because there was just nothing compelling to keep me going in the game. So much of the game was ruined by Sawyer's balancing shit.
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    Male problems only ever come up as a counter-argument

    Because it's weak to complain too much about your problems and respectable to continue on dealing with them quietly. This is the main problem I have with MRAs. They simply want to play the same game radical Feminism is doing and turn men into victims as well when we're not.
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    French animal rights activist group steals puppy from homeless man.

    Doesn't matter. Everyone has a right to a pet (strictly legally speaking, all their property) and getting into debating whether they'd make a good owner or not is getting into dark territory. No abuse was being done, the way he reacted to the fiasco you can but he loves the little guy and was...
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    Poll: Do you play the single player of Military Shooters?

    Only series I give a pass on is Battlefield, but it's more to due the lack of single player being something of a tradition in that series than anything else (what passed for SP in 1942 was a joke, was only good for practicing with and testing new mods).
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    An open letter to the makers of South Park regarding the misrepresentation of Canada

    I love how twisted their Canada, drives my fellow countrymen nuts who have their pant son too tight. That might be because it's all targeted at New Canada, while I remain firmly in the Old Canada camp.
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    One Million Moms Boycotts "Perverted" Muppets Series

    Never got why people liked the Muppet to begin with, so no issue with me. Wished they'd been buried in the 70s with almost everything from that decade.
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    What's with all the Syfy hate, guys?

    That's like defending the Discovery, TLC and A&E of today by calling back to their solid programming of the 90s.
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    Armello Preview - "It's Like Game of Thrones With Fluffy Animals"

    It'll be about a decade, the luster on GoT is already wearing off for people. The thing about Tolkien is he didn't just create a fade in fantasy, he practically created the entire genre, hence why he's so imitated. GoT is pop culture catching up with a certain reaction in fantasy from the 80s...