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    See Paul Giamatti Steal Plutonium In This Amazing Spider-Man 2 Clip

    Yeah, I watched it and found the CGI painful and the sarcasm annoying. Unless dragged to this I think it's a pass from me.
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    Escape to the Movies: Ender's Game

    I never realised the bar for being a "horrible human being" was so low. Most horrible human beings I would name have killed thousands or committed some crime. All Card has done is disagree with the prevailing opinion on sexuality. Hardly a crime against humanity.
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    Update: Fez Dev Tells Media Member To Kill Himself

    Ok, so he got angry, lost it and said exaggerated angry things. This is a bad thing. But we've all said things we regret. It would be nice if we all cut him some slack. I doubt he actually wants the person in question to kill themselves. Also: Thank you sir for being reasonable.
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    Farewell, Escapist

    Awww... you were brilliant on the podcast, always an interesting opinion! Wish you all the best for whatever lies ahead.
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    Violent Videogames are Awesome

    I agree with the article but I was thinking the matter over the other day and there is to me, still a downside, to violent videogames. It's when it gets into your thoughts. For example, having played three assassin creed games I find that often when I'm walking behind a random person I get the...
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    Aliens Isn't About Shooting Aliens

    This is something Assassins Creed II almost did very well...or at least, it did it well at first when you had to run around doing tasks for your family, at the time it felt a little boring but it made me care about Ezio's mother and sister in a way that I haven't before. Then the game wastes...
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    No Right Answer: Best Star Trek Captain Ever

    This. Picard had a real sense of honour about him that other captains just lacked. Janeway was nearly always wrong. Kirk was a douche. Sisko was ok, but he never had the same authority as Picard.
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    Escapist Podcast: 064: Fashion and Competitive Play

    Please don't tell anyone this because I like them all but you were my favourite podcastee. From condiments to silly tape death threats everyone else was just a little boring in comparison!
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    Black Mesa Overview

    I'm currently playing through Black Mesa and loving it. The better graphics make many of the moments more poignent such as when you press the button for a lift and you kill a bunch of guys. I felt very bad about that. I would say that they have a stupid bit with flares at the start of the...
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    Can you recommend me some games for my Mum?

    I thought of that but Braid is too 'out there' for her and Bastion is too combat heavy. She did enjoy Super Mario Bros for the DS but even then I had to do the hard jumps for her!
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    Can you recommend me some games for my Mum?

    In the end I'm going for Rollercoaster tycoon 3, she likes theme park world so this should be just up her street!
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    Can you recommend me some games for my Mum?

    I think she would find a Civ game too hard and 'hardcore' she liked Settlers because it was easy! Yeah, I might just sit her down and see what games she likes the look of.
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    Can you recommend me some games for my Mum?

    So it's my Mum's birthday on Saturday and i was going to get her Stacking, a neat looking puzzle game from Double Fine but the computer she has is very basic and can't run it. It can run her favorite games: Plants vs Zombies and the Lego games. She also likes Lego Rock Raiders and Settlers...
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    One and Done

    I find this with the Half Life series. The first play through is a tense affair as you never know what's going to come at you around the next corner and you have to be ready to adapt tactics on the fly. But the second playthough, that's to get through it as swiftly and easily as possible...
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    Escape to the Movies: Untangling Spider-Man

    Well, I agree with Bob on this one. Not that I can remember much but the villain was rubbish, the character of Peter was all over the place, he didn't develop or grow or learn from anything. The romance took up too much screen time, the action sequences were not great, the subplot about his...