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    Is the CRPG genre going to change whatsoever?

    You should try temple of elemental evil by atari. It's a really by the book adaption of 3.0 dnd, like all the classes work the same, you can even craft items with feats. It only includes core rulebook material. It also needs to have an unofficial patch to work properly. NWN changed too much...
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    Last person to reply wins!

    Either way. Today is a record breaker. It'll go down in the history books. 8 attempts. You folks can go home, I've taken the gold!
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    Last person to reply wins!

    I feel like I have to make at least 5 attempts each time I want to look at this thread. We need new hamsters.
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    Last person to reply wins!

    Maybe later. I'm too tired!
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    Last person to reply wins!

    and suddenly gifs?
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    Last person to reply wins!

    I don't know if shocks tickle. I've never tested it. I wouldn't be surprised though, apparently roller coasters aren't supposed to tickle but it just goes to show that everyone is different. Also I think I might have convinced at least one other person to post here at some point so yay, more life.
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    Poll: Do You Manspread

    No I do not for I do not take public transit. Some people do have a problem with sitting with their legs completely closed. Saying that, I've never met someone who needed a wide gap between their legs to be comfortable but I honestly don't believe that people intentionally take up large...
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    Games you consider 10/10.

    I gotta say Dark Cloud 2 or Dark Chronicle for them Europeans. If you don't know, let me tell you: *Randomly generated dungeons with each dungeon set having a theme *sim city style city generation *time travel based story *invention system *giant robot fighting *RPG elements *lots of...
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    Last person to reply wins!

    NURSE, we need the shockers stat. Bring this thread back!
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    Nobel laureate forced out of studies after making joke about women

    Why does everyone say this? goes on to show a quote from him as this- "I did mean the part about having trouble with girls," he said. "It is true that people - I have fallen in love with people in the lab and people in the lab have fallen in love with me...
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    I'm a huge RPG fan but I have run out of games, could you help please?

    I definitely recommend Dark Chronicle or Dark Cloud 2 depending on your area. It's a JRPG but it's not turn based, it's mostly action. Character customization isn't really present with very minimal ways to effect your characters stats but each character has two different weapons and they have...
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    Minor Stuff That You Hate In Games That You Like

    You couldn't unequip your weapons in the first fable. I've tried. The best I could come up with is equipping a crossbow so there was no visible quiver but I could never get rid of the melee weapon so I always ran around with a stick on my back. You actually wanted weapons equipped for the first...
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    Local foods

    I live on the eastern shore of America so that means Scrapple, scrapple everywhere. It's made entirely from meat scraps and some starches. It's cooked on a frying pan and then used as a replacement for sausage on sandwiches or just eaten as an extra meat on the breakfast plate.
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    Character Archetypes That You Would Hate To Live With

    A Christlike archetype. Definitely a cool person and all but dieing just makes such a mess of the room. Then they come back but it's already been a few days so I had already cleaned up the mess and just ugh. Captcha is trying to get me to smoke vapour. I say no!
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    Magic in oblivion and skyrim-Which was better for pure mages?

    It depends on how you like your mages. Do you see mages as cannons, albeit glass ones or do you see them as intellectual problem solvers? Maybe both. I prefer DnD style mages, who derive a majority of their power from versatility. A spell to handle and improve every situation. Magic in...