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    How does everyone feel about the final fantasy 7 remake

    Too little too late. Don't care.
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    Can a Fanbase Ever Be "Owed" Something?

    Is that not what we were talking about? You are right though, a consumer or "fan" of media is entitled to a quality product well made. Although what that might look like might vary from person to person.
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    Can a Fanbase Ever Be "Owed" Something?

    This, pretty much. Fans aren't owed anything really. At least in so much as if the entertainment they consume does not live up to their lofty expectations, the creator is not obligated to "fix" it or fine tune it to their whims. Also I believe Lindsey Elis did a video that relates to this,
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    Escapist Forum Game

    I think I heard of that, but I don't think I ever participated.
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    What are your thoughts on Bioware?

    1. Probably. 2. Kinda, sorta, not really. 3. Not so long as they're owned by EA
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    Chinese scientist edited monkey genome with human brain gene

    Exactly what I was thinking.
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    Every Pokemon in the Detective Pikachu movie showcased in a "Casting Call" video.

    Some of them look awesome, others look hideous.
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    EA announces new single player Star Wars game by Respawn

    It's EA therefor I won't give it the time of day regardless.
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    Bearded men carry 'more germs than dogs', study finds

    2 Things: 1. This: And 2. This is what we have immune systems for.
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    What are your E3 2019 wishlist?

    Why do I have to say this every year? E3 is nothing but spectacle and lies. There is literally no reason to get excited for it.
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    New hard game comes out. Idiot press wants easy mode.

    Don't forget their entire sense of self worth and identity.
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    "On Line" or "In Line"

    For some reason I can only read your examples in a ditsy valley girl voice.
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    *Ahem*, possible info on FROM?s next unknown title

    I think it's foolish to get excited until we have something more concrete to go on.
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    "On Line" or "In Line"

    Well I can't help you there. I've never heard "on line" being used in place of "in line." My first instinct is to assume that it's just a select group of people using the term incorrectly.
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    Warcraft 1 and 2 now on

    Diablo II maybe, but the other 2 are unlikely to go to GoG since they are getting remastered and the original Starcraft can be downloaded from the Blizzard store.