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    World of Warships Opens The Floodgates With Open Beta

    Just off the top of my head we have the battle of the Denmark strait where the Prince of Wales and Hood took on the Prinz Eugen and Bismarck and the Hood was sunk, the follow up hunt for the Bismarck, the attempts to lure the the German kreigsmarine in to open battle, the ongoing battle in the...
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    World of Warships Opens The Floodgates With Open Beta

    Current plans seem to be Russia next and then Germany and then Britain, because you know two of the largest naval powerhouses of world war 2 should be put 2nd to a nation whose idea of naval supremacy was to take guns off there ships to be placed in land batteries in the Baltic and to defend the...
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    Kobold Press Aims to Expand Pathfinder With Advanced Races Compendium

    I had a player roll this up and try and cheese his way through our campaign. Skeletal Warriors soon forced him to reconsider and take some actual spells and not just "lol enchantment". It's a specialized build that is good at what it does but weak at other things, a good GM will balance the...
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    GameStop to Start Selling Retro Games at Select Locations Next Week

    This has nothing to do with "helping the community" and is simply a money grab by Gamestop as some Exec has gone on ebay and realized people will happily pay stupid prices for retro games. All they will do is rush out the stock they have sitting in a warehouse, inflate the price by 300% and wait...
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    Anyone write Fanfiction?

    I respect anyone who puts there work out for people to review as it takes guts to do but sadly Jelloapocalypse sums up my thoughts on 95% of fanfic ( It's either bad Video Game horror or self insertion fantasy drama (the day i met the mutant ninja...
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    Anyone write Fanfiction?

    Double post....Thanks edit function
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    What forgotten game/IP do you wish to be revived for the current-gen?

    Alpha Protocol and Mechwarrior (MW4: Mercs is still one of my all time favourite games, shame they spent so long negotiating the free version and then Mektek decided to walk away)
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    Why are so many of you guys unemployed?

    The government fudges the official figures just FYI, they include "Zero Hour Contracts, Part time (sub 16 hours) work and best of all they class all unemployed people on a government work scheme as employed" as employment for the sake of the figures. There are even absurd cases of people losing...
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    So...anybody want to talk about the anime prospects for this season?

    None of them, I've found Anime boring for a while now, besides the odd gem like Jojo and Space Dandy and F/SN UBW they are all either cutesy slice of life stuff or fanbait (Kancolle, that's you) Until UBW Season 2, I will mostly be watching: Black Lagoon (again) Jormungand Hajime no Ippo...
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    Valve's First Ever Anime Games Sale Begins Now on Steam

    Shame 90% of the games in the "anime sale" are either poor games (Korra) or watered down VN's (quite a few company's have started to do this I've noticed, taking out the 18+ content and then releasing it on steam with a "if you want the lewd stuff buy the full one from our website") There are...
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    CNN's "Doomsday" Broadcast Clip Finally Revealed

    I'm not American so I don't understand this CNN bashing but for those questioning the doomsday aspect its not actually that surprising something like this was prepared. For years the BBC has had a similar recording prepared in the event of Thermonuclear war and each prime minister of the UK...
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    Do you consider Fate/Stay Night UBW censored porn?

    Joan d'Arc appears as a ruler class servant in Fate/Apocrypha summoned by the Grail itself to oversee the Greater Grail War (however this is in a parallel universe and it all gets very confusing) The reference in Fate/Zero is due to Casters grail wish, which is to see Joan again and he...
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    What You Need to Know About Warmachine and Hordes

    Warmahordes like Warhammer is a nice table top game to play casually with friends but it suffers from the same problems as Warhammer when you take it to a competitive level (the same 4-5 armies winning the top prizes, cheese strats winning the day etc). Fun casual game, boring competitive game
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    No Right Answer: Subbing Vs. Dubbing

    Dubbed if I can get it and it's not bad, I can keep up with subtitles no problem but depending on the language I find listening to the original to be painful a lot of the time (mainly Japanese, I can't do squeaky voice and I dislike a lot of there VA's in terms of how they sound compared to the...
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    Queen Elizabeth II Sends Her Very First Tweet

    I suggest you start with Republics myth busting page here, you will find a lot of the "monarchy" facts thrown about by monarchists are actually either not true at all (The Tourism one) or exaggerated and spun to play up the monarchy a lot...