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    Escapist News Now: Irrational Games Shutting Down

    That's more or less what happens every time a game title is finished. There is no long-term stability in most of the game creating industry. There are a handful of upper management and everyone else is brought in for a particular portion of a particular project and let go immediately as soon...
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    Escape to the Movies: Robocop

    I don't mind that the new Robocop is attempting to discuss other more current hot-button issues (inner-city drug gangs are no less deadly today, and Detroit is worse, but those topics have been around for long enough that we're not so terrified of them anymore). The "drones are bad" thing was...
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    The Big Picture: Why Robocop Still Rules

    Paul Verhoeven is capable of putting some great social satire on film, in comedic and biting ways. The "news" updates from Starship Troopers and the advertisements in Robocop are great examples. Unfortunately the overall films these gems are inserted into frequently are too easily dismissed...
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    Veteran Marketer Proves Booth Babes Don't Work

    Having good material and knowledgeable staff who are interested in talking about it is what you want. Anything else is kind of worthless. In a professional setting booth babes are a toxic poison. I've been to conferences in which a misguided sponsor used booth babes and they might as well...
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    The Big Picture: Blecch, Dull Tests

    It's an observation on trends and patterns that is ONLY useful in the aggregate, and completely worthless/pointless when applied to individual cases. Much like Body Mass Index (BMI). But that's also similarly abused in the hands of uninformed/uninterested commenters.
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    No Right Answer: Most Uninteresting Game Genre

    Both genres are self-limiting due to their need for a target audience that is a dedicated fan of the subject already. There's little incentive to become an avid Madden or NBA2kwhatever player if you're not already a rabid fan of that sport. In that regard, I'd say that driving/racing games...
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    Escape to the Movies: Dhoom 3

    I think I'd rather that someone caught me watching porn than Bollywood, as I'd be less embarrassed about it. That said, I would be curious to take a look at this film (with suitable anonymity and only in private).
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    Zero Punctuation: Top 5 Games of 2013

    Since Ride to Hell gets the "Lifetime Achievement" award, does that mean it has knocked off ET and/or Superman 64 from that lofty perch?
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    Escapist Podcast: 120: YouTube Copyright

    The entire concept of allowing anything other than "in-person" copyright claims is a terrible idea. Without an actual person certifying that they have viewed the content, found it to be objectionable, and that they have a reasonable legal claim to the material that is being infringed, you end...
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    Jimquisition: Copyright War

    Why any government would extend the same broadcast and re-broadcast protections to video game manufacturers that it also extends to live performance events (sports, theatre, concerts) or film/TV is beyond me.
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    8 Christian Bale Movies Not About the Dark Knight

    Damn - Empire of the Sun? I never would have made that connection back to Christian Bale. Great film - but not one to watch if you can't handle a case of the sads.
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    What We Don't Know About Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman

    I suppose if they can make Edward Norton look like the Incredible Hulk, they'll find a way to make this little girl look like Wonder Woman.
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    Zero Punctuation: Ryse: Son of Rome

    For #2 "audacter calumniare, semper aliquid haeret" = "slander boldly, something always sticks" - it's a "modern" quote from Francis Bacon, in De Augmentis Scientiarum, from 1623. Wikipedia to the rescue!
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    Blizzard Dev Offers Apology for Response to Sexualization Question

    The interviewer asked a question that was way off-topic, so I don't really assign a ton of blame to the dev for not seeing that one coming. I DO however assign blame to their PR coaches because this is really amateur-league stuff. You're in the gaming industry - you need to have a few standard...
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    Jimquisition: Fee-to-Pay and the Death of Dignity

    Let's not forget that this ass-hattery being felched upon us by the game manufacturers is so transparently fake and greedy that it will only serve to "legitimize" the illegal pirating industry. I firmly agree that pirating is illegal and cannot be morally or ethically justified - but the more...