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    Zero Punctuation: Bloodborne - Bloodly Dark Souls

    oh hey, Escapist hasn't sacked Yahtzee yet, I'm surprised
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    Feed Dump: Son of Hot Tub Amusement Park

    Kathleen, if you're ever actually in Düsseldorf, give me call :)
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    The Big Picture: It Seems Today ...

    There is something about Family Guy I kinda just don't get. Just *something*. It's ... not funny. I adore the shit out of American Dad. I think it's infinitely clever (because sometimes it totally isn't) and the outrageousness is just right. What.
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    Unskippable: BioShock Infinite

    doesn't the opening cutscene of Bioshock Infinite end... I dunno, when you get the ability to summon that bird? *ducks the tomatoes*
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    Jimquisition: Bullshit in Sheep's Clothing

    Thank you, Jim. I'm 3 days late because I still watch Jimquisition on Thursdays, not Mondays. Monday is LRR-day (with Checkpoint on PATV), Tuesday has Big Picture, Wednesday has ZP, FeedDump and Extra Credits on PATV. Fridays has Escape to the Movies. Thursdays are just right for...
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    Zero Punctuation: Medal of Honor Warfighter & Doom 3 BFG Edition

    You know, after seeing the opinions of first that biscuit-youtube-person and now Yathzee, I'm starting to think Warfighter was specifically made to be as ridiculously horrible as possible, so that the entire industry just stops making them. The makers of Warfighter must love (real) shooters as...
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    Poll: What do you use: Console or PC?

    I'm genuinely surprised at the majority. Whenever I read discussions, it sounds like every thread is full of XBox kids. Either we have some very quiet or seriously forgiving PC gamers on the Escapist. Also, I love throwing this in whenever the PC/console thing comes up: I only have a PC...
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    Idle Chatter Builds Character

    good lord I truly did not notice any of this in my 3 consecutive playthroughs and even now that it was pointed out I don't care in the slightest. Dishonored is a splendid piece of gaming. That it happens to have subpar writing and delivery doesn't even count as a blemish. Especially...
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    Open mic night (What do you sound like?)

    I spent 2 years talking to myself and putting it up on youtube []. Err, this isn't plugging my own stuff, I just can't be bothered to record something just for this. So obviously I don't really mind all that much how I sound. Mind you, I hate my...
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    The Job You Hated the Most

    the one you go to 5 times a week all day long just so you can pay for a place you only go to for sleeping because you have to go to work 5 days a week all day long
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    Your Favorite "F**K YOU" Moments.

    You should give The Rock a listen. and everything else he did, minus The Lion King and maybe Dark Knight Rises It's Hans Zimmer. He rips himself off. It's what he does.
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    First thoughts when you hear germany?

    World War 2 jokes because I'm a German who watches American and British TV shows, and guess what, it doesn't matter where anyone is from, we're all uncreative bastards. fat bastards with bad teeth, in the case of my TV producers, obviously.
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    Poll: For the girls of the escapist (or gay guys)

    None of the above. Boyish guys. No, that's not androgynous or effeminate. Really don't like effeminate guys, and androgyny is too neutral. You can tell they're boys and it's the boyishness that's attractive, not "how un-male they are". Technically that's probably masculinity before they're...
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    Too Many Good Games!

    I guess I'm lucky that I'm picky. PC-only, Multiplayer only depresses me, entire genres I don't like So, Dishonored and AC3 only for me? And the latter will probably be delayed by an eon again... I'm still deciding whether to wait on getting a 3DS or just buy it now...
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    What's "story" to you in video games?

    Can't disagree with any of that. I know that's how stories work, generally. How goes that one quote, there is only like 17 basic stories in the world anyway? I don't fault a game - or any story - for using a formula. They're formulas because they work, it's how we tell stories, doing it...