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    Jimquisition: In the Hall of the Mountain Dew

    Buh! Advertising doesn't work on me! Could do with a snack though...
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    The Big Picture: Tropes vs. MovieBob

    I have to say, bob, your lecture videos are definitely improving. There's many good points coming across and less of a vibe of you being judgmental. The thing I've noticed most in feminist arguments is the more judgement the person conveys, the more defensive the person becomes. This appears to...
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    The Big Picture: Future Assembly

    I just came back from the move theatre. Ha haa! It's good to be a Kiwi. Not to mention not having to wait months after release for a US film to come out here, like it used to be. Avengers was awesome! It's definitely has the Joss Whedon vibe. I'll leave it at that. :)
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    The Big Picture: Hercules Part Two

    Seeing Hercules growing kinda reminds me of Futurama Fry's poorly drawn comic where the super hero suddenly has the right super power for the situation. It seemed like a good idea at the time, right?
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    The Big Picture: Hercules Part Two

    I really want to see this movie now...
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    Feed Dump: Smoking Carrots in New Zealand

    Wooh! New Zealand was mentioned Twice now. Good to know our country provides quality news... Apparently our prison officers have weird accents, I feel enlightened!
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    Yet another girl trouble thread.

    Well that was a fun read. All I have to say is well done, man. It takes a lot of courage to ask someone out the further into the "friend state" you get. I guess, at some point, you've got to stop being afraid of failure and just do it. So congrats and good luck!
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    Enslaved As It Should Have Been

    I don't understand why all this knit picking about it not being close to the chinese proverb/poem/story thing. I've never seen it promoted in any advertising. The few times I've seen it in a news article (I had to actively look for it) it said it was inspired. People being inspired from an event...