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    The Big Picture: The Prophesy of Freakazoid

    Well, now I have some new things on my "to buy list". Though I'll be a little bit of a nitpicking jerk and say you used the Candlejack meme wron
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    Miracle of Sound: Rise (The Dark Knight Rises)

    I just played that song over my workout routine on the first day growing my goatee. I feel more epic than any man has a right to. Time to chew lead and spit bullets at my enemies.
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    The Big Picture: Not Okay

    This isn't only a problem with video games, its a problem in real life as well. Just look at that whole "slut" fiasco Rush Limbaugh started. It disgusts me that in this day and age such bigotry is still possible. What we really need to see is a female game character that is an actually decent...
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    Naughty Dog Almost Made Another Jak and Daxter

    Hang on a second... they knew that a Jak game would sell well, but they didn't make one because they knew that fan wouldn't be satisfied with it? I have a whole new level of respect for these people.
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    RPGs Just Got Nerdier With This eDice-Rolling Bracer

    I want to see something that launches real dice. maybe a spring loaded bracer. I'd pay money for something like that.
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    Scientists Successfully Harvest Energy from a Cockroach

    I just have to ask, can we moddify this for use on people? imagine the possibilities. immagine if your smart phone was attached to you and never ran out of battery life. imagine you sat down at a computer to work, and it helped power the office building you were in. This could be one of...
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    This makes me fear our future.

    If people tried that in my school, there'd be a mysterious lack of witnesses when the homophobe was beaten in broad day light.
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    Is there any good anime left?

    I just finished watching "C the money of soul and possibility" its basically about money and economics, with laser battles instead of business dealings. If you know anything about actual economics then it sort of gets stupid at points, but it's still a good show, and I for one will never get...
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    The Big Picture: Monster's Movie

    Why the hell does this guy not have a movie based on his life? It has spy kidnapings, a devorced husband and wife getting back together, an crazy tyranical dictator, and fucking Godzilla! then it ends when the guy and his wife flee to the US after insulting the dictator in his own movie. You...
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    UPDATE: Petition Demands White House Investigate SOPA Supporter

    do you need to be a US citizen to sign it? I can't believe the same guy that'll accuse google of abusing it's power is then willing to genuinly threaten people using his power! It takes balls to be that big of a fucking prick.
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    EA Share Price Slides Over Old Republic Concerns

    well I guess that makes me a dumbass doesn't it. I commented without reading most of the other comments, and I didn't care enough to look up which of those two series they actually published. thank you for correcting me.
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    British Politician Suggests State-Funded Games Addiction Rehab

    the human brain looks like it's on coke for quite a few activities. should we stop joggers to prevent "running highs"? yes, internet cumpulsion does exist, but we don't need specialists in it to solve the problem. I'm sure ten, fifteen minutes tops with a therapist could cure me of cumpulsive...
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    EA Share Price Slides Over Old Republic Concerns

    I'd need to see some actual, real numbers before calling this. all we have is speculation right now. yes, it may have cost half a billion dollars and been expected to be hailed as the second comming. or it may have cost a realistic amount and is actually quite a success. we won't know until EA...
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    Poll: S.O.P.A (The Real Story)

    It isn't that the bill would actually censur the internet, as it would make it impossible for any website to remain up. emagine how much it'd cost if the escapist was forced to go through every link and block out the ones that lead to international sites and sites that could show how to copy...
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    Robama Wants You to Buy American

    correct me if I'm wrong, but don't comic books cost substantially less than manga and have fewer pages? I might have tried it if I could be promised equal value, but as it stands the loli tentacle hentai just seems like a better deal, both on an individual book basis as well as a longterm...