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    The Motivations of Death

    Am I the only person that thinks that Death kinda looks like Raziel from Soul Reaver? I am? okay..
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    Update: Sony Abandons The Last Guardian Trademark

    I haven't been this sad since I found out the guy who did the voice of Megabyte from Reboot died :( *starts praying* Please INIS don't let Elite Beat Agents 2 die as well
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    Feed Dump: French Fry Attack!

    aww thanks for the happy birthday wishes Graham :)
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    Trailers: Assassin's Creed III: E3 Official Trailer

    I guess they won't be doing the Ezio thing with Conner seeing how almost 40 years after America becomes independent they try and invade Canada and we all know how that went down
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    No Right Answer: Best Standup Comedian Ever

    ROBIN WILLIAMS You ever see the guy do stand up? he's hilarious XD
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    No Right Answer: Best Standup Comedian Ever

    Little Red cook book, little red cook book lol
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    No Right Answer: Best Time Machine Ever

    1st reaction: Oh cool they're gonna do the delorian right? *Sees the Title* 2nd reaction: HOW DARE THEY NOT DO THE DELORIAN!? *breathes fire* *watches the end* 3rd reaction: *phew* okay they're gonna have it in the next one they are forgiven
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    If you could go back and tell your teenage self one piece of advice...

    Get out of that hell hole that we called home and move in with Auntie Linda, trust me the years of abuse and mind destruction is not worth it
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    Feed Dump: Big Pile of Cash

    i just went on this site and i think one of the weirdest ones i've seen was the dead aunt pillow. it was a pillow that a guy got from his dead aunt and kept it now his ex wants to sell it
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    Canine Chorus Barks Out Flawless Star Wars Tune in Costume

    why must this win so much!?
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    Feed Dump: Bears: On Cans & In Scotland

    OMG they have a haru hat! WANT!
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    The Big Picture: Skin Game

    I-I kinda want to throw up now.
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    Favorite good guy turned bad guy (May contain spoilers guys)

    wheatley from portal 2 hands down :3
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    Poll: Humble Escapees: What is your preferred hair color?

    i personally prefer my natural colour which is a clusterfuck of yellow orange brown and red lol
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    Best Games You've Found In The Bargain Bin

    Baulder's Gate Dark Alliance for 4.99 in Scarborough best RPG ever