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    Will The Witcher 3 be a learned lesson or a glitch?

    Please nobody learned how to make good open world games after Piranha Bytes showed them how to do it perfectly back in 2003. What makes you think that they will do so now? But to be fair to everybody else, PB themselves have forgotten the lesson.
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    ?198 million pound footballer. Well Football (soccer) has changed dramatically in 15 years.

    Good news everybody. The spanish league has denied the transfer because it would violate the principle of Financial Fairplay. So we know that 222 Mio. Euronen are to much now we just need to look exactly where the border lies. Well PSG is preparing to go to FIFA to cry but I'm sure there is...
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    Steam Summer Sale 2017 After Action Report

    Why do you say what currency the prices are in and then write the symbol for the currency? Isn't that redundant? But I hope you feel intimidated by my giant humongous haul. Drakensang - 2,49 Euronen Drakensang: The River of Time - 4,74 Euronen I find it funny that the standalone...
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    The Alex Mauer Situation

    Just more proof how transphobic the gaming culture is. If Mauer was a cis-man none of this shtistorm ever would have happened.
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    RIP guruji888

    The best always die young. o7
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    8 Great Games You Can Grab Cheap in the Steam Summer Sale

    Nah you buy those games for your friends. If you don't have friends you buy the hookers you mentioned and buy the games for them. Then you can watch 2 hookers playing Portal 2 co-op.
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    Mummy to lose $95 million

    Just even more proof that those women hating misogynerds will try and keep women out of every role. Even if it is as the villain. Which is quite surprising since most of them see women as the ultimate evil. Wait, what? Seriously? That is not the tone that I saw in the trailers. Like at...
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    Help me make a videogame music playlist

    Ok it's not technically "Rock" but fuck it everybody that doesn't like Blind Guardian has no place in a bookstore. And with that let's go with the song they wrote for Sacred 2. Blind Guardian - Sacred Worlds And for a video let's go with the in-game concert.
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    Are gamers getting stupider?

    Oh you mean the ones where there is no proof of the guy ever having said that and the dude who originally accused the dev randomly vanishing of the face of the internet? What do the kids nowadays say? Cool story, bro.
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    Poll: Who's the best Witcher 3 waifu?

    Well the answer is OBVIOUSLY Roach just look at that glorious mane of hair. Those deep, loving eyes. But let's go down the list in order: Yennefer: I fucking hate her. I hated her in the books and I hated her as soon as she appeared in the game. Triss: As said above she manipulated Geralt...
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    CD Projekt Red Says Cyberpunk 2077 Files are Being Held for Ransom

    I honestly don't believe that the fans would go out of their way to actively search for the info. Now gaming "journalists" are a completely different story. Just think of all the clicks you could generate with alle the "HOT TAKE SUPAH SECRET LEEKZ" articles.
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    A Genie comes to you and gives you three wishes. What do you wish for?

    My first wish would be to lose my second wish. And my third wish is for nobody else to get any wishes from genies ever.
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    Digital releases that were delisted, but you would relist?

    The non-enhanced editions of the infinity engine games. I want to decide for myself what mods and enhancements i want to have thank you very much. Aside from that: Ride to Hell Redistribution. I never managed to play this turd and that makes me sad. Failure on this grand a scale should be...
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    The Fan-Made 2D Adaptation of Breath of the Wild Has Been Shut Down by a Copyright Claim

    Acshually BOTH the Pokemon fan game (Uranium) and the Metroid 2 remake (AM2R) were nominated at the Dorito Pope awards and crushed by Nintendo. But both are completed as well and on torrent sites.
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    Zero Punctuation: Remastered Editions

    Pff this meagre selection is not even everything. They even remade/remastered Sonny. Yup they put the remaster of an old flash game on Steam. And it's not exactly glorious.