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    Jimquisition: Xbox One out of Ten

    I was already kinda there...but depending on the next few months, I might go there full time.
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    Jimquisition: Xbox One out of Ten

    Owned a Ps2 and Xbox 1. Had a huge library for the Ps2 and a smaller one for the Xbox, but I liked my Xbox more overall. Hense, I bought a 360. A wise decision, I think. I love my 360, it has great games and great experiences on it. I was fully prepared to watch the conference and pre-order an...
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    Poll: How Happy Are You Being Single?

    It's more that I'm reserved to the fact I'd most likely make a terrible boyfriend, so I'm not even bothering.
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    Skyward Sword

    I agreed with the review. I love Zelda and I count Twilight Princess as my favourite (And I played it well after OoT which I believe was my first Zelda game. My fave 2D Zelda game is Link's Awakening because there hasn't been a Zelda game with an ending so bittersweet since.) I could stand...
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    EU Bans Claim Water Prevents Dehydration

    The remark on the bendy bananas is somewhat disingenuous. The UK had that rule long before we joined the EU. We agreed to that rule simply because we already had it.
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    EA May Terminate Your Origins Account After Two Years

    You people realise it's talking about Origin, right? Not the game? So just sign into Origin once every 24 months and all of your content associated with your account is safe. Better yet, just have the dmn thing set to load with Windows then you don't even need to think about it.
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    "Snooty" Shooter Critics Anger Rage Dev

    What about Mass Effect? Or Fallout? Or Metro? There are plenty of shooters that aren't just military gun wank.
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    "Snooty" Shooter Critics Anger Rage Dev

    "and that while he was happy that Rage was different from the other shooters on the market" Really? Cos...I've seen a few trailers for Rage and...well I couldn't see anything in there that I didn't almost immediately identify from another game. Particularlt Fallout 3, Bioshock and Borderlands.
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    So, when and how does the War on Terror end?

    THIS war on terror might end, but there's always another enemy. Today's enemy might be tomorrow's friend, and vice versa. Perhaps when we get bored of Afghanistan, Korea might want to start something. Or hey, maybe China! Bottom line, are we talking about the current war? Terrorism in...
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    I do not understand the Tali fandom.

    I do agree with this topi title. Tali in ME1 existed purely as a walking encyclopedia to explain the different view points on the enemy you faced. That was pretty much it. Yet weirdly, I became a fan of her from the first game. I hoped to see her back in the sequel and we got her. I can't...
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    Next Transformers Film Won't Be A Reboot

    That last line just means they STILL don't understand the hate these movies gets. "Oh wah wah, there arent't enough robots in the film, get over it you little bitches" is the tone I got from that.'s CALLED "Transformers". Why the hell are we content to watch the title characters...
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    Do you get upset if Yahtzee trashes a game you like?

    Only if he reviews it badly, like playing for an hour then deciding it's awful. Like Monster Hunter. I enjoy his reviews, and I like it when he can pick the niggles and problems from a game, he's generally pretty accurate. But sometimes he plays for an hour and says "Yup, this game is...
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    Why does America fear/distrust it's government?

    That's the point of the American government. It's by the people, for the people, of the people. It's designed (supposedly, anyway) to serve the people, not the other way around. It's an elected body that does what the people want in their name, it has the power to do so. If enough people...
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    Possible substitutes for the morality systems in Videogames

    I liked how Dragon Age did it. Moral choices exist, but they simply endear you or otherwise to your party members. Of course, the most basic of requirements for a morality system is that "Things change because of my actions". If they don't then really it's ultimately pointless.
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    Fable III Dev Lobs a Few Word Bombs at the Haters

    I'll agree with that. At no point did it feel like I was leading a revolution because I thought it was the right thing to do. I was simply dragged along with the story, doing what Walter and the various other characters wanted me to do. Hell, after the revolution you can agree to what your...